The Adventure Starts Here: April Showers

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers

April in New Jersey is really taking the first part of the saying "April showers brings May flowers" very seriously.  We had a huge storm this past weekend, it rained all day Monday, and rain is in the forecast for today as well.  I'm not usually a fan of rain.... going outside requires a little more effort (remembering the rain coat, boots, and umbrella), most some people just don't know how to drive in it, and it's just generally colder and damper.  But when you have a child who has super cute rain gear and likes to jump in puddles, it makes it not only bearable, but kind of fun!  Let's just hope that we get May flowers (and beautiful weather) too!

rain coat | umbrella | rain boots - other color

After spending Monday jumping in puddles, I decided to do a couple of rain inspired crafts with Noah.   First up, I printed off a few  umbrella templates   Using a pencil, I traced the umbrella onto some paper that's good for watercolors and let Noah get to work.  We recently picked up these watercolors during our last Ikea trip and I'm a huge fan!  Not only are they super affordable, but they come in a super convenient kit complete with the paints, brushes, and water cups.  I was also impressed with the vibrancy of the colors and quality of the paints!  Once Noah was finished painting, we let them dry overnight.  The next day, I took a permanent marker to go over the pencil outline of the umbrella to make it stand out more.  While this is a super simple project, sometimes I find they are the ones Noah likes the best.  

shirt (long sleeve no longer online, current short sleeve version)
^^^ Noah did the one on the right all by himself.  He asked me to help him with the one on the left, and we did a sort of ombre effect with the blue on top (as the sky) going down to the green at the bottom (like the grass).  

Next up, I thought it would be fun to try to make a rain stick with Noah.  I used this tutorial as a guide but improvised using things I had on hand.   I took an empty Pringles can and started hammering in some nails all over the can.  Noah was actually really good at helping, but use your own discretion as to whether your kid is ready to help with this step.  Then I poured some rice into the container and put the lid on top.  We tested it out to see if it sounded like rain.  An actual rain stick/music maker does sound more realistic, but it was pretty good for a DIY project.  

I then secured the top with some painters' tape.  Then I covered the container with card stock, once again using painters' tape to secure.  This is an important step so that the nails don't fall out... or pulled out by a curious kid.  I then asked Noah how he'd like to decorate the rain stick... paint, crayons, or stickers.  He chose stickers... his new Jake and the Neverland Pirates stickers more specifically. While I don't see this rain maker as lasting long term, it was a super fun way to spend the afternoon.  

Are you experiencing April rain showers?  If so, are you making the best of them, or wishing them away?  

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  1. And now I HAVE to make a rainstick!!! That is so stinking cute! Guess I have to get a tube of Pringles first, oh darn ;)

  2. I never appreciated the rain fully until lex came along and loved it SO MUCH. And gets SO WET. And loves it. So ya. Now I'm like "bring it rain!".

  3. Love love the pictures of Noah playing in the rain. His umbrella is so colorful and fun and adds so much fun to your pictures. I love his watercolors. He did a great job. The rainstick is awesome. We need to try that. But that means I need a pringles can and I don't need to eat them. Haha!

  4. Great pictures! And I love the projects.

  5. Loving the rain maker! And that umbrella. Aria likes to paint and brush until all the colors blend into one lovely shade of puke. one day hopefully it looks a bit more like multiple colors.

  6. I love him in his cute little rain coat and boots and his rainbow umbrella! Looks like he had fun despite all the rain :)

  7. Oh I adore these photos!! There is just something so precious about a little one in rain gear playing in puddles. Also, you come up with the best activities for Noah. PS – teach me your photo taking skills!! :)

    1. Her photos are awesome, right? I think she has some really awesome lighting!

  8. I love your rain photos. I need to get my real camera out this week and snag a few of Connor. I feel like I'm always using my phone and while it takes okay photos, I need to get some real ones.

  9. First of all the rain photos, SO cute secondly I love the crafts you did to go along with making the best of the rain. Plus making a rain maker gives me a reason to buy some Pringles ;).

  10. Your rain photos have me wanting to get the kids rain boots and jackets ASAP. So cute!! :) Love the rain-inspired activities, especially the water colors, Noah did GREAT!!


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