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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Act Like a Kid Day | Ten on Tuesday

In our family, Chris is the "fun" parent.  That's not to say I'm the strict parent, cause honestly, we are both pretty laid back.  But since I'm home with Noah all week, our routine has become a little more mundane.  There's school and activities to get to (on time), errands to run, and chores to do.  So while we have lots of fun, Noah knows that it's not all about play with me.  But since Chris works long hours, when he is home he spends all of his time (that Noah's awake) playing with him.  And let me tell you, he does it well!  Not only is he always up for whatever new game Noah has in mind, he also comes up with some pretty fun (and silly) things to do with him.  After documenting  many of these things on camera, Chris and I thought it would be funny to compile them into a blog post.  Back in February, for The Guys Behind The Blog, I asked him if he could create any holiday, what would it be.  He came up with "Act Like A Kid" Day and it got so much positive feedback in the comment section.  So today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the ways Chris acts like a kid with Noah.  Maybe it will give you some inspiration for your own life.  And as always, I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments... so please share how you "act like a kid" with your own kids :)

1.  Play tent under a blanket.  Chris will ask me when I'm about to wash the sheets (and often requests I do it on the weekend when he's home) so that he and Noah have the freedom to make a total mess of the bed.  They then turn the sheets into a tent.  It's so funny to listen to the squeals of laughter coming from our bedroom!

2.  Play tug of war.  When Chris is getting changed after work, he will often play tug of war with Noah using his shirt.  Me being a constant worrier, I'm waiting for Noah to pull too hard and fall or for the shirt to rip.  But I'm trying my best to let it go and let them have fun.  

3.  Play with your food.  Chris comes up with the best ways to get Noah to eat more food.  From putting a green bean above his lip as a mustache, to trying to steal bites of Noah's food (like watermelon and cupcakes), to making it a race to see who can take a bite first.  It's not surprising that Noah finds all of this super amusing!

4.  Really play with them at the playground.  Whenever we go to the playground, kids naturally gravitate towards Chris.  That's because he's climbing to the top with Noah, going down slides, and playing tag or hide and seek with them.  I'm trying to be better with this rather than just sitting on the bench nearby.  

5.  Pretend to use their things.  Chris is notorious for pretending that he's gonna ride Noah's bike or that he's going to drink Noah's bedtime milk.  I'm amazed that Noah still falls for it and gets so excited over it.  It really is the simple things sometimes.  

6.  Explore a construction site together.  Nothing is more exciting to a little boy (or their dad) than checking out some real life back hoes, excavators, and dump trucks!  Chris and Noah found a show on YouTube called The Axel Show.  Talk about acting like a kid, this daddy son duo explore a lot of construction sites and come up with some pretty fun things to do outside with their toy trucks!  

7.  Walk like a robot.  Every night, when it's time to come upstairs for bed, Chris will hold Noah's arms and help him walk up the stairs "like a robot".  

8.  Play the "eww game".   Whenever Noah wears colored socks, he gets a lot of lint between his toes.  He and Chris have a grand old time picking it out of his toes and saying "eww" each and every time.  This is a game I have no desire in doing myself... this can be their thing!  

9.  Play the "where am I game".  Chris will carry Noah around on his back, saying "where am I", all while Noah loudly giggles.  Then he will walk over to different mirrors in the house and act all surprised when he sees them.  This simple game gets huge laughs and Noah keeps asking to play it again and again!  

10.  Think like a kid.  Indoor picnics with stuffed animals or having a birthday party for the Paw Patrol pups... huge hits!  I was cracking up when I walked in on Chris and Noah playing the Daniel Tiger game where the Transformers were the game pieces!  

The underlying theme is to really just start playing with your kids.  There are times when Chris comes up with the games, but often he let's Noah take the lead and he is happy to go along with his crazy imagination and ideas.

I hope you will celebrate "Act Like a Kid" Day real soon!

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  1. This is awesome!!! Chris is such a fun dad. Sometimes my hubby is so caught up in his day he forgets to have fun. He always spends time with the kids and wants to be with them but forgets how to just have fun. I need to have him read this. Ha ha

  2. What fun! I just love seeing daddies interact and be silly with their sons!

  3. This is so sweet!! And I know I said it on instagram, but that fountain gives me all kinds of memories!

  4. I love love love this! I think our husbands would get along famously together! They're both just big kids! Such great dads!

  5. Same here! Nate works long hours and when he gets home its play, play, play! I love this post. Chris sounds like such a great day! Noah is lucky to have both of you.

  6. Adorable!! Dan is also great with 'being a kid', it's so fun to watch them interact. Such fun reminders (to let go of things and) just have fun, like a kid. :)

  7. How cute.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love this post! Your Chris and my Chris sound similar in this way! He likes to teach Arden these ridiculous games that he and his brother made up when they were little. "Get off the couch" is a fan favorite around here ;) ;)

  9. Seriously they are the cutest!!! I swear Seth is more fun than me too. I don't know why, but I'd definitely label him as the fun parent over me!

  10. That picture in the snow is awesome! And talk about an epic picnic (or tea party in my girl world lol) Im the serious parent too but I would definitely play with toys and not put them away ;)

  11. Such a fun Dad!!! And that watermelon picture is amazing!!!

  12. So sweet! Kev is definitely the fun parent too. The boys are shocked if he is home and has to do something that doesn't involve playing with them...makes it hard to get the yard work done lol

  13. Oh my goodness my heart just melted, I can only imagine yours :). What a great dad and such great memories to capture for sure. You did a great job on the photos too. My favorite is all of them, seriously :P.


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