The Adventure Starts Here: Turks & Caicos - What To Pack | Mommy Style (Vacation Edition)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Turks & Caicos - What To Pack | Mommy Style (Vacation Edition)

Today I'm sharing my final Turks & Caicos post.  So far I've recapped about our trip, the food we ate, tips on traveling with a 3 year old, and 10 things I didn't expect to happen on vacation.  Today I'm sharing all about what I wore on the island.  Once we book a vacation and plan our itinerary, I immediately start thinking fashion.  Whether it's a quick weekend away or an extended vacation, I love planning outfits.  Chris laughed at me when he saw that I made a spreadsheet for our California trip a few years ago.  I listed each day, with our itinerary broken out as well as my planned outfit.  I even did a fashion show, trying on all the outfits before we left.  Needless to say, he has a much simpler packing process ;)   I will warn you that I am not one of those travelers who sticks to a carry-on... I wasn't even before having Noah.  And now that I'm traveling with a 3 year old, I definitely want to have options (for him and myself) and hate being confined to carry-on.  I also like to be as hands free as possible in the airport and on the plane, so I love the idea of checking a bag and forgetting about it.  I've never lost my luggage (knock on wood), so who knows if I'd change my tune if I ever do.  

First up, what I wore on the plane.  I basically wore a version of this outfit both there and back.  A pair of comfortable jeans, a casual tee, and some slip on espadrilles.  I definitely encourage wearing slip ons to make going through security that much easier.  I also packed a black cardigan in my carry-on to use when we were in NJ (it was in the high 50s) and just in case it got chilly on the plane.  

Once in Turks & Caicos, I kept my fashion pretty simple and basically stuck to a uniform.  I packed some comfortable shorts and t-shirts for the few times I wanted to change into dry clothes for breakfast or lunch.   But other than that, I basically lived in a swimsuit and sundress coverup.  For the most part, I keep my sundress on and only take it off when going in the water.  I definitely have the mom body and want as much coverage as I can.  And since I'm pretty busty (and this was a family vacation), I prefer to have swimsuits that cover up the cleavage.  While I am in love with the black one piece, I do wish it was cut a little higher on top.  

shirt (TJ Maxx) | shorts (similar) | sandals | watch (old Marc Jacobs, similar, cheaper option)

one piece | caftan (similar, similar) | hat (similar)

Noah: rash guard |  hat

dress (other colors) | tankini top and bottoms | sandals (Old Navy last year, similar)

After a day at the beach and pool, we would all shower and get ready for dinner.  On a beach vacation (and in the summer back home), I live in sundresses.  While still comfortable and casual, I chose a few of my dressier options to wear each night.  Because of my laid back style, I was able to pack just 3 sandals... plastic flip flops for the beach, metallic sandals for the evenings, and leather slip on sandals for grabbing a quick meal.  I honestly think I could have left the leather slides at home, but they barely took up any room in my bag :)  And similar to my style at home, I added a few accessories to make my outfits a little more interesting.  A colorful watch, a few bracelets,  and some statement earrings to wear at night.   I ended up bringing a white tote to use at night.  If Noah wasn't with us, I could have made do with a fun straw clutch, but I wanted to bring a pretty bag that could also carry all of Noah's dinner entertainment (coloring books, transformers, and iPad).  This bag was absolutely perfect and I loved the excuse to carry a white purse in March! 

tank (last year Old Navy) | skirt (similar)
bag (Tommy Hilfiger) | sandals (Old Navy last summer, similar) | bracelets

dress (similar) | bracelets

dress (Gap last year)
Noah: shirt (Tommy Hilfiger) | shorts | sandals

bracelets (birthday gift from a friend)

My beach vacation routine is to shower and blow dry my hair before dinner, then just throw it in a pony tail the next morning and head straight to the beach or pool.  I brought my hair dryer and flat iron (maybe that's overkill, but oh well), and while my hair dryer worked, my flat iron just didn't heat up.  Not sure what the deal with the voltage was, but I was a little concerned I broke my pretty new flat iron.  Thankfully it works fine now that I'm home, but on vacation I wasn't able to use it.  I ended up embracing my natural curl and just letting it air dry most nights.  I kind of wish I had brought my beach waves spray to help it out even more.  

sunglasses (Tommy Hilfiger)

dress (last year Loft, similar) | sandals (last year Old Navy, similar) | earrings

So tell me, are you a light packer or do you bring lots of options "just in case"?

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  1. That caftan looked awesome on you! My favorite piece!

  2. I was hoping youd do a vacation style post! Your fedora and pompom bracelets are darling! And I love the beachy waves, is your hair naturally wavy like that or was that from all the beach time ;)

  3. Looks heavenly!! Lol at your flat iron "taking a vacation" there!! Loved the beach waves :)

  4. Everything looks great! I love your bathing suits and dress options!

  5. Gorgeous choices and you looked stylish, yet comfy at the same time! Also, nice job putting everything together for the recap!

  6. Oh, perfect. I'm on the hunt for new swimsuit so I need to check some of these out. Now, will you come pack for me for our trip?! You rocked your vacation looks!! :)

  7. haha a spreadsheet that is awesome. Planning out outfits is part of the fun!

  8. I love you swim cover. I need a new one this year!

  9. Can I just have one of every single dress you own. I need to get a cover-up myself. I usually just throw on a sun dress but something airy would be nice.


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