The Adventure Starts Here: The Kids Behind the Blog | March 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Kids Behind the Blog | March 2016

We are back... with the second link up for "The Kids Behind The Blog"!!!  I think I may even be more excited for this month's than I was last time!  I had so much fun reading what your and my co-hosts' (CrystalBethJessicaStephanie) kids had to say and I can't wait to see what they answered this time!  And just in case you are new to the linkup, we came up with this idea because we are such huge fans of Betsy's"The Guys Behind the Blog" that we wanted to create something similar to do with the "kids that made us mamas". Each month, we will have a set of questions to ask our kid(s) and we will share their answers on our blogs. We sure hope that you will do the same and link up with us each month! We can't wait to read what your kids have to say!

This month's questions were:
1. What do you enjoy doing with Mommy and Daddy?
2. Name one thing you are really good at.
3. What's one thing that Mommy and Daddy tell you often?
4. What do you want to be when you grow up?
5. What do you think Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed at night? 

And just like last month, I thought it would be fun to record my interview with Noah.  I really love that it shows where he is verbally at this age.  On the video, you'll see that he was unsure about a few of the questions at first and I had to elaborate or give him some options.  I think that is pretty normal for this age (he turned 3 in November), and I love having that on video... just keeping it real!  Check it out...

I was a little surprised he didn't have an answer for something that mommy and daddy say a lot.  I almost wondered if he'd say something funny like "no" or "hurry up".  And while he didn't come up with it on his own, we really do tell him we love him a lot.  He's probably going to find it annoying pretty soon ;)

I'd love for you to share what your kids had to say this month.  Just grab our button and link up at the bottom of the post! Also make sure to stop by CrystalBethJessica, and Stephanie's blogs to see how their cute kids answered!

And as for next month, the link up will go live on April 13th.  Here are the questions...

April Questions:
What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?
Who is your favorite person?
When playing outside, what do your ideal sunny day plans look like? 
What do you like to do when it's raining? (Since April showers bring May flowers)
If you could plant a garden of anything, what would you plant?


  1. Driving a train seems like a fun thing to do when growing up!
    ..Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  2. He reminds me a bit of my grandson who I asked the questions with this month. He is a cutie. Thanks for hosting the party.

  3. I love him!! His answers are adorable. I love that he says he fixes things!! So sweet!

  4. I like that he keeps checking your notes and then asks more! Cuteness

  5. Love the video!! He's just precious. And a train driver sounds like a fun job to me!

  6. So precious! Driving a train sounds amazing! :) Thanks for hosting!

  7. SO cute!! I love that you tape him. Hey, a train driver sounds like a fun job to me!

  8. So sweet, I love hearing and having their little voices recorded.

  9. Oh goodness he is such a cutie! I love how set he was on being a train driver. He didn't need to hear any more options, lol!

  10. Your vlogs are precious! Noah's little voice though :)

  11. Thanks for the link up! I'm excited to find other mom blogs!

  12. My daughter turns three shortly and I had to explain also, I don't think she really grasped the 'grown up' concept, lol.

  13. I love this link up!! I keep meaning to do a vlog every month and then I never get around to it! Thanks for hosting!


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