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Friday, March 4, 2016

Spring Home Tour

I was so excited to decorate for Spring this year!  I am beyond ready for some warmer weather.  While we wait, I like to surround myself with pastel colors, plants and flowers (real and fake), and a few touches of Easter here and there.  This year, I decided to focus on five main areas... the front door, the mantel, the dining room, creating a new DIY project, and displaying some kid friendly decor.  Here are a few photos from our recently decorated living space.  And in case you are interested, I've included a source list at the end of the post :)

In the living room, I kept the decor simple by just updating the mantel and swapping out our red pillows for some teal ones.   I already had most of the decor and just added a few affordable touches this year.  I like adding one or two pieces each year and growing my collection slowly.  

For the dining room, I once again kept it simple.  Some yellow placemats (that Noah picked out), a couple of ceramic bunnies, fresh flowers, and my DIY nest full of eggs.  

When I found this cake stand at Home Goods I immediately knew that not only would it be perfect for serving cupcakes, but it could also be used in my spring decor.  I picked up some moss and painted eggs while at Michaels and had the idea to make a nest full of eggs.  I had contemplated buying some craft eggs and to try painting myself, but when I saw these, I figured I'd take the easier route.  

To get the moss into a circle shape, I placed it in a mixing bowl with a similar diameter as my cake stand.  Then I sprayed it with some water, molded it, and left it for a few hours to dry.  Doing this made it so much easier to lay nicely on the cake stand and have a few eggs sit on top.  It was super easy and I love how it looks!

Noah's bookcase has been relocated to the dining room ever since we moved it for the Christmas tree and Noah didn't want to move it back.  So I decided to put a few Easter books on top along with his stuffed bunnies and lamb.  While the Easter Bunny brings goodies in a wicker basket, I love this soft plush basket to collect eggs and to play with now.  At the moment, it's filled with his Miles from Tomorrowland figurines and he says it's a rocket ship.  I love his imagination!

I love having a wreath on my front door.  My boxwood wreath from last year was majorly faded by the end of the summer.  Our front door gets a lot of sun!  So this year I decided to go with this one hoping even if it does fade it won't be as obvious since it already has multiple shades of pink.   And I also let Noah have some fun by placing some Easter stickers onto our storm door.  While Happy Easter reads backwards to any guests coming to the door, it's really for him, so I let him do it how he wanted ;)

Home Goods: mirror (on mantel), blue vase, blue cake stand, white urn, yellow placemats
Target: silver candlesticks, blue candleswreath
Pottery Barn Kids:  egg garland (my favorite this year), Peter Rabbit (old), stuffed bunny and lamb, soft egg basket (similar), chair backer (similar
Pottery Barn: bunny candy dish
Ikea: metal pots and fake grass 
Michaels: moss, painted eggs, white branches, window stickers

Thanks for stopping by!  I also wanted to remind you that next week (Wednesday, March 9th) is our second link up for "The Kids Behind the Blog".  Once again, here are the questions for this month... we'd love for you to participate so we can read all about the cute and funny things your kids have to say!  

March Questions:
What do you enjoy doing with Mommy and Daddy?
Name one thing you are really good at?
What's one thing that Mommy and Daddy tell you often?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you think Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed at night?


  1. Beautiful! I love your dining room table decorations. So classic and pretty. And even better that Noah helped pick it all out.

  2. I love it. So understated & simple, but so pretty. Love the nest!

  3. Love it all! The cake stand/egg nest-too cute! Great job!

  4. So pretty! I especially love the cake stand with the nest! I almost bought that same wreath from Target!

  5. a bunny full of candy..i know a little girl who would sneak one every chance she got ha. Love the pink wreath, so pretty!

  6. I love all of your Spring touches! Great tip on the moss for the round stand!! Also, where did you get your "Welcome" wreath hanger? Love it!

  7. So cute! I love all of you simple touches and that IKEA grass looks perfect. I really need to up my spring decor game. I have never really decorated for spring.


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