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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Noah in March | The Picture Perfect Project | Noah-isms

One of my goals for 2016, was to take a photo of Noah each month.  While I take lots of iPhone photos, I wanted to take the time to use my DSLR and get at least one photo of him each month that shows his personality, his interests, and reflects the current season.  I hope that at the end of the year I will have an amazing collection of photos that represents our year.   So when I saw Stephanie post about The Picture Perfect Project I knew I wanted to participate! While this project is all about the pictures, I also want take the opportunity to share all about Noah and what he's currently into.  Kind of like a monthly update :)

Once again, we lucked out and got some pretty amazing weather to photograph Noah this month.  And let me start by saying that this isn't really very representative of New Jersey in March.  We got a random sunny (yet a little windy) day where the temps reached 60 degrees!  We took advantage of it and got outside, because you never know when it will happen again!  The fact that March can bring super cold days, and even snow, is the reason we booked a tropical vacation.  I feel like by this time, I'm ready for Spring, but New Jersey didn't get the memo (or just doesn't care what I think)... so we might as well escape for a few days and get a dose of sun to tide us over.  I'm hopeful though that this March will be different and we will get a few more of these sunny and mild days.  I'm ready to spend our weekends outside, Noah running around and practicing his bike riding skills... it really is how 3 year olds should be spending their time!  

Enough talk about the boring weather.  This month, not only did I want to share some of the photos I took for The Picture Perfect Project, I also wanted to share some of the funny things Noah has been saying recently.  Now that he's talking in full sentences he's getting pretty funny... at least in my opinion ;)

Back in January, I had a sore throat and asked Chris to get me orange juice one morning.  Noah is going through a major why stage...
Noah: "Why?"
Chris: "Because mommy is thirsty."
Noah: "Why?"
Chris: "I don't know"
Noah: "I know why... Cause she talks too much" 

I have to preface this by saying that I'm a bit annoying when it comes to made beds.  I really can't stand when people mess them up and don't remake it before bed.  It's one of my many quirks.  So one day, Chris and Noah were watching a show or playing around in his bed when he comes to me and says... "I did something wrong and I'm in trouble".  
I think Chris told him to do this so he wouldn't get "in trouble" lol.  

Noah and I will often go back and forth telling each other we love them...
Me: I love you
Noah: I love you 
Me: I love you more
Noah: I love you lot more
Me: I love you most
Noah: I love you ten lot

Last month, we started potty training.  At the beginning, Noah would get a prize every time he pooped in the potty.  I think he got a little too into the prizes, or didn't really understand the reason for it...
Noah: "I peed in my diaper, I want my prize now"

And whenever I call Noah my baby now, he says...
"I'm a big kid.  I pee and poop and toot in the potty!"

Noah loves to hang his drawings, no matter how simple they are, on the wall.  When he's finished, he says he wants to hang it up, then goes to the wall, and says he found the "perfect spot".  

He's also a master at negotiating.  If we tell him the plan for the day or that he needs to do something, he usually comes back and says, "I have a better deal" and explains how he wants it to happen.  I have to admit that he often comes up with a pretty good alternative!

One morning in bed, he was lying on my arm.  
Noah: "I break your arm"  then proceeded to make some noises and said "I fixed it now"
Me: "Oh good"
Noah: "Why?"
Me: "Why is it good to have an arm that isn't broken?"
Noah: "You can use them to watch iPad, to open doors, to turn on the light"
Clearly he knows why arms are really important to have ;)

And just like other kids this age, he has his own words for certain things.  Most of the time we watch shows that I've recorded on our TiVo.  As a result he doesn't watch live TV very often.  When I do put it on and a show has already started, he says, "put it to the end", when he really means from the beginning.  It's pretty cute that he continues to mix those up, it's not cute how upset he gets when I tell him I physically can't rewind it.  

And it was a proud yet sad moment when he started saying something correctly the other day.  Noah has always called ice cream "eye me me".  One day I even asked him to say ice (which he did) and then cream (which he responded whip cream), but when I asked him to say ice cream, he'd go back and say eye me me.  We found it adorable, even if strangers had no clue what he was referring to.  But just a few weeks ago, out of the blue, he said "ice cream" (the correct way) when we were reading a look and find book and he found the ice cream truck.  My little boy is growing up!


  1. Im a huge stickler for made beds too. Everything else can be a disaster but those beds are MADE. Kinsey keeps telling me to "start it (shows) from the beginning" like where else would I start it?! Kids lol. Beautiful weather is always a gift!

  2. You are so brave taking your pictures in direct sunlight! I typically hate how mine turn out so I rarely bust out my camera on sunny days, ha!

  3. So many cute pictures! And I love the Noah-isms!

  4. He is so stinking adorable and smart! Love the photos! This makes me excited for spring and more sunshine!

  5. aww I love when they have mixed up words for things. def a little bittersweet when they figure it out =( I have a better deal is hilarious, sounds like something Aria would say. She likes to say I know the perfect (whatever)...snack, idea, etc. I love it.

  6. You captured some great shots of Noah on his bike. So fun! And even better that you were able to enjoy some warmer temps.

    I'm totally with you on made beds. My house can look like a tornado went through it, but those beds are all made!

  7. Adorable Pics!! I love all the little sayings and things. I'm with ya on making the beds and not wanting them to say things correctly - their little silly ways are so cute. :)

  8. He is just so cute. I know I tell you that all the time but its true! I love those trike photos and the mommy talks to much comment made me lol!


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