The Adventure Starts Here: Easter Animal Crafts

Friday, March 11, 2016

Easter Animal Crafts

I know that it's not even St. Patrick's Day, but since Easter is super early this year, we've started to switch gears over here.  I came up with three different animal crafts that would be perfect for the weeks leading up to Easter!  Noah absolutely loved doing them all!

First up... a hippity hoppity bunny (it could even be the Easter Bunny)!  

For this craft, you just need a bunch of different colors of construction paper (or card stock as I used), glue, and some googly eyes.  Then I freehanded the grass and all the bunny parts and started cutting.  Noah got a little impatient while I was cutting the pieces out, and he asked to do some cutting as well.  I gave him some orange and green and suggested he make some carrots.  I was so impressed with what he came up with ALL ON HIS OWN!

Then with some help from me, we assembled the bunny.  My favorite part of these crafts is when Noah comes up with his own idea and adds his own little touch!  Like the carrot he wanted to put right on the bunny's mouth, and the whiskers and mouth that he drew on.  Even though I suggested using a black crayon, he decided blue whiskers and a red mouth would be better ;) 

Next up, a yellow chick.  For this craft, you'll need the following:

yellow card stock/construction paper
yellow tissue paper squares
orange pipe cleaners (for the legs)
orange construction paper (for the beak)
googly eyes

Cut a circle out of the yellow construction paper to act as the body of the chick.  Then have your child cover the piece of paper with glue and tissue paper squares.  While I have lots of tissue paper squares ready for crafting, this would be a really fun part to let your child help with, especially if they like cutting things like Noah does!  Then simply glue on the eyes and the beak.  Finally, make the legs with the pipe cleaners.  From one pipe cleaner, I cut 4 small pieces (2 for each leg).  One acts as the leg, then tie (or wrap) the second piece around the leg to create the two other feet.  I then taped the pipe cleaner feet to the back of the chick.  

Finally, a soft and cuddly sheep.  

I gave Noah a paper plate, glue, and cotton balls and told him to cover the entire plate with the cotton balls.  Meanwhile, I freehanded and cut out the head, ears, and 4 legs from gray card stock.  I then helped him glue and attach the body parts to the plate and he added the eyes and a simple smile.  Super simple and this would be a great craft any time of the year!  

Will you and your kids be doing any Easter themed crafts this month?


  1. These are all adorable!! I love that Noah loves doing crafts. Honestly, I miss all of the cute crafts Mason did in PreK. They do not seem to near as many in Kindergarten. It's all about math papers and reading and writing. Kindergarten is definitely not the same as it used to be.

  2. These are just the cutest. I need to let the girls make a few of these, they would LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are SO CUTE! I'm always so impressed with your crafts! And his concentration?? Look at him gluing the eyes on! Wow!

  4. I want to make all of these! Have a whole menagerie just in time for Easter ;)

  5. The sheep is my favourite. SO cute lady!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. Okay these adorable! Especially that sheep. That fuzzy little thing is calling my name!


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