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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Noah's shirt | jacket | jeans

Easter weekend.  I feel like we went full speed for three days... to say I'm exhausted is an understatement.  It's been a few years since my brother and his family have come down for the holiday weekend.  Since we only see them a few times a year, whenever we get together with them, we plan a lot of fun activities to do with the kids.  And holidays always seem to add to the itinerary.  They arrived late Thursday night and we spent all day Friday and Saturday doing lots of fun Easter themed activities.  The Easter bunny "visited" my parents' house on Friday when we were at lunch (my mom stayed back).  As usual, my mom went a little overboard and got so many cool things for the kids.  In addition to a basket filled with chocolate and little Easter themed goodies, they got a few larger gifts.  Noah's 5 year old cousin got lots of Legos (his current obsession), his 3 year old cousin got the Air Patroller and a few Air Pups (Rocky & Zuma), and Noah got a few Miles toys (Legos and spaceship) and a new Transformer.  The living room looked like a bomb went off (or like Christmas morning) after they were done opening their baskets.  It's definitely more chaotic when the four cousins are together... very different than Noah's normal only child life!

baskets | liners (teal, plaid)

One of the things I love to observe is how much Noah likes to play with his cousins.   Noah's cousin who is his age is very independent and often likes to play on his own.  But Noah's older cousins (5 and 8) are quite happy for Noah to follow them around.  When we first went over to my parents' house on Friday morning, Noah was a little shy, but as soon as Kaitlyn asked if he wanted to play, he went off and never left her side.  It was so cute to see him show her his Transformers and her read him a book.  Later that day we went to the Bounce Factory, and while Noah wasn't as physically able as his cousins, he was very eager to try.  He was constantly asking where Matthew was so that he could follow.  

On Saturday, we had a very busy Easter filled day.  We went to two egg hunts, one at Noah's school in the morning and another with our MOMS Club in the afternoon.  We really lucked out with the weather.  Even though it only made it to the mid 50s, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day... especially since Easter in March can be so unpredictable!  My brother's family and my parents came with us to both of the egg hunts.  It was interesting to see Noah balance playing with his friends and his cousins.  There were times that I had to remind him that he could play with both at the same time because I could see that he was torn.  This is the first time it has ever really been an issue.  

Noah's shirt | jacket | jeans

Apparently we didn't think two egg hunts were enough.  So in between, we took everyone to our local pizza place and frozen yogurt shop... our personal favorites.  We then hurried home to dye some Easter eggs and decorate sugar cookies.  We weren't expecting the kids to be so interested in the actual dyeing part.  My experience is little kids usually think the process takes too long and is boring. But the kids were obsessed with dyeing egg after egg and we wished we had hardboiled more than 30 eggs!  While we waited for the dye to dry, we decorated some Easter cookies with the prettiest icing colors I've ever mixed!  Wilton sure does come up with amazing products!  

^^^ we used regular food coloring instead of the egg dyeing kits.  The box of my food coloring gave instructions on how to much water, vinegar, and food coloring to use for eggs.  

Noah's shirt
These grasping spoons were such a hit... we wish we had bought more than one pair!  We tried to get more last minute but our store was sold out :(

^^^ he had to taste his creation!

^^^ wherever we go, the kids gravitate towards Chris... probably because he's so much fun!

^^^ going over with Noah that they were allowed to collect 5 eggs, but he was more interested in telling us he was 3 :)

Noah's shirt

kids' placemats (plates, bowls, and cup from PBKids)

We had a little break from the cousins on Easter morning.  My brother and his family went to church with my parents while we did our own thing with Chris' family.  Before heading over to his parents' house, we had a quiet morning at home complete with another visit from the Easter bunny.  Noah came downstairs to find his basket and some hidden eggs.  While his immediate reaction to the mini muffin game was less than thrilled, he loved it once we opened it and showed him what it was about.  He said the scooping tongs were like a hippo :) 

Noah's shirt | scissor skills - a huge hit!

Then it was off to Chris' parents' house to meet up with our usual brunch crew.  Each year, we go to the country club for a huge brunch buffet.  I love getting to dress up and catch up with the family each year... and the food is pretty great too!  Noah was shy at first, like normal.  But he quickly warmed up to his Great Gram when she brought out her collapsible cane.  It literally provides Noah endless entertainment... we were calling him a magic man whenever he'd "put it back together"!  We were also shocked at how well and how much he ate!  Before even leaving for brunch, he ate a whole bowl of orange bell peppers and a scrambled egg.  I honestly didn't expect him to eat anything at the country club.  But he surprised me by eating lots of fruit, bread, and a whole glazed donut!  

My dress - Talbots, 2 years ago | Chris' shirt - Tommy Hilfiger | Noah's shirt - Gap, no longer online

^^^ I love that he went over to chat with Granddad and Great Gram all on his own while Chris and I went to get more food.  He told them all about school and our recent vacation... he's getting so grown up!

^^^ he was a little bummed he couldn't go for an actual ride on the golf cart

After brunch, we stopped over at my parents' house for one last visit with Noah's cousins before they headed home.  While all they wanted to do was play with their new toys, I did make them pose for a few pictures in their beautiful Easter outfits.  I'm such a sucker for flowers, plaid, and pastels!  

After such a busy and wonderful Easter weekend, I'm sure we will be happy to take it easy this week.  

How was your weekend?  

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  1. Wow, I'm tired just reading about all of the fun. ;) You guys had such an amazing weekend. I'm not sure what my favoirte part is, but my favorite picture is Noah talking to the grandparents. Adorable! I'm gad you guys had so much fun with family. So special.

  2. That's great that Noah got to spend time with his cousins! I love that last picture!

  3. Easter? That looks more like Christmas!! Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. It's so cute seeing all those baskets lined up! And the eggs look great; food coloring for the win!

  5. So cute! Love all their Easter outfits. Makes me wish my kids had a bunch of cousins too!

  6. I got exhausted reading about your busy weekend ;) So much fun!!! Those egg spoons are genius, Ive never seen them before but will keep my eyes open for them for next year. Also, tell your Easyer Bunny to come visit over here haha.

  7. What a great weekend and so many amazing photos to recap it all with! He couldn't be any cuter if he tried too <3!

  8. Love all the fun things and the pictures of the fun things! And the cute matching shirts! I thought I had one of those egg spoons but couldn't find it. I wonder if I can pick a couple up from amazon next year. I'll totally forget but maybe not!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend and the kids made out like bandits during Easter! Look at all those goodies!

  10. I loved all of the pictures of your Easter weekend and Noah with his cousins! Family time is the best time. Looks like y'all had a wonderful Easter. Beautiful photos!!


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