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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Currently | March 2016

I love "currently" posts because I love documenting what's going on at the moment.  I'm a huge fan of making digital scrapbooks (both for our family and for Noah) as well as using this blog as a scrapbook of sorts.  I've been doing "currently" posts for a while now, but recently changed up the format.  Here's what I've been up to in March (in addition to celebrating my birthday and going on vacation)...

Cooking Baking: Lots of things... cookies, muffins, and scones!  Apparently I love to bake now :)

Eating: Either loads of junk or doing well and eating lots of fruit and veggies... I really should work on achieving more of a middle ground!

Wanting: To get outside more.  When winter is about to end (soon right!?!), I start feeling like we are inside watching too much TV.  This happens every year and then Spring finally arrives and it just naturally corrects itself.  We are all of a sudden spending most of our time outside and barely watching an TV shows (Noah or myself).  

Looking:  for some new Spring clothes.  I have the basics covered, but there are a few new pieces I would love to add.  Like some distressed jeans (maybe even a white pair), some delicate tops (maybe some floral and lace), and some longer shorts (I am not a fan of the short shorts on me!).  

Enjoying: The ups and downs of a 3 year old.  I know I may be crazy to say this but despite the mood swings that come with a 3 year old, I'm really enjoying this age.  I love that I'm now able to have full on conversations with Noah and really get to know his likes and dislikes.  While he's opinionated and bossy at times, he's such a fun and loving kid.  

Wishing: I was back in Turks & Caicos... or at least for warmer weather!

Hoping:  Spring comes sooner than later.  I know that I seem to be talking about the weather a lot, but man has the weather been unpredictable.  We seem to get a few nice days and then it gets cold, windy, and rainy again.  I even saw a chance of snow in the 10 day forecast!!!

Needing:   To practice more with Lightroom.  I was editing with iPhoto but found that it changed when my computer "upgraded" me to Photos.  So now I'm shooting in Raw and editing all my photos in Lightroom.  While I've watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials, I'm sure theres so much more I could learn.  I also think I could improve on my photo organization and workflow.  So if you have any suggestions on how I can improve, I'm all ears!

Feeling: Grateful for Chris.  Not only is he just a really great and hands on dad in general, but this past weekend he just went above and beyond.  He was away on business, technically for two night, but only in Seattle for 25 hours.  He flew there Wednesday night, had meetings on Thursday, and then took the red eye home.  I would have gone directly home to sleep, but not him.  Instead, he took a quick shower and then spent the rest of the day with Noah and his cousins, bouncing around at the Bounce Factory!  He then spent the rest of the weekend running around with them and being the best dad/uncle ever!  Noah and I are very lucky!

Loving: This little blogging community I've found.  While I've always enjoyed reading other blogs, I've recently found a group of blogging friends.  Not only do we support each other through social media, but we are also a sounding board for blogging (and personal) advice.  I also love that they are just genuinely a great group of women!  I hope to one day meet them all, because I really do consider them my friends!

Wearing:  Everything from winter sweaters and coats, to light layers, to swim suits and sundresses.  Not only is the weather here totally unpredictable, but adding a tropical vacation to the mix and my wardrobe is seriously confused... that is if a wardrobe had feelings ;)  You can check out all of my "mommy style" here.  

Watching: TV shows on Noah's iPad.  I watch most of my shows after he goes to bed and I find it easier to do so on his iPad while working on my laptop.  While few of my shows are taking a break right now, I'm still watching and loving Castle and Elementary each week. 

Listening to: Cake by the Ocean by DNCE.  Sometimes I feel like I'm such a teenage wannabe with the music I like.  While some of it feels a little more grown up, the fact that I'm obsessed with this song and a Jonas brother is in the band makes me laugh.  

Drinking: Diet Coke.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I've grown a little dependent on my daily Diet Coke.  I had given them up (and all caffeine) a while ago and then slowly decided to let myself indulge sometimes, usually when eating out.  We would keep them in the fridge for my mom, and slowly but surely I started drinking them at home too.  Now when 3 o'clock hits, if I didn't have one at lunch, I feel sluggish and long for a little caffeine pick me up.  

Planning:  A long weekend in Montreal.  We are planning on going with my parents and meeting up with my brother and his husband.  It will be a 6 hour drive for us and under a 2 hour drive for my brother.  If you have any tips on things to do with both adults and kids, I'd love any and all recommendations!  

Reading:  Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty.  My goal is to read one book a month, but when I finished Me Before You in under a week and was about to go on vacation, I knew I'd need to pick a second book for March!  Let me just tell you that I loved both of these books.  Me Before You is your untraditional love story that will really get you thinking.  And What Alice Forgot is the second Liane Moriarty book I've read this year, and I'm really becoming a fan.  Not only did I love Alice's story, but I also really enjoyed reading her sister's story and found that her infertility struggles and feelings about it to be spot on and very relatable.  I also love that both of these books are being turned in movies.  Me Before You comes out in June while What Alice Forgot is in early production (with Jennifer Anniston cast as Alice).   

I'm linking up with Stephanie's "Reading Wednesday" and can't wait to see what books I should read next!  

What have you been up to this month?  Read any good books that I should add to my "must read" list?

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  1. Wanting, Looking, Needing, Loving, Wearing- Im right there with you :) I feel super blessed to be a part of our blogging village and so glad you gals are my people! Ok so I also need some spring clothes inspiration, you working on a roundup? ;)

  2. I love that song too!! It has such a fun beat that we rock out in the car to it. Ha ha! I love the blogging community too. I'm so thankful I've "met" you and the other girls and sometimes our Facebook and blogging convos age what get me through the day. :)

  3. Can I join your blogging group? :) I'm looking for some support like you talked about! I didn't know What Alice Forgot is becoming a movie - I loved that book!

  4. Is shooting in raw difficult? I upgraded my camera in January and I'm just getting the hang of shooting in manual. But I'm not shooting in raw. I'm kind of intimidated by the idea. I need to give What Alice Forgot another chance. I was so bored with the beginning, I put it down and never picked it back up. But I've heard it gets better. One of these days, I'll find time!!

  5. I'm still editing in PSE, but I've been thinking about making the switch to Lightroom so I could shoot in RAW. I feel like I'm in a photo rut lately and maybe that would motivate me to get out and practice more, but it's just all so intimidating! I need a personal photography coach to walk me through the whole process!

  6. Oh, and the blogging group is amazing! You ladies are my people!! I love it!

  7. Blogging community is just the best ever.

    If you find cute spring clothes let me know since I pretty much adore everything you wear, lol. I am SO ready for some warmer weather too the back and forth stuff is getting old and I am so over it.

    Baking, oh baking is my favorite. Speaking of I really need to do some baking. We are running out of breakfast stuff around here.

  8. I liked both of those books too!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE our blogging group!!! I LOVE that about this community. It's never something I expected but it's something I truly love.
    Also, I found some shorts that I love. One of these days, I'll get around to blogging my latest Stitch Fix box. That's where they came from. I forget the name (I'm not home, but I could look it up when I get home if you're interested - or mayyyybe I'll blog it next week? LOL). I HATE shorts normally but these are so comfortable and actually long enough where I feel comfortable!

  10. Read both those books and they were both good. Jojo is a favorite author of mine. From Stephanie's link up.

  11. I am on the lookout for some new Spring items too! I need to go shopping…like really go somewhere. We only have Belk, Target, JC Penney and Maurices here for clothes options. I am right there with you on your “needing”. I need to learn to edit better and have better organization of my photos. Also, I’ve never shot in raw. I am loving this blogging community too. Such awesome people and I am so thankful to call you all friends.

  12. I'm so impressed that your shooting in RAW AND using Lightroom. I was gifted photoshop elements (I wanted to start small) for Christmas, and I still haven't taken the time to play around with it. I'm so busy!


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