The Adventure Starts Here: Will You Be My Valentine | #ValentineBlogSwap2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Will You Be My Valentine | #ValentineBlogSwap2016

Today I am super excited to share with you the valentines that Noah and I made.  Noah's school has a "card only" policy, meaning I can't be Pinterest creative and include a cute toy or food with the valentines for his school friends.  Thank goodness for the blogging world and the amazing friends that I've made so that we had an excuse to get our craft on!  Last year, Liz and I organized a Valentine Blog Swap, and I loved it so much that I decided to organize another one this year.  More of our friends (and their kids) wanted to participate this year, which made it even more fun!  While it was fun making our valentines, it was even more exciting to open the mail each day and find a valentine surprise for Noah!  

First up, are the Crayon Hearts we made to send to all of our friends.  We raided our crayon tin and started peeling the wrappers off.  To make it easier, I used a pairing knife to cut a slit into each of the wrappers and then Noah would peel the paper off.  We made a pretty good team :)  I then broke all the crayons into thirds and grouped them in cups by color.  

I then simply filled the heart mold with different color combinations of crayon pieces.  Since my mold is silicone, I placed it on a baking sheet to make it easier when transferring to and from the oven.  I then simply baked the crayons in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees.  

Since the crayons were melted when I took them out, I had to let them harden and cool completely before taking them out of the mold.  

Once they were all finished, I used a spot of hot glue to secure them to the Valentine card.  I made a simple but colorful card in Photoshop and printed them out on white card stock.  You are welcome to download the printable here to use for your own personal use.   Then I had Noah help me sign his name, and they were ready to go!  I love how they turned out, and I hope all the kids enjoy coloring with them :)

As I said before, Noah and I really loved making our valentines, but our favorite part was getting a ton of fun mail and seeing what our friends made!  As the valentines arrived, I put them aside so that Noah could open the majority of them all at once.  He really was so excited to open each envelope and see the different cards and goodies.  

Let me tell you, we have some super creative friends and they went above and beyond!  There were beautiful handmade cards, games & activities to do, and of course some yummy candy to enjoy!  They definitely made his day a lot more fun and delicious!  Make sure to head over to everyone else's blogs (listed below) to see how they made their valentines.  If you haven't yet decided on what to give this Valentine's Day, I'm sure you will find an idea you love!  

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  1. I kind of love that his school says cards only. It takes away some of the fun, but way less candy. I was amazed last year at all the stuff cam came home with from his preschool party and there were only 10 kids in his class. Love your valentine. I've always wanted to make them but haven't. Now I need to try. Thanks for organizing this!

  2. So cute! I have never tried melting the crayons, but now I kind of want to :)!

  3. Elin LOVES her heart crayon from Noah! She has already been making lots of creations with it! :)

  4. I always love the melted-crayon crayons, you could go crazy with all different shapes/molds. So cute (and sugar-free)!! ;)
    Is Noah a leftie..?!

  5. Great minds think alike with those heart-shaped crayons! However, I don't think we ever received yours! :( And surely I'd remember since it's similar to what we sent! At least I can see what we missed out on!

  6. Oh wait, NOW I remember! Yours was the empty envelope we received! It all makes sense now. :)

  7. Love love love the heart-shaped crayons! Such a big hit at our house. I'm going to need to buy a crayon mold now so we can make our own.

  8. Bummer that it is card only at school, but makes sense too. Sometimes you can have too much fun ha! I wish Aria would color more, she actually likes the big shaped ones the best so perhaps I should just do that.

  9. Yours came out so great! Mason loved it. He's so intrigued with how you guys made them. I need to find some molds so that we can do that together. Did you guys not get our card? Bummer!

  10. This was such a wonderful exchange! I think I had more fun the Kinsey, but then again she got to eat all the candy and play with the toys, so maybe its a tie? :) Thank you for putting this together!

  11. Yours was so cute! Marcus wanted to start coloring right away!
    I'm so impressed with how much help you received from Noah on these!

  12. This was so cute and THANK YOU so much for including us! I can't believe the school has that policy, thank goodness for the blog world! ;)

  13. I'm so obsessed with these crayons, I pretty much just want to go buy boxes of crayons just to melt them down! Thanks so much for the fun mail and organizing it all!

  14. Oh my poor penguin only had one eye left LOL. I'm glad he is well loved :)
    We loved your crayon! I've been wanting to make one of those for forever so it was fun to get one in the mail!

  15. I always wondered how these crayons are made and I can't believe how simple they are!! The silicone trays make removing them so easy. And I bet you can make them in tons of different shapes!

  16. Love your crayons! I have to say, I'm a bit relieved I passed on this exchange because damn the shipping was ridiculous! So unfortunate because I love getting mail!


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