The Adventure Starts Here: Valentine's Day Weekend

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday!   While Chris is back at work today, Noah doesn't have school until Thursday.  We are enjoying our day off by running some errands and having a play date with friends.  We are truly easing back into our routine after having three days at home with daddy.   

Our Valentine's Day Weekend was pretty great!  It was even better that it was a 3 day weekend because of President's Day.  Originally, my older brother and his family had planned to come down for the long weekend.  We had lots of activities planned to keep the kids busy, but they ended up cancelling because of the weather forecast for snow.  Instead, it was just Noah's other uncles (my brother and his husband) who were here for a visit.  While the itinerary changed a lot little, we still had a lot of fun.  Luke and Tyler were able to come to our house and play with Noah for a little bit before we went out to dinner as a family... a very romantic 7 person "Valentine" dinner ;)

Noah got this Daniel Tiger Board Game for Christmas and is obsessed with it!  We play it almost every day and he begs anyone who comes over to play it with him too.  First he played it with Luke and Tyler when they came over Saturday afternoon.  Just "the boys" played while I took pictures and helped explain the rules ;)  Then it was time for Grandma and Papa to play with him when they came over on Sunday.   The game reminds me as a combination of trivial pursuit (because you go around collecting chips from each character's house) and charades (because you act out things on the cards)... all of which is designed for little kids.  I always find it very entertaining to watch the adults act out the "imagination" cards and identify how the character is feeling on the "feeling" cards.  

On Sunday, in addition to playing more Daniel Tiger, we tried to make it a little extra special because of Valentine's Day.  Chris surprised both me and Noah with lots of chocolate goodies from our favorite chocolate store, Enjou.  It's where we got our wedding favors as well as my bridal and baby shower favors.  We get chocolate from them every year now :)  Chris also got me a beautiful bouquet of roses and we exchanged cards.   While I don't necessarily think Valentine's Day is silly, I also don't think we need to go all out with extravagant gifts.  Flowers and chocolate is PLENTY for me :)  We also love making any and all holidays special for Noah and got him a few gifts to open.  We gave him our new favorite game, Looping Louie, and a few books. We also ate lots of heart shaped food... donuts for breakfast, heart shaped cheese for lunch, and even an ice cream cake for dessert.  

playing Looping Louie

Since Noah's cousins were supposed to be here for Valentine's Day, I had a bunch of fun activities planned to do with them, including decorating sugar cookies.  Instead of letting everything go to waste, we continued on with the plan, but instead of just Noah decorating the cookies, my parents, Chris and I also had fun making some iced cookie creations!  I used this recipe for the sugar cookies and some store bought icing.  Using food coloring, Noah helped me mix up some pink, red, purple, and yellow (Noah's choice) icing and decorated the cookies with sprinkles, M&Ms, conversation hearts, and red hot candies.  

It was another great Valentine's Day spent with my two favorite guys.  They really make my life so wonderful.. and this little guy makes me smile (and laugh) every day :)

And no holiday would be complete without looking back at some old photos to see how much Noah has grown.  I of course had to make a collage of Noah's past Valentine's Days (2013-2016).  I was most shocked at how much older he looks just from last year to this year... he really isn't a baby anymore! 

How was your Valentine's Day weekend?


  1. How fun was your cookie decoratng party?! I absolutely have to try Enjou chocolate now. And I already have the Daniel Tiger game on my wishlist ;)

  2. Noah's new game looks so cool. I'm going to have to look into that one. Cam is a big fan of games. If only I could keep Emmy out of them. What a special weekend with your family and then Chris and Noah.

  3. ha! a VERY romantic 7 person dinner! i'm dying. and everyone around the Daniel tiger board game? seriously the cutest. i bet noah was in heaven!!

  4. There's nothing wrong with a 7 person Valentine's dinner. While I love one on one dates, group dinners like that are always so much fun. I was actually just looking at Looping Louie not too long ago on Amazon - how does Noah like it? The collage of all of his past Valentine's Days is so cute, btw.

  5. Oh my goodness, look at all those goodies! I'm drooling! And that photo collage of Noah over the years? Dying. How does this happen?!!!

  6. He is seriously the cutest! I love all of his little poses and now I really want chocolate covered strawberries and a heart shaped donut! Looks like a great weekend!

  7. I love that all the adults played the Daniel Tiger game with him! I think it's memories like that that kids treasure for years.

  8. I think we NEED that board game! I'm so in love with Daniel Tiger! And I love all those heart shaped goodies!

  9. How fun!!! I love that he was SO excited about the Daniel Tiger game and wanted everyone to play with him. Kids. Once they find that one thing they love at that moment, they want to let everyone know!

  10. As always - so festive, so fun!! I love how simple activities can be made so special for little ones for celebrations. Cute pics of Noah through the years - can you believe he was ever that little?!


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