The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend in Photos

Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday and Leap Day!  Not sure if anyone actually celebrates Leap Day... I know we don't (it's probably the only holiday I don't make a big deal out of!).  Instead, we will be getting back into our normal routine today.  We had another fun weekend with Chris home.  We spent Saturday running errands, tackling our to-do list, and relaxing at home.  Chris took some photos of me for a future fashion post and Noah was eager to join in on the fun.  I let him pose with me a few times and then I tried to find something to distract him with.  I ended up telling him to go pick up a sticks and pine cones ;)  Then it was off to run some errands.  We stopped by a jewelry store to get my watch battery replaced and I couldn't help but smile at the sign in the parking lot.  I was also very pleased to find out that they didn't charge us for the battery :)  Then it was DSW for some new shoes (to wear to a wedding), TJ Maxx (just because it's fun to browse), Loft (for a return and so Noah could pick me out the shirt he wants to get me for my birthday), and lunch at Chipotle.  Then Chris and Noah spent the afternoon playing while I banged out a bunch of blog posts... it was a very productive afternoon.  

Chris surprised me Saturday night by assembling the new Trofast shelves that I picked up at Ikea to store all of Noah's Duplos.  Originally I had planned to sort the Legos by size.  My theory was that when looking for a piece it's harder to differentiate size versus color at a quick glance.  But Noah wanted to help Chris put away his Legos and wanted to sort them by color, and who can argue with a 3 year old that wants to help :)  I was spoiled the rest of the day with beautiful weather and some early birthday celebrations.  My birthday isn't until Thursday, but we had brunch with Chris' parents and then went over to our good friends' house for a birthday dinner.  The kids got to play while we got to socialize and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine.  While 32 feels like kind of a blah birthday, friends and family sure do make it feel special.  I'm looking forward to some more celebrating (and cake) next weekend too :)

We were so exhausted by the time that we got home that I didn't even watch any of the Oscars or the Red Carpet!  I guess I'll be catching up on all things fashion this morning!  

How was your weekend?


  1. Lol. Lily loves holding the hands of the mannequins! I always ask her if she is ready to go see her "friends" when we are about to head to Old Navy!
    Also, we love making "pillow sleds" down the hallway too! :)
    Happy Birthday!! :) :)

  2. Happy early birthday!! Sounds like such a fun weekend! (We missed the Oscars too. Womp womp.)

  3. I LOVE the picture you took outside that jewelry store. Hilarious! You guys had a a great weekend. Yay for the organizers being put together and the boys putting everything away for you. :) I wasn't impressed by the parts of the Oscars I saw. I went to bed pretty early though.

  4. 32 is the best, okay maybe not the best but it definitely was painless. I love that scarf in your first picture and hooray for the Trofast. I would totally look into storage for our Legos but the girls never have them unbuilt long enough to be a problem. I actually had Russ put up shelves in Marissa's room for her to put her Lego creations on, lololol.

  5. Almost happy birthday! Looks like you guys had a super fun weekend and of course the celebrations should continue! I didn't make it through the entire Oscars. Sleep was more intriguing.

  6. I forgot that I was turning 30 this month..march technically. I thought it was 29. Jokes on me lol. The number doesn't much matter but I love to spend the day with my fam doing fun things! Your weekend sounds lovely. Cute that Noah picked you out a shirt for your bday. I asked Aria if she would get me coffee for my birthday and she told me no no coffee on birthdays. Kid is tough.

  7. Im liking the sneak of your fashion post :D Pretty sure I have a scarf involved in one of my pictures too! I have to say doing a whole week of celebrating for birthdays should be mandatory and the more cake the better!

  8. Looks like a good weekend! Happy early Birthday to you, friend! I hope you have the best birthday week. I love the sign at the jewelry store! So cute.


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