The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend in Photos

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Weekend in Photos

While nothing earth shattering happened this weekend, I have to say that I loved it.  The only real things we had on our to do list were to hang our new blinds and to try a new restaurant in town.  My dad helped us hang 5 sets of blinds on Saturday morning and we went out to dinner on Sunday night. In between, we really just took it easy.  I stayed in my sweatpants, didn't wear makeup (except for when we went out to dinner), and we continued to work on potty training with Noah (he's doing exceptionally well!).  After another week where Noah didn't get to see daddy, he was stuck to him like glue.  The weekend was filled with choo choos (regular and Lego), puzzles, blocks, board games, walks to look at diggers (again and twice this weekend), and even two bubble baths!  We were fortunate enough to have a random mild weekend, with temps in the mid 60s!  While the boys played, I put on my domestic hat and ironed, vacuumed, and washed the floors.  When the mood strikes, I find it's best to act on it, because chances are it won't last for long ;)  But the most exciting part of our weekend was that Noah went the entire weekend (except for when he was sleeping) in underwear.  And on Sunday night, he even wore underwear to the restaurant without any accidents!  We did make two trips to the bathroom for false alarms, but I'd much prefer that to an accident!  I'm still in shock as to how "easy" this potty training thing has been so far.  And now here's some photos... 

^^^ I'm embarrassed to say how many crumbs we had behind the couch since we've lived here less than 2 years!  

^^^ looks like a pretty fun train... Mickey, Peter Pan, and MERC (from Miles) all on the same train!

^^^ Noah is going through a measuring phase and wants to measure EVERYTHING!

^^^ crazy hair and he doesn't care ;)

^^^ the easiest and most delicious kale and white bean ravioli from Costco!

^^^ maybe Noah can finally fix these doors... no one else seems to be able to do it!

^^^ Chris teaching him the finer things in life... like cleaning off your shoes in the snow ;)

^^^ he FINALLY likes bubble baths!!!

^^^ my mom got Noah one of these sticker books, and since then they have become the way we entertain Noah when we go out to dinner.  He gets so excited to find the sticker for each "outline". 
my shirt (similar) | Noah's shirt


  1. That duplo train is pretty awesome! I love your expression in the sticker pictures. Ha ha! Such a mom face. :)

  2. What a great weekend!! THe ones with no plans are the best! Thanks for all of the toy recommendations! ;) I feel like we are getting bored of ours! White bean and kale ravioli? YUM!! We don't have a costco! :(

  3. Sometimes those simple weekends ate my favorites. Glad you took photos of the ordinary life stuff. Those are so fun to look back on.

  4. Sticker books are the perfect idea for dinner dates! And sounds like a busy & fun weekend!

  5. I love weekends like this. Great photos! Mila is finally getting into bubble baths again too. She was fine for a little while, then all of a sudden became terrified of the bubbles - if they touched her, she screamed. I tried again a couple weeks ago and she loved them! Those ravioli sound amazing!

  6. What a fun weekend and such cute photos! The blinds look awesome! Mac needs those Paw Patrol squirters! And now I totally want a burger and fries.

  7. Crumbs and ironing...story of my life! These pics were great!

  8. Sounds like the best weekend!! Great pictures!! The burger and fries look delicious.

  9. I want that ravioli! I'm going to look for it next time I'm in Costco. And hurray for blinds! They look great

  10. Your weekend sounds so fun! Relaxing with some fun thrown in there and trying a new restaurant! My weekend was filled with sick husband so we tried to be out of the house as much as possible and away from the germs! Though I can't say I hated having a mommy/Mason weekend :)
    PS I didn't know Miles had his own Lego set!!

  11. oh that is funny. Aria measures everything too! Ours is the stiff measuring tape and slides back in really quick if you let it go. Super good choice for a toddler to play with. I didn't even think of just a soft body measurement type. I tried to find her a kid version but I didn't love any of them.


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