The Adventure Starts Here: Our Weekend in Photos

Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Weekend in Photos

Chris has been working late every night this week.  That combined with Noah's earlier bedtime (when he doesn't nap), and Noah went all week without seeing daddy :(.  Needless to say, we were all really looking forward to the weekend!  

On Friday afternoon, Noah and I went to a friend's house for a Valentine Party.  The kids played, decorated sugar cookies, and had heart shaped pizza for dinner.  Noah loved the playing and decorating part, but didn't touch the pizza.  He's the kind of the kid that forgets to and doesn't want to eat when there's fun to be had.  I however made sure to enjoy the pizza ;)

Noah was very excited to find out daddy was home when he woke up on Saturday.  While we all love when Noah sleeps in, it was nice that they had some time to play at home before we headed to Home Depot for the Kids Workshop.  We were very excited for this month because they were making some Valentine mailboxes.  The construction was pretty basic and didn't take very long, but it was the first time for us that it required a screw driver!  Noah also loves painting his projects, and I've learned to bring lots of wipes.  While Noah stayed clean, I ended up getting paint on my leggings :(

^^^ when we got home, Noah decorated his mailbox with some Valentine stickers :)

While out, we ran to Target and Costco.  We were a little too excited about some new carts Target got and how many delicious free samples Costco was handing out.  Let me just say that I was tempted to buy so many of the appetizers for the Super Bowl party we weren't having ;)

Despite filling up on free samples, we headed over to McDonalds for lunch.  Noah loves their Happy Meal and we had just heard that switched to giving books instead of the traditional toy!  While I don't have a problem with most of the toys, I was really excited for the books!  And I was shocked to see that they had real titles/series.  Noah got a Valentine's Pete the Cat book this time, and we are excited to go back for the Paddington, Clark the Shark, and Happy Valentine's Day Mouse books!  

Saturday night, Chris and I got to get away for a little date night.  We weren't out long and just went out for dinner, but it was nice to go out just the two of us.  Chris and I had our first date on February 7th, 7 years ago.  Since we will be celebrating Valentine's Day as a family next weekend, we decided this would be our Valentine's date as well as acknowledging out first date anniversary.  Yes, I know we technically went out a day early, but it's not like we were gonna go out to dinner on Super Bowl Sunday! 

^^^ before leaving, we heated up some leftover pizza (for Noah and my mom) and got a family selfie :)

^^^ calamari appetizer and some amazing pasta entrees

Sunday was spent at home.  We made some sauce... or gravy as the Italian Americans call it ;)  I got the recipe from my mother in law, which I shared a while back.  Meanwhile, Chris and Noah spent the day playing with each other and wishing we could have one more day home together.

And even though Noah didn't watch a single minute of the game, we had some yummy appetizers and ravioli for dinner.  The mini guacamole cups, chips, and ravioli are all from Costco, and they are all delicious!  If you don't already have a membership and are considering it, there's a great deal going on right now!    I am in no way sponsored to say any of this, I'm just a fan of Costco, and their free samples ;)  

We also learned that sugar has no bearing on Noah going to bed... right after he ate this Super Bowl inspired cupcake, he asked to go to bed, and he did!  Chris then proceeded to watch the game while I went on the computer, watched a show on the iPad, and even read a little bit.  I figure I'll watch the half time show today on the TiVo and be good ;)


  1. You didn't miss much! The halftime show was just ehh. It's weird to me for people to say that they put the kids to bed or the super bowl is on so late because it starts at 3:30pm here but I forget that you all are 3 hours ahead so it probably ended super late for you guys! I also didn't really find any of the commercials to be THAT great either, but we had a little get together so at least I got to see friends and have some good food :)

  2. What a great weekend!! Omg it was jam packed with fun! Love Noah's valentine mailbox. He did so great. The game was a bit ridiculous with turnovers and interceptions. The commercials weren't all that great which was disappointing and the halftime show was good but not great. Happy for Peyton though!

  3. What a fun weekend! I love that Home Depot does workshops like that - so adorable. Yay for a date night! Your meals looked delicious!

  4. Kinsey is the same way with food, it is the very last thing on her mind when playing is involved! Her party was on Saturday and she ate exactly three bites of pizza and two of cake ;) Boo for getting paint on your leggings, I hope it washes out.

  5. Those mailboxes are so cute! I keep forgetting that Home Depot has workshops. I need to go to one of those! Also, I think it's great that McDonalds is giving out books now!

  6. Now I am starving! Yay for building at HD too! We have been taking our girls to do that for YEARS now. We actually still need to pain our boxes too. Usually I talk them into taking them home to do that.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Looks like a great weekend! We've never done one of the Home Depot Workshops, but have always wanted to!

  8. That must be so tough when Chris doesn't get to see Noah during the week! Glad you are able to make up so much fun time on the weekends!


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