The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy Style | Volume 6

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mommy Style | Volume 6

It's been almost a month since I last shared some of my mommy style.  During that time, we've had some crazy fluctuations in weather and temperatures!  We had mild days, super cold days, and even 30 inches of snow!  While it's never been mild enough to not wear a coat, my daily wardrobe has been affected.  When it got super cold, I definitely lost some motivation to look cute and was reaching for sweatpants more than I'd like to admit.  You'll also see many photos where I'm just wearing socks.  That's because when it's super cold I choose more Ugg boots more than my cute booties, and let's be honest, they just aren't as cute to photograph.  

A cold day running errands to prepare for the expected snow...

Since I'd be running in an out of stores, I chose a warm turtleneck sweater.  That way I could just wear a coat that I could easily take on and off and skip the scarf.   And these boots are amazingly comfortable while being stylish.  I figure I need to wear them as much as I can whenever there isn't snow covering the ground!  

turtleneck sweater (similar) | jacket (Loft) | jeans | boots

When we got 30 inches of snow...

Warmth was key, so it was all about layers, a warm coat, and lots of cute accessories.   I even wore snow pants when we were out playing in the snow.  Once we were back to our normal routine but still surrounded by snow, I switched back to regular jeans and just wore a long jacket and snow boots to keep my feet warm and dry.  

Black puffer coat (mine is a few years old from JCrew, but here's their current version)
hat is last year from Hanna Andersson (technically a kid's hat... and I have a large head!) | scarf is last year from Gap 

For the next week or two, I was back to dressing normally.  I made sure to stay comfortable by choosing tops that easily paired with jeans and Ugg boots.  At most, I would add a pretty necklace to upgrade my outfit a little.  

To get my hair done...

sweater (old from Limited) | jeans | necklace

A few errands and a play date with friends...

cardigan (similar) | jeans | necklace (similar)

A casual play date...

The snow finally melted for the most part and I was able to swap out my Ugg boots for sneakers and booties!  

School drop off and a morning spent at home...

Lunch at the in-law's...

top (old from Loft) | jeans | boots | necklace (similar)

I often go through phases with my wardrobe.  There are times where I just don't care as much with what I wear, while other times I take more consideration into what I pull from my closet.  Over the last week or so I'd say I've cared a little bit more.  Maybe that's because I've had more real activities planned, or maybe I just found a renewed desire to look nicer.  

blousejeans  | boots

School drop off and a play date at our house...  

I love how this really is just a t-shirt and jeans look.  But throw on a scarf and it immediately made the outfit more put together.  But when I was back at home, I took the scarf off and it was perfect to play on the floor with Noah. 

shirt | jeans | scarf (old from Tory Burch)

MOM's Club Valentine's Day Party...

Once again, I elevated a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit by adding a scarf.  And this time I added this heart printed scarf to be a little festive :) 

top (old from Old Navy) | scarf (old from Urban Cowgirl) | jeans 

A family dinner out...

While this outfit is still super comfortable, I find that the peek-a-boo camisole detailing at the bottom adds a little extra to this otherwise simple "t-shirt".  And by adding the colorful scarf and boots, I definitely felt appropriately dressed for a dinner out, even if it was just at the Cheesecake Factory ;)

shirt  | scarf (old Tommy Hilfiger) | jeans | boots

Valentine's Day...

Since we spent Valentine's Day at home, I opted for a casual outfit with a touch of pink in my necklace.  I guess I looked "dressed up" because Noah thought we were going out ;)

shirt (old from Old Navy, boyfriend fit) | jeans | necklace (similar)

A morning at the Bounce Factory...

Originally I planned to wear leggings since we'd be jumping in bounce houses.  But last minute I switched to jeans so I'd have a back pocket to put my phone in ;)  It was super cold out, so I layered a t-shirt, a quilted vest, and then wore my big puffer jacket, hat, and gloves when we were outside.  I'm definitely ready for Spring!

shirt (old from Loft) | vest jeans

And in case you think I always look "photo ready", this is how I often look...

Watching Noah at swim class.  Wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and my favorite Ugg boots :)

sweat shirt, old from Loft, (similar style) | sweat pants (similar) | uggs 

And in case you want to pin for later, here are some collages of my outfits... 


  1. Love all your outfits! But can we really talk about your sock collection?! Love all the fun patterns and colors. I'm such a brat for Smart Wool socks, but since they are pricey are only have two pairs (scratch that 5 now...) and wear them in constant rotation through the winter.

  2. You always look so cute! I love the accessories you add to make it just a little more. I need to find some long necklaces because I am really liking yours.

  3. I'm with laura. you have an epic sock collection! and i'm also weirdly jealous of the fact that you get to wear pants and long sleeves. and BOOTS!! i saw boots!!!

  4. I was going to comment on your socks but Laura and Erin beat me to the punch! Super cute socks! And I adore all of your outfits. I love your style!

  5. Love this post! You have such a great sock and scarf collection! I'm jealous of all your fun stripes and plaids and dots and hearts!

  6. Love these fashion posts! I would take pictures of my outfits but I seriously have the same stuff on rotation like every week. I did buy one of those cocoon tops that you showed last time from Old Navy and LOVE it. Now only if it were cold enough to wear it again... maybe tomorrow!

  7. I made the mistake of wearing leggings at the bounce house place once and I flew down that giant slide so fast. Never again! Good swap to the jeans!

  8. So cute, I think I could share a closet with you just fine. I seriously love everything that you wear. P.S. every time I try to take one of those vertical angled down shots it looks awful. Clearly I need you to give me a lesson :).

  9. Scarves are my favorite way to get "dressed up"! I don't wear jewelry aside from my wedding ring so I have to acessorize somehow. Stop it with all your cute socks! I actually took some photos for the #momstyleremix link up today haha ;)

  10. I can not wear jeans with tennis shoes. It drives me bonkers. When I see all the material bulked up around someone's ankles when it makes me cringe. I'm strange, right??

    But I love your layers and the use of scarves. Scarves are my favorite!


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