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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

TGIF!  It was technically a short week, since Chris was off on Monday for President's Day and Noah had off from school on Tuesday.  Even with a shorter week, the days felt pretty long.  That probably had something to do with Chris working late every night.  We don't have too much planned this weekend, but the biggest thing on our list is installing our new blinds.  They arrived last week and my dad is going to come over and help Chris hang them all up.  I guess that is what weekends are made of once you are a homeowner ;)   I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  In the meantime, here's a few of my favorite things from the week...


This week, I picked up some lemons at the grocery store.  While I don't really cook with lemons very often, I plan to use them to hopefully clean my garbage disposal and make it smell better.  Not only will they help with my stinky sink, but in the meantime, they look pretty nice sitting on my counter.  The only problem is that I either need a smaller bowl or more lemons... it looks a little empty right now!


Speaking of my sink and cleaning, I picked up some new goodies at Target this week.  While many of the Mrs. Meyer's products are a little too strong for me, I really like this honeysuckle scent.  I first got it in the hand soap and then decided to get the dish soap as well.  And with the super cold and dry winter weather, my hands have been getting so dry and cracked.  The constant hand washing and dish washing is definitely not helping.  So I figured I'd try a handheld sponge to see if it helps.  


While at Target, I also got Noah some new water shoes.  While I loved his Nike ones from last summer, he didn't seem to love him.  Doesn't really matter, since he's outgrown them anyway.  We just happened to walk by the pool aisle so I decided to have Noah try a few on.  He decided he liked these red Speedo water shoes the best and I have to say I really like them too.  He's even been wearing them around the house :)  

I can't find them on Target's or Speedo's website, but maybe they'll have them in your Target store


Noah isn't the only one who got some new shoes.  Last summer, I got my first pair of Old Navy sandals.  Not only were they comfortable and super affordable, but I got compliments on them every time I wore them, which was a lot!  So I decided to order a few new pairs to try on and keep one or two.  They have so many cute options, but these are the two I decided to keep.  While they are both brown, I think they will both come in handy all summer.  The one on the left will be so easy to slip on when I'm in a rush.  And I'm so excited to find these tie up gladiator sandals.  While they may take a little longer to put on, they will look so cute with many of my spring and summer outfits!  I really can't wait for warmer weather now!


Last week I mentioned that Noah started potty training.  He's doing great at home, but we still need to work on when he's at school and when we are out running errands.  Right now, he doesn't seem to be able to hold it in time for me to find him a bathroom.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  Anyway, since he started wearing underwear, I noticed he has a red rash on the upper parts of his "cheeks".  I'm wondering if it's because so far he's been wearing a lot of the cheaper pairs of underwear since they have Paw Patrol and Jake on them.  While they are adorable, I noticed that the fabric isn't as soft as some of the more expensive pairs of underwear.  So this week we are going to try only wearing his pairs from Hanna Andersson and Osh Kosh/Carters to see if it makes a difference.  And if any of you have suggestions for a cream that I can apply to the rash, I'm all ears :)

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  1. Connor never had an issue with his underwear causing problems but I will say to be sure to clean Noah or even change Noah's underwear if they get even a bit wet with pee. Connor got a funky raw patch under his business and the dr said it's common in boys because they drip. Just something to keep in mind. :)

    I love your sandals. I'm getting a whole new Spring/Summer shoe collection this year. I've had the same sandals for 4 years and it's time to upgrade.

  2. Oh, lemons for the disposal, good idea + they are pretty!! I can't live without a dish wand.
    Cute gladiator sandals - are they comfortable? They look so 'flat' on the website..
    For potty.. We be sure to always go right before we leave the house. We'd wear underwear UNDER a pull-up while out and about and still learning.. So accidents aren't so dramatic, I guess. You are such a great mom, you are doing what is best for you guys. He'll get there, sometimes it just takes time. :) Are his pants just rubbing his bum differently now causing the rash?

  3. Even if the bowl is too small the lemons look so bright and cherry! We haven't had an issues with a raw area while potty training, but I'll keep an eye out now that you've mentioned it. I'm interested to hear if the Hanna Anderson undies are better. Love the sandals!!

  4. oh good luck with the potty training! Aria started in the basic cheap Target type undies and we upgraded to a more expensive set because they were more comfy for her. Not the same exact situation but I think you'll end up liking the pricier ones.

  5. You'll want to use a cloth diaper friendly cream so as to not ruin his underwear. I like CJs BUTTer. You can find it on amazon in all sorts of fun scents. Also, when Liam was potty training I always had him pee before we left places. I also let him pee on trees, in parking lots, really wherever as long as we were outside. I think boys can get away with it. He was much younger though (only 2.5). I also put a potty in the back of my car!

  6. Those sandals are super cute. I have never bought shoes from Old Navy but now you have me curious! I did buy a pair of Chacos recently that I am pretty excited about though! They aren't the cutest but boy are they comfortable.

  7. I need to get some lemons for my disposal and for my water as well! Water with lemon is one of my favorites, but I always seem to forget them when at the grocery store. I've been wanting to try the Meyers brand and the honeysuckle scent sounds perfect. Also, Mason needs those water shoes! So cute.


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