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Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited to have another 3 day weekend with Chris home!!!  Originally, my brother and his family were going to be coming for the weekend, but it looks like the weather forecast may make them cancel their trip.  My younger brother (and his husband) however still plan to come down, so it will be nice to spend some time with them!  We also have a few fun Valentine things planned to do with Noah :)   I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a love filled Valentine's Day!  


Noah had his Valentine's Day Party at school yesterday.  I was in charge of bringing the "healthy snack" and you know I had to make it festive!  Originally I thought of doing heart shaped watermelon (since it's red), but man is watermelon expensive these days!  So I opted to send in heart shaped cantaloupe instead.  I used this cookie cutter to make the perfect sized hearts for snacking.  


At their party, the kids all exchanged cards with each other.  Noah's school has a "card only" policy so I couldn't go all Pinterest crazy and send in some cute toy or snack.  Instead, I ordered some cards on Tiny Prints and called it a day.  They have so many cute cards, but if you saw yesterday's post, you know why I had to choose this design!  I also put together a little gift for his teachers... a simple mug from Target and a gift card to Starbucks.  They both loved it :)


In addition to all the valentines his classmates gave him, Noah brought home a handmade card for me and Chris.  I'm such a sucker for handmade things and I'm absolutely in love with this card!  I also think it's pretty hilarious that the three things he loves are Mommy, Daddy, and Paw Patrol.  I even asked him which he loved the best, and he told me Paw Patrol... wrong answer buddy!  


While Noah is in school, I've been trying to be productive and organize some of our closets.  This week I worked on our laundry room.  I emptied the linen closet and the shelves and purged what we didn't need.  I learned that we have a stocking up problem and that we don't need to buy detergent for a VERY LONG TIME!


And finally, we are currently in the very beginning stages of potty training over here.  Over the past few months, Noah has gone on the potty a handful of times.  But just recently, I noticed that he would often go when he was naked before or after a bath.  But if he had a diaper on, he had no interest in going and wouldn't tell me before he needed to go.  So I decided to experiment.  On Sunday, I decided to let him go around without any pants, diaper, or even underwear on.  I put a towel down on the couch for when he sat to watch TV and just made sure to ask him a lot if he needed to go potty.  We had success going #2 in the potty and then he asked for a diaper.  We did that for a few days, going pantless until he went, and then let him put a diaper back on.  I tried putting him in underwear, but I guess they felt like diapers to him because that's when he'd have a wet accident.  Just recently I started having him wear no pants whenever we are at home and now he's even going pee on the potty too!  I know we have a long road ahead of us but we are super excited about his progress so far.  

It just so happens that my mom was bringing over a new "air pup Rocky" the first time he went #2 in the potty.  We called it his "prize".  She then found all the air pups at the store and somehow they became "what he got" when he went.  We kept the prize for going pee much smaller ;)  The problem is, that he now has all the air pups and his collection is complete.   I'm hoping he will still be just as encouraged to keep using the potty.  Clearly, we set the bar too high on what the prizes would be!  

^^^The air pups are ridiculously expensive on Amazon right now... your best bet is to get lucky like my mom did and find them regularly priced at Toys R Us.  

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  1. Love your healthy snack for the party. So cute! Noah's Valentine's are adorable! I'm sure they were a hit with the kids. I try to organize and clean during preschool but little miss makes that difficult since she is a trasher and gets out what I just cleaned and put away. Ha ha! Yay for starting to potty train. We tried back in August and after 11 days I cried out of frustration and stress and called it quits. About 2 weeks ago Cam decided it was time. He's had agreed accidents but has done so amazing! I'm so proud. Keep it up Noah!

  2. Good luck with potty training!!! I am SUCH a sucker for handmade gifts from Cam; I know they've been working on something at school, so I'm sure we'll get it today! PS CHad always laughs at me because I stock up on toothpaste and laundry detergent, but we never run out!! :) Love some good organizing!

  3. aww im in the midst of potty training and ugh..its tough! hang in there lady! so glad i came across your blog in the linkup! hope you'll stop by mine! happy vday weekend friend!

  4. Love your healthy snack!!! I'm a sucker for making fruit into heart shapes, usually strawberries since they are easier, but the cantaloupe looks so cute all cut out like that!
    Also, I'm such a sucker for hand made stuff too! I need to get rid of some of the things Mason has brought home from school but I jus can't!

  5. That healthy snack is so cute and I think the card only policy may be a bit boring, but is genius too. Sometimes you get some cute stuff but you get more junk than anything lol. Look at you all organized. I need to do some of that too. Good luck with potty training!

  6. Good luck with the potty training, hopefully it's a smooth transition. Do they work on it at school too? And that is the cutest cheese ever!


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