The Adventure Starts Here: Five on Friday - Ikea Edition

Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday - Ikea Edition

Happy Friday!  This week, Noah and I headed out to Ikea with my mom.  I like to bring my mom with us whenever we go during the week... the extra help is always nice.  It's a 45 minute drive, using a shopping cart and a dolly is easier with two people (duh), and this way I don't have to lock up my purchases while getting my car.  Plus, I just really like her company :)  We didn't have too many things to get this time (at least compared to other visits), but I thought I would share some of the things we bought and some of my favorite things about Ikea.  


When we go to Ikea, we usually try to plan it around a meal.  I love their meatballs and this time Noah got their eggs and breakfast potatoes (we timed it that they were still serving some breakfast as well).  I just wish they had straws... Noah drinking chocolate milk out of a glass cup made me nervous!  We often get an ice cream cone while there too, but Noah asked for cookies instead this time.

I also love that they have miniature sinks that are the perfect height for little kids!  Noah was able to wash his hands all on his own!  I don't know about you, but it can be hard to hold your child up in a public restroom just so they can wash their hands!  


The main reason we went to Ikea was to get one of these Trofast systems.  While we didn't get this color combination, we did pick up two of these "towers" with a ton of shallow bins.  The yellow bins did tempt me (since it's Noah's favorite color), but I really didn't see how I'd work it into our current decor ;)  I plan to organize and house all of Noah's Lego Duplos in here.  Our current situation worked when he didn't have a ton of sets, but his collection has definitely grown.  Hopefully I will find some time to assemble it soon so I can share the finished product :)


While we were there I was also excited to look for some spring decor to put on our mantle.  I found these metal pots and fake grass and thought they would look great!  I love how it will work for Easter but could be kept up through the summer if I wanted to!  


We also picked up a few stools.  We already have two of the larger ones (second picture, but can't find online) that Noah uses when he helps me in the kitchen and in the downstairs bathroom so he can wash his hands (and now reach the toilet).  This trip I got two of the shorter stools for him to use in the upstairs bathrooms to help get on the toilet.  I also love that it just happens to match our green potty seat and the shower curtain!  I also picked up another tall stool for my dad since he loves the ones we already own.   I just love that they are the perfect height, they are slip proof, and light enough that Noah can move it around to wherever he needs it.  We joke that you'll be cooking and up pops Noah... have stool, will travel!  

^^^ I guess I should take the sticker off!


While these are the things we got this trip, I'm also obsessed with the Kallax bookcases (we have a bunch of them) and their frames.  Chris has told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore frames because we are basically running out of wall space.  But really, how can you beat the prices and they look great hung on a gallery wall!  But enough about what I love most about Ikea.  Noah's favorite part was the blue maps they had scattered throughout the store.  He was so excited when we'd find one and even wanted me to take a photo of it on my phone so that he could look at it the entire time.  I wonder if he expected it to be interactive and see the red dot moving with him!!!

Are you an Ikea fan?  Do you have one nearby?  What are your favorite things to get there???

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  1. Looks like you picked up some nice goodies! We have an IKEA about 20 minutes's dangerous! I try not to go there often, unless we really need something!!!

  2. We love Ikea. Okay, let me rephrase that. I love Ikea. Drew calls it the 7th circle of hell. Ha ha! You can't beat the prices and they have such great stuff. I was just there a few weekends ago. I love their child stools. Also their plates, bowls, and utensils for kids. I think we have 3 sets. The Trofast organizer is awesome. I almost bought that when I was there. You can't beat their frames. I bought a few big ones and some craft/art area stuff for the kids area.

  3. i love ikea. and yes, washing children hands in public is hard. i usually end up doing some one legged stand while i prop her up on my other knee.

  4. Ah, we were supposed to get an IKEA in Cleveland and then they backed out :( I'm not sure what happened. Love it though!

  5. I had no idea Ikea serves breakfast! I'll need to check that out! They have great food. I work about 5 minutes from one and I stop for lunch sometimes (and it can also dangerous be when I decide to shop!). I love those metal pots and grass!

  6. Love Ikea!!! We definitely need to go there and get some items for our house. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I love IKEA! I haven't been there in awhile though...I think I'm going to have to make a trip there soon! Mmmm meatballs!

  8. I am a huge Ikea fan! So many things from my home are from there! Bed sheets, light fixtures, picture frames, couches, vanity, the list is too long to type lol. My newest favourite find are the drawer dividers (Skubb) for controlling the madness. I bought some for my friend's baby shower to help organize her baby's dresser. And I love the artificial plants too! I just picked up 3 little ones for my living room!

  9. What a great, fun day with your mama. I could totally make another IKEA run myself :).

  10. I need to make an Ikea run soon! I need those shelves for Mason's legos and those pots and plants too! And I am sure I could find another couple hundred dollars worth of stuff there too!!

  11. I love Ikea, I am pretty sure if I go to my personal heaven it all be a wonderfully decorated house that is ALL Ikea. I just found you blog today! If you want to swing by I just had to start mine all over, but I am now following!


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