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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Day in the Life

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  I love reading other posts just like this, maybe it's because I'm naturally curious, or nosey!  Hopefully you enjoy reading these kinds of posts as well :)  You can see all of my "A Day in the Life" posts here.  

Today is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.  Chris is 38, I am 31, and Noah is 3 years old.  

6:50... I wake up when Noah wakes up.  Chris is already long gone... he leaves for work at 6 am.  Noah asks for his iPad, but before giving it to him, I ask him if he slept well.  He says yes, and then asks me the same thing, but it sounds way cuter when he says it ;)  We both slowly wake up... he watches some YouTube shows while I check my email and read a few blogs.  

7:35... I get Noah dressed, he chooses to wear his robot underwear and then finds his robot shirt from the closet.  We are still super new to potty training, so he's very excited to pick out his underwear each morning.  He does a little dance for me in his underwear, pretending to be a robot.   I then leave him to do some dinosaur stickers so I can get dressed, put my contacts in, and put on a little bit of makeup.  

8:05... We head downstairs for his vitamins and some breakfast.  This morning, Noah wants a banana "monkey", which is really just a Dannon smoothie.   He then talks me into letting him have some Nila wafers... I feel like he just had a slight variation of the banana pudding dessert for breakfast.  I guess we both love bananas because I had a bananas and cream greek yogurt.   

8:15... my dad comes over to work on a few things around the house.  At the moment he has figured out away to super clean my shower.  I'm a tad embarrassed to admit that I need help cleaning my shower, but I've been unable to get rid of some mold because it was trapped underneath the silicone caulking on the glass door/wall.  My dad to the rescue... he removed the silicone and did some deep cleaning with some foaming bleach cleaner.  He went straight upstairs to get to work while Noah and I played downstairs.  There were many times where my dad would be asking where something was at the same time Noah requested a drink or needed help going to the potty.  My dad joked that it was like I had two kids this morning ;)

9 am... Noah and I did a few puzzles before we had to leave for swimming.  Since we are still very early in our potty training process, I still change him into a diaper or pull up when we leave the house.  So I changed him into a diaper, packed up his swim bag and a few snacks, and we were out the door by 9:30.  

10 am... Noah had his swim class with Miss Mary.  He loves swim class and seems to enjoy it even more now that he's no longer in the mommy and me class.  Not sure if I should be offended, but honestly I enjoy it more too ;)  

10:45... After swim class, I get him dried and dressed and we are on our way to run some errands.  Usually we head straight home, but I had some errands that I needed to run. I had hoped to do them on Tuesday, but I decided to stay in because of the snow/ice on the roads.  While we were out my dad informed me that not only did he clean my shower, but he also installed the new drawer front to our butcher block island.  A few weeks ago it came off in my hand when I opened the drawer and we noticed that the wood had split.  We ordered a new drawer and since it just recently arrived, my dad decided to help by installing it.  

11:05... My mom met Noah and me to run a few errands.  We hit Walmart, Target, and Home Depot.  My list didn't seem that long, but it took us nearly 2 hours before we were completely done.  Noah picked out a few "pooping on the potty" prizes and we checked out all the new Easter stuff.  I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this giant Paw Patrol Marshall basket.  Noah said he wanted it but I firmly said no.  Instead, we got a less tacky cardboard basket with four of the pups on it instead.  I'm also kind of proud of myself for getting some wood cut at Home Depot for a project I'm working on.  Not sure why I'm proud... it's not like I cut the wood myself.  But part of me felt silly even asking for help, so I'm glad I followed through.  The guys were super nice and helpful too :)

1:30... On our way home from running errands, we stopped to have a quick (and late) lunch at Taco Bell.  I consider it to be one of my guilty pleasures :)

2:45...  When we got home, I unloaded the car while Noah played.  I changed him back into his underwear and I let him watch a show.  We then headed upstairs to take a shower and get changed into some comfy clothes.  Noah spent the rest of the afternoon going back and forth between coloring in his Paw Patrol coloring book to watching a few shows on TV.  His favorites today were Mickey Mouse Club, Sheriff Callie, Doc McStuffins, and Miles from Tomorrowland.  After a busy morning out, I figured he deserved some downtime.  And we definitely watch more TV in the winter when we can't go outside to play as much.   TV time also meant I got to sit and relax and even peruse the new JCrew catalog ;)

4:30... Noah requests a snack and chooses to have his new Ninja Turtle Gogurts we just got at the store today.  I was a little hesitant to get this kind for him since it came with cherry, a flavor he never had before, but he was pretty adamant that he wanted the Ninja Turtle box.  Thank goodness he likes the cherry flavor just as much as he likes the strawberry ones!

5:50... When Chris works late, Noah and I keep dinner really simple.   He wasn't really that hungry since we had a late lunch and an afternoon snack, so tonight he just had cheese, crackers, and an apple.  I heated up some leftover ziti for myself and we watched some DocMcStuffins :)  I then cleaned up the kitchen and folded some laundry.  We also made another run to the potty and I was glad when Noah didn't immediately ask what his prize was.  Maybe the need for pooping prizes will fade away on its own :)

6:45... Time for bed.  Now that Noah isn't napping, he goes to bed much earlier.  I especially prefer the earlier bedtime when Chris works late.  I get Noah his milk in his new and favorite Paw Patrol cup and a water for myself.  Then it's time for a night diaper, some spaceship pajamas, and teeth brushing.  I let him watch a few more YouTube clips on his iPad and he's fast asleep by 7 pm.  

7:05... I get the text from Chris that he is finally leaving work and he'll be home around 9.  These late nights are brutal on him.  While it's not the easiest doing everything for Noah on my own, it's not as bad now that Noah is 3 and talking... we definitely have a routine down.  But it may explain why I let him watch a little more TV than others might.   I spend the rest of the evening reading and drafting this blog post.  I'll probably watch some Pretty Little Liars before Chris gets home.  Super exciting night, huh?

Til next time :)


  1. It's amazing how fast the day goes and all the stuff crammed into it!

  2. Lily enjoys matching her dresses with her panties too. ha! I let out a chuckle about you being proud at the wood cutting. I totally get it girlfriend. ;) Oh and can your dad come clean our shower too? It's the one thing I just can't get super clean. We are actually considering renovating the shower because I just don't understand how to clean it.

  3. These posts always exhaust me. It is amazing how much we cram into our days right? Those suits are CUTE and I love that Noah takes swim lessons. Such a great and valuable skill for the little ones to have!

  4. I seriously love posts like this. Maybe I should write one myself! Although my days definitely aren't very exciting. Work, TV, sleep. lol!

  5. I still call my parents for help all the time! Love that your dad came to the rescue. Also, great that Noah goes to bed so early...even when W doesn't nap he wait to go to bed with his brothers at 8. That makes for a tired Momma!

  6. Whoa, a 2- hour commute home?! Poor guy. I wish Kinsey was an early to bed-er, but then Im she'd be an early riser and that appeals less to me haha. Well at this moment in time, come August and school and it'll be a whole other story ;) Cheese, crackers and fruit are the perfect combination.

  7. I can't believe Noah goes to sleep so early and wakes up so late! Mason usually goes to bed at 8pm (usually falls asleep pretty fast but sometimes no) and wakes up usually between 6-6:30am. He does usually nap though so maybe that's why he goes to bed later, but in reality, with both of us working and Seth and Mason getting home at almost 6 and then us having dinner and bath time and book reading time, I don't think he could get to bed much earlier.
    I love these posts. It sounds like you guys had a busy day!

  8. What a day!! You guys did so much! Cam forgets about his potty prizes most of the time which is fine by me. Poor Chris and his commute. Yuck!

  9. Your days are a lot like ours. Connor gets to watch his iPad or TV more when James is traveling because Momma needs a break. So no judgement here!

  10. Home at 9?! Eek that is rough. And I am loving the new early bed time now that Liam isn't napping either.

  11. I love these kinds of posts! I’ve never done one, but want to. Mason loves those Dannon drinks. He calls them Monkey drinks! And he loves those Gogurts too. He’s pretty much obsessed with yogurt. How are you liking PLL this season?


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