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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Toddler Crafts | Snowflakes and Mittens

Today I'm sharing two winter themed crafts I recently did with Noah.  Even though he creates a lot of artwork at school, he's still eager and excited to do art projects with me at home as well.  He's always asking for crayons and paper so he can draw me pictures.  He will draw something and then ask me what it looks like.  Usually, he tells me my guess is wrong, but he doesn't know what it is either!  I guess he's checking to see if he likes my answer ;)

For these two projects, I brought out the paint.  While we love using watercolors, I just recently restocked our supply of tempura paint.  I started out with the multi packs of 2 oz bottles.  Once I knew that we'd be painting for many months/years to come, I decided to upgrade and buy the set of 16 oz bottles.  I also prefer that I can squeeze the paint out of the bottles and be more precise with how much I give Noah for each project.  

The first craft I want to share with you is a tape resist snowflake painting.  I'm a huge fan of these types of projects because it lets you have some control with the end result while letting your child have free reign and control when painting.  When I was in Michaels the other day, I saw that they had a deal on blank canvases.  They had a package of seven 11x14s for $12.99.  I immediately grabbed it and started thinking of all the different projects we could make!  For this craft, I used washi tape to mark my snowflake.  I often use painter's tape, but this time I wanted thinner lines.  I then gave Noah dark blue, light blue, and white paint and told him to cover "all the white".  I found it was best to use the blue paints first and then use the white paint to add some variety and dimension to it at the end.  But in reality I just let Noah do what he wanted.  

^^^ so many people ask me about his smock... here's the link!

Once he was finished, we let it dry, and later that night I removed the tape.  He was so excited to see the finish product and we even hung it up in a soon to be (hopefully) completed gallery wall in his basement playroom.  I hope to have him create seasonal canvases so I can switch up the gallery wall every month or two :)

^^^ as you can tell, I totally freehanded the snowflake.  It clearly isn't symmetrical or perfect, but every snowflake is supposed to be unique, right!?!

Here's another super simple craft.  For this one I used some Crayola finger paint to make some Noah handprints.  My number one tip whenever doing anything involving hand or footprints is to have wipes on the ready to clean your child's hand or foot off.  I would recommend washing them in the sink as well, but at least the wipe will prevent them from getting your furniture or clothes dirty on the way to the sink.  After the paint was dry, I simple drew a mitten around each of the hands, cut them out, and then wrote his name and year on each of the mittens.  Super simple craft that I know I will look back fondly on and marvel at how small his hand was at 3!  

While we are on the topic of paint, I decided to do a little reorganization when we got the 16 oz bottles.  I got this cool stackable clear box (that I can carry to the table) at Target to hold his paint brushes, watercolor and finger paints, and smocks.  I then used this open basket (also from Target) to hold all his large tempura paint bottles.  Now whenever we are doing a project I just grab whatever colors we will be using and squirt the paint onto a paper plate.  I'm loving this new corner in my kitchen closet.  

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  1. Score on the set of canvases! Michaels is great with sending out coupons, which tends to get me into trouble ;) Such a cute idea to make/display/switch out seasonal pictures, cant wait to see what else Noah creates.

  2. not only are these crafts amazing, but i can't get over how i didnt know about the BIG bottles of paint! i MUCH prefer squeezing it out, and was getting so over the teeny tiny bottles!!

  3. I need some serious craft organization. It's taking over everywhere and all the things!! The big bottles are awesome, I have a ton of both...hence the need for organization.

  4. Love that the snowflake is on a canvas!!

  5. Cute! I always want to try the tape canvases with Mila, but she is very sparse with her painting. I don't think she'd ever paint the entire thing, no matter how much urging I do. I love the idea of doing a snowflake. And the gloves are adorable too!

  6. Aaaahhhh such sweet memories. I made one of those snowflakes with my almost 8 year old YEARS ago. I really need to get it out. I had forgotten all about it!

  7. LOVE the snowflake idea!!! I wonder if I could try that for other holidays too. MAYBE Mason would humor me and do an art project?? Today I tried and he said NO NO! So I did it myself LOL

  8. Both projects are so cute!! I love doing crags where you pull the tape off. Not sure who has more fun me or cam. :)

  9. Big time score on the canvases!! I wish Mason had more of an attention span for crafts. He's done after about 2 minutes. These came out great. And Noah is the cutest little painter.


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