The Adventure Starts Here: TGI Friday! | Announcing "The Kids Behind The Blog" Link-up

Friday, January 22, 2016

TGI Friday! | Announcing "The Kids Behind The Blog" Link-up

Happy Friday!  This week flew by after having Chris home on Monday.  Noah had a slight cough and runny nose, but nothing out of the ordinary for the season.  While I enjoy living in an area with all the seasons, I definitely wouldn't mind skipping all the germs and colds that accompany the winter season!  They are calling for snow on the east coast starting this afternoon, and as usual, the range of expected inches is huge!  So I guess we will wake up tomorrow morning to find out whether we can continue on with our weekend plans or if we will be spending it stuck at home :)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever your weather forecast is!  


First off, I'm so excited to announce a new link up I'm hosting with some of my blogging friends, Crystal, Beth, Jessica, and Stephanie.  If you are a loyal reader, you already know that I love Betsy's "The Guys Behind the Blog" have linked up with the series for quite a few months.  We loved the idea of interviewing our husbands and want to apply the same principle, but interview our kids each month instead.  We think it will be a great way to document their life as well as share some pretty funny responses... kids really do say the darnedest things (as you can see from my Noah-isms posts)!  We hope that you will join us, grab the button below, and link up with us each month!   Not a blogger, no worries because you can always follow along and participate on social media using the hashtag #thekidsbehindtheblog !

Our first linkup will go live on February 10th, with our kid(s) answering the following questions:

1. Where is your favorite place to go?
2. Who is your best friend?
3. If you could be a superhero what would your superpower be?
4. What is your favorite candy?
5. Who is your valentine?

That's when we will also share the questions for March's "the Kids Behind the Blog".  And in case you like to plan (like I do), we will be linking up on the second Wednesday of each month...

February 10 | March 9 | April 13 | May 11 | June 8 | July 13 
August 10 | September 14 | October 12 | November 9 | December 14

I can't wait to read the cute and funny responses our kids come up with!


I'm sure you aren't surprised when I tell you that I have accumulated a lot of artwork courtesy of Noah.  With all of our art projects at home and now that Noah is in school, there's a lot of it!  While I don't keep every single drawing or scribble, I do like the keep the more involved projects.  And even then I don't want to have a huge pile of construction paper creations.  So I've decided going forward I want to photograph his creations and make an album on Shutterfly.  But until I find the time to photograph all of his old artwork, I plan to store them in this art box.  It will definitely be a project, but one that I'm pretty excited about!


With all the purging and organizing I've been doing, I'm so happy to finally get my gift/wrapping closet in order.  It got way out of hand with Christmas and Noah's birthday and there were many things being thrown in there that didn't belong.  Now that I'm getting my own office, I want this closet to be strictly for all things gift wrap as well as different gifts we buy ahead of time for those "just in case" occasions.  But I quickly realized that we may have bought too many Christmas rolls during the after Christmas sales!  While I keep all my other paper on the door, I need to find a solution to corral all the Christmas paper until I need it in December.  I liked this Ikea paper bag dispenser, but I can no longer find it on their website.  Has anyone seen it recently or know of another affordable method that would work just as well? 


Chris is the one who normally gives Noah his bath.  On nights where Chris works late, I usually just have Noah join me in the shower the next day.  But this week, I had already showered in the morning and Noah needed a bath after his hair cut.  Am I the only one who likes to bathe their kid following a haircut to get all the extra hair off?  Anyway, I decided it would be a perfect way to spend an afternoon at home and Noah thought it was pretty cool to have it with me instead of daddy too!  He was in there for at least half an hour, playing with his Paw Patrol squirt toys.   The feedback I got on social media suggested that many little kids would love to have these squirt toys.  While I linked to them on Amazon, we got ours from Target and you can also find them at Toys R Us. 

^^^I even talked him into adding some bubbles to his bath... he's usually very against this!  


Yesterday, I took a break from cleaning and organizing the house and instead went to get a pedicure after dropping Noah off at school.  And let me tell you, it was pretty great!  While I don't really care about having painted toes this time of year (I'm always wearing socks and closed toe shoes), I really needed them to work on my feet.  They get so dry and cracked this time of year that it was definitely some time well spent!  I have recently upgraded to getting the spa pedicures and just going less frequently.  Whatever they do makes my feet so soft and the extra massage time is wonderful as well :)

I'm linking up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm for "Oh Hey Friday"!

I'm also linking up with A. Liz Adventures for "Five on Friday".


  1. So excited about the new link-up! It's gonna be so fun! Yay for getting a pedicure. You always need to do a little something for yourself! The organization you did is amazing!!

  2. Love the new link up! Asking Liam random questions is so fun! And I need a pedicure so bad... I'm hoping to escape this weekend for one!

  3. What is your door storage?? I NEED that! My closet is such a mess and that would help tremendously! Did you have to screw it into the door or does it just hang?

  4. Seriously this link up makes me wish I had a toddler running around (i am so guilty of trying to rush time) Can;t wait to hear your little ones' answers! For my wrapping paper, I use a simple metal mesh wastebasket to corral all the rolls. It does the trick for me!

  5. Hope you weren't stuck at home all weekend! So excited to be co-hosting this series with you!


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