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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Noah in January | The Picture Perfect Project

One of my goals for 2016, was to take a photo of Noah each month.  While I take lots of iPhone photos, I wanted to take the time to use my DSLR and get at least one photo of him each month that shows his personality, his interests, and reflects the current season.  I hope that at the end of the year I will have an amazing collection of photos that represents our year.   So when I saw Stephanie post about The Picture Perfect Project I knew I wanted to participate! While this project is all about the pictures, I also want take the opportunity to share all about Noah and what he's currently into.  Kind of like a monthly update :)

For January, I knew it would be one of the harder months to photograph Noah.  I definitely prefer photographing in natural light, and right now that is not that easy.  The days are short and recently we've been having some pretty dreary weather.  We haven't had snow yet, just some super cold weather.  As a result, we don't play as much outside as we used to.  These pictures are just from going out to get the mail!  I'm hoping that once it snows there will be something to do outside and help make my photos a little more interesting and beautiful.  But I guess since this project of mine is to show what each month is like, it truly reflects how dreary January can be ;)  I also love that Noah brought his monster truck to get the mail... really shows his interests at the moment!

And here's a little bit about Noah right now...

I find that Noah, while technically a late talker, is really communicating so well right now.  His vocabulary is getting bigger every day, and he's constantly asking questions.  He's even started experimenting with sentence structure.  He's gone from saying "what that be?" to "what's that called?".  The other day when I said "here I am", he first repeated "here am I" and the "here me are".  And when we play hide and seek, he says "ready or not, here-a me come!".  I will honestly miss this when he starts to speak "correctly".

As with most kids, as Noah was learning his animals and different objects, he would identify them by their sound.  While he now calls a cow a cow instead of saying moo, he still calls a train a choo choo.  While it seems "babyish", it's so stinking cute!

He's narrating everything we do.  He loves to direct us and really is such a bossy pants.  He'll say "Noah lay my spot, Mama lay her spot" when it's time for bed.   When I tell him it's time to do something, he tells me "not yet".  When I say that it is, he always says "in two minutes".  He's also going through a little rebellious phase where I can tell that he's purposefully doing things he knows he's not supposed to.  To the point that he will smile after he does it or even show us what he's done just to get a reaction.  When I tell him that he can't do something he says "I know mama".  And after he's threatened with time out and then I go to follow through,  he will whine "I listen now!".

He's also very observant, which he totally gets from his dad!  Not only will he notice things that I'm not even aware of, but he also has an amazing memory.  One day, Chris complained that he got wet from the sprinklers when going out to the car.  So when my dad came over to take away the sprinklers at the end of November, Noah was very curious as to what he was doing.  I told him, and Noah's first response was "Oh good, daddy won't get wet anymore.  His shirt won't get wet!".  I also started laughing when we were putting stickers on all the holidays in his calendar.  We got to Cinco de Mayo and I said that we should have tacos then.  Noah seriously responded, "No, we should have pizza.".  I sometimes underestimate what this kids understands and remembers!

I also love how he comes up with his own words.  I guess he figured that since most rooms have "room" at the end of it (like living room & dining room), he decided that the kitchen should be the "kitchen room" and I think he's on to something! Another favorite of mine is that after going to many pumpkin patches last fall, when we were reading the Little Blue Truck Christmas book, he decided that the tree farm should be called a "tree patch".  And honestly, it makes a lot of sense.  And since we watch lots of Paw Patrol, he thought it was pretty fun to put a twist on the "Chase is on the case" when we went to the Chase bank, and kept saying "Chase is in the bank".

While his new found speech is probably the biggest change in Noah, I also want to remember some of his favorite things right now.  He loves listening to Christmas music (even though Christmas is over) and his favorites are Jingle Bells and the Hippo song.  He also loves to perform songs for us on his guitar.  Almost always the ABC song or Old MacDonald.  I love that when he sings the ABCs, he gets to S and I guess he thinks it sounds like X and gets confused, so he skips over TUVWX, and goes right to Y & Z.

He also goes through eating phases, where one day he's such a good eater and eats nonstop.  He asks to eat all throughout the day and will eat peppers, carrots, apples, clementines, smoothies, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and a ton of other good stuff.  And then there are other days where he'll barely touch his meals and request to eat fruit snacks or candy all day.  Very recently I've been able to get him to eat more pasta by giving him plain cavatappi... he calls it the swirly pasta and loves it!  He's also become obsessed with chocolate milk.  And while I personally love it too, I really can't justify giving it to him as much as he'd like!


  1. ahhh, not yet!! Palmer says that ALL THE TIME! lol. its funny how kids pick things up or say things so matter of factly. I love hearing them talk!!

  2. I grew up in Iowa (and later spent a few years post-college in Kansas City), and winter had one color. Gray The sky was gray. The ground was gray. Everything was gray. Totally feel you on how dreary January can be.
    Woohoo for Noah and his growing vocabulary!!

  3. Kitchen room. Oh my goodness that is too adorable, love it!

    Thanks for joining the fun and linking up!

  4. I can tell its cold just by looking at your photo, yikes! The weather lately has been so uncharacteristic! California is having an "El Nino" year which apparently means more rain, Im not complaining, we need it! But staying indoors because of the cold can be challenging.

  5. I need to get my camera out and do the same thing. What a great idea! Isn't it crazy how vocabulary changes? I'm amazed at H even at 2 years!

  6. Cold and dreary sounds like the right kind of picture for January! And, kitchen room haha that is super cute. I love the things kids say. Aria says any problem instead of no problem.

  7. Wow you have green grass in January! I find it fascinating how children learn language. It's sometimes both hilarious and revealing to hear yourself repeated back through a child's voice.


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