The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy Style | Volume 5

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mommy Style | Volume 5

This week's Mommy Style is all about comfort, but then again, when is it not !?!  Now that winter is here, there are many days where I'm just bringing Noah to school or swim, and then we are either hanging around the house or having play dates with friends.  As a result, I'm choosing lots of jeans and t-shirts combinations so I am comfortable and not overdressed.   

On this particular Thursday, I was dropped Noah off at school and then came back home to sort, purge, and organize.  I knew I wanted to be comfortable, so I chose leggings, a black t-shirt, and threw a warm gray cardigan on top.  I added a simple necklace and my new brown riding boots to make the outfit look more complete.  It's kind of funny, because while I still felt dressed down because of the leggings, I got a few compliments on my outfit and was asked where I was off to after drop off.  Just goes to show you what some boots and a necklace can do to an outfit!  I definitely would not have received the same responses if I wore my Ugg boots ;)

sweater (similar) | leggings | necklaceboots

Friday, I spent the morning cleaning and then we met a friend for lunch and a play date.  I love this new striped shirt because the stripes on the torso are slightly different than the ones on the sleeves.  Any slight variation in my go to striped shirt is good in my book :)

shirtjeans | necklace (old, similar)

We had some friends over for a super relaxed Sunday brunch.  The kids played while we ate and chatted.  I wanted to be comfortable and have plenty of room to eat lots and lots of carbs.  This super soft tunic was the perfect choice.  And once again, a necklace really completes the outfit.  Have you noticed I wear a lot of jeans, t-shirts, and necklaces?

jeans | tunic (other color) | necklace (old Loft)

On Monday, Noah and I finally spent the day outside of the house.  I took Noah to the dentist and then we met my mom for a little shopping.  I went with this slightly dressier (because of the camisole peaking out from the bottom) top and added this brown plaid scarf for warmth (it was pretty cold out).  

shirt | scarf (from Stitch Fix) | jeans  | boots

scarf (from Stitch Fix)

I'm hesitant to even share yet another t-shirt and jeans look, but this is real life and what I wear all the time!  I figure lots of you can relate :)  On Wednesday, Noah had swim school in the morning.  While it's freezing outside, the pool area is so hot, so I have to remember to wear light layers so I don't overheat in there!  

shirt (old Loft) | jeans necklace (old, similar)

You've already seen this outfit in my weekend recap, but here's the version Noah didn't photobomb ;)  I loved the cream top from above so much that I recently picked it up in teal as well.  I added a statement necklace this time instead of the scarf and of course had to wear a heavy winter coat... these freezing temps are no joke!   Which is why I've started wearing socks with my ankle booties.  Warmth has won out over style ;)

shirt | jeans  | boots | necklace | coat (Jcrew many years ago)

And finally, another t-shirt and jeans look for a Monday spent at home.  I wanted to share this top with you because it's different than other shirts I own in that it's a "cocoon" style tunic.  I love how flowy and soft it is, and you can't beat the prices at Old Navy!

shirtjeans necklace 

Do you tend to have a style formula/uniform that you wear over and over?


  1. Very cute outfits! How do you like your Loft jeans? I've been in search of new skinnies and it never even occurred to me to look at Loft (where I shop all the time!). Do their jeans run true to size?

  2. Love them all! And it's amazing how much a necklace can spruce up an outfit!

  3. All of them look put together and added bonus that you're comfy! :)

  4. Love that plaid scarf and every single gray item you own. the sweater, the coat, the shirt. I just LOVE gray

  5. Love all of the outfits! I need to be better about actually dressing cute instead of just sweats, etc around the house. You inspire me girl!! Ha ha, motivation! :) And I think I need to get some long necklaces. I love yours!

  6. im proud of you for putting on real pants every day. so come style me now?

  7. Jeans and tees are the greatest combo ever! I just ordered a few pieces you linked to from ON because they were having a ridiculously good sale! They come next week, I cant wait.

  8. I love all of your necklaces! They add such a nice touch of fancy to all your outfits :)

  9. I love the idea of these posts and I swear you always look so cute! If I did this, I'd have one week to post and then the rest you'd just see the same outfit over and over. Oops.
    What is a cocoon style tunic? I saw on ebates that Old Navy is having 18% cash back today so I'm off to get myself a few things and am thinking about picking that up!


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