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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  We spent the week recovering from the blizzard and getting back to our normal routine.  I've been wearing my snow boots all week, not to play in the snow, but simply because so many of the parking lots are covered in slush!  This weekend we have a few fun things planned but also hope to relax a bit too.  Today I wanted to share a few things that we are loving at the moment!  From snow days, to favorite toys, and some new items we've picked up!  


Noah is a huge fan of doing puzzles.  Not only does he love them, but he's actually remarkably good at them too.  I am pretty good at puzzles too and loved doing them as a child (and still do now... I just wish I had more time and a clear table to do them).  Many mornings, when I ask Noah what he wants to do, he says he wants to do ALL his puzzles... and we have a lot of them.  It used to be that he'd want/need me to help him a little, but now he's gotten so good at them that he can basically do a whole 48 piece puzzle all on his own!  I'm hoping that when he's a little older we can do those massive thousand piece puzzles together :)


I love that stores now carry bathing suits almost year round.  Noah has swim school from September-June and then we have the neighborhood pool for the summer.  But this winter, we are also escaping the cold and taking a tropical vacation... to Turks & Caicos!  I'm beyond and excited and had a lot of fun ordering Noah a few new swim suits.  While I got a few on sale, I did order him this one (thanks Grandma!) from Hanna Andersson.  I gave Noah a few choices and he chose the pirate ship trunks :)  I also got him another swim hat.  This is the third year we've bought him one and I love that they come out with a different color every year.  His hat from last year still fits, but this way there's a greater chance one will match his swim suit.  I love this hat because it's totally waterproof (same material as a rash guard) and covers every bit of his ears and neck from the sun.  Best part is, since Noah loves hats, he has no issue keeping it on!  If you do plan to get one, I'd order it now... they usually sell out fast online!


Noah had his first "snow day" this week.  Noah's preschool follows the public school for closings and since our town is still recovering from the 30 inches of snow, school was closed Monday and Tuesday.  We took advantage of our morning off and baked some muffins and went out to lunch and ice cream with Grandma!  My mom then watched Noah so I could get my hair colored and cut :)  I have to say, I'm a fan of snow days!

^^^ Noah found the box of paper bag animal puppets and asked to make the cow.  It was so cute watching him "moo"!


Noah is a huge fan of Paw Patrol.  I think it's safe to say we watch the show every day and have almost every toy they have come out with.  Today they have a new episode airing debuting a Paw Patrol Plane!  Noah is very excited for it!  And I have to say that this franchise is very smart... they keep coming out with new gadgets, vehicles, and even new characters in the show, which then creates even more merchandise to sell.  And leave it to Chris to find the plane for sale on Target and order it before it sells out.  You can also find it on Amazon and Toys R Us, but when we looked, Target was the cheapest.  I also laugh, cause one day Chris will say we need to cool it on the toys for Noah, and the next day he's sending me a link with the newest and coolest toy saying we have to get it for him.  I love that he gets so excited for these things!  


I just picked up this new eye shadow palette and I'm in love!  I have worn and loved Bare Minerals for a while now and I'm loving this combination of neutral eye shadows.  Depending on what I'm wearing, I'll go with either the gray (on the left) or brown (on the right) shades and I like them both equally as much :)

eye shadow palette

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. 48 pieces, I'm impressed! Liam loves the too. He does 36 pieces... I haven't tried anything higher yet.

  2. Cash loves puzzles, too! I'm so happy about that!

    And can I sneak away in your suitcase please??

  3. dang! puzzle fiends!! i loooove puzzles, but no one (except my mother in law) seems to have the same love for them i do!

  4. Cam loves puzzles but we haven't attempted 48 piece yet. Wow!! Go Noah! Love the suit he picked out. He's gonna look handsome at the beach.

  5. Way to go Noah! That's impressive that he can do those puzzles by himself!! That swimsuit is adorable. And I am jealous of your trip you have coming up! So exciting. I can't believe you guys got 30 inches of snow. Wow!

  6. That eye shadow looks perfect, I love every single color to which so rarely happens.

    Snow days are just the best. I was hoping that we could take one too (even though we home school) but I don't think we are going to get enough snow to need one :(.


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