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Friday, January 8, 2016


It feels like I haven't done my traditional Five on Friday post in forever.  It probably feels that way because it's true!  I didn't do one all of December since I was recapping the year and celebrating Christmas and New Years!  But with the new year, I'm back to share some super random thoughts... I'm sure you are just as excited as I am!


I truly believe that Christmas is for the kids.  I spent a lot of time coming up with gifts that I thought Noah would absolutely love.  And I'm happy to report that he is obsessed with many of the gifts Chris and I got him as well as some gifts that his grandparents gave him.  

When his teachers ask what his favorite gifts were, he switches between saying magnatiles, the scooter, his guitar, and the mini trampoline.  While those were his larger gifts, he also loves playing with any of the toys that "transform", like some mini transformer figures and a V-tech dinosaur to digger toy.  And while he never mentions them as favorite gifts, it's safe to say that he loves his new board games (Daniel Tiger, Candyland, and Sequence) since he asks to play them multiple times a day!

While not something he technically opened on Christmas, he also got a subscription to the Highlights magazine.  He just got upgraded to the next age level too and they now have so much for him to do in each month's magazine!


While Christmas really is more about the kids, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy a gift or two as well ;)  This year, I was given some pretty great things.  Some I specifically asked for while some were surprises.  

Starting with the things I asked for... my parents gave me this cross body bag (that I've shared in my most recent Mommy Style post) and I'm wearing it anytime I don't need a full diaper bag with me.  I had been looking for some simple gold studs to wear on an everyday basis, so I was so glad Chris got them for me.  He did however surprise me with this beautiful teal wristlet (other colors still available).  I don't really use a real wallet on a daily basis, so this is perfect for carrying my ID, credit card, health card, some cash, and chapstick and lip gloss.  

I also gifted myself these beautiful boots and to say I'm in love is an understatement.  They are so comfortable (I love the wide calf option) and I like having an option other than black boots!  Other than that, I was really glad when Chris' parents gave us a few restaurant gift cards.  The gift of a nice date out is a wonderful thing!


And after all these new gifts entered the house, I immediately got the urge to purge!  On New Year's Day, we decided it was time to clean out the garage.  With the cold weather coming fast and furious, I want to be able to park in the garage instead of the driveway.   I also plan to spend the time Noah is in school purging and organizing the entire house.  I have it all mapped out on my calendar and I should be totally done by the end of February :)  I already have some bags filled to donate and have a pickup from Big Brothers and Sisters scheduled for the end of the month.  


Part of my desire to organize has spilled over to my photos and digital files.  I take a lot of photos, as I'm sure many of you can relate to.  I do rapid fire shooting on my phone and my DSLR in hopes to capture a few good shots of Noah actually looking.  As a result, I have a ton of photos that aren't winners but are still loaded onto my computer.  I have a Mac, and used to love the user friendliness of iPhoto.  But with the most recent update, iPhoto has been replaced by Photos, and some of my favorite features are gone.  One of which was how I separated the good from the bad photos and did batch deleting.  Since this change in the summer, I found I had a ton of not so great photos taking up space on my computer.  So I decided to go through everything, save everything onto my external hard drive, and only keep the good and recent photos on my laptop.  I also plan to get a Drop Box account for extra backup.  I'd love to hear how all of you manage photo storage!


While Christmas is my favorite holiday and I absolutely love decorating the house for the season, I am just as happy when January comes and it's time to take everything down and get everything clean again.  Something about January that makes me want to have clear surfaces again.  This year, I decided that I would go through all the boxes and holiday decor as I took it down.  I only wanted to keep things that I actually use and love.  So before it went back in the closet, I did some major purging.  I went through my other holiday bins as well to do the same thing.  It felt great!

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  1. Christmas is definitely all about the kids and I love it! I was so happy on Christmas morning to see them open their gifts and love them. Looks like Noah's Christmas was a huge success and it's always great when they like the gifts they received and play with them. :) I was ready to start purging too once the holiday was over.

  2. I think everyone loves purging after the holidays. I know I do! It's such a busy time of year that I think it's therapeutic to get things back in order afterward.

  3. LOVE your new purse and boots!! I bought some brown boots from target a month or so ago and wear them SO often!
    I think I need to get Mason some transformers. We were at a doctor appt the other day and he had some transformers and I literally didn't know what to do with them. #boymomshame
    I need to do something about photo storage on my computer... while it hasn't told me yet that I need more room... I'm sure it's coming.

  4. the highlights magazine is the BEST (or the worst depending on how often we have to read them). which one does noah get now? we get the "high five" and read them 100000 times each ;)

  5. Noah definitely got some fun gifts this year! Those Magnatiles seems so awesome. And I've just added those KS earrings to my wishlist. Those are perfect and so pretty. Highlights were my favorite thing growing up! To be in the school district we wanted we used my Grandma's address. And back then you only had to have 1 piece of mail (could be anything) to prove your residency. Well, we got the Highlight magazines at my Grandparent's house. I loved them!! And I love that you have a purging plan in place! Wanna come do my house? ha! I really need to get on the ball.

  6. We received a subscription to highlights and Liam is obsessed. I love sitting down with him to do it. And yeah "photos" sucks. I got photoshop elements for Christmas so I'm excited to start using it!


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