The Adventure Starts Here: A Super Snow Filled Weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2016

A Super Snow Filled Weekend!

This weekend, the east coast was hit with the biggest blizzard we've had in a long time!  The forecasted ranges seemed to be all over the place, and honestly I thought it was a lot of hype and didn't expect to get that much.  Boy was I wrong!  We went to bed Friday night, Noah in his snow plow pajamas, hoping to wake up to snow.  We woke up Saturday morning, and we definitely got some snow!  It snowed ALL DAY Saturday and according to the official measurements, we got almost 27 inches.  

All of our plans were obviously cancelled.  We spent the day at home, with Chris going out three separate times to clear off our driveway and car.  He figured it would be easier to go out multiple times than to shovel over 2 feet of snow at the end of it.  I'm just glad we cleaned out the garage so that at least one car was safe and clean!  While Chris took care of the snow, I spent the day inside with Noah.  We played, we baked, and I even organized our pantry!  

It was still snowing when we went to sleep Saturday night, but thankfully it had stopped by the time we woke up.  We had purposefully decided against taking Noah out in the snow on Saturday.  It was super cloudy, cold, and windy.  And I don't know about you, but I don't particularly like playing in the snow when it's flying into my face nonstop!  I'm so glad we did this, because it was absolutely gorgeous to play in on Sunday.  It was sunny and not as cold as it could be, considering the amount of snow.  We went out for about an hour in the morning and then back out in the afternoon.  The snow either wasn't good for making snowballs or snowmen, or we just stink at it.  Good new is Noah had fun just walking around and digging holes.  We tried to get him to go sledding down the miniature hill in our backyard, but wasn't really interested in it.  I did talk him into going down one time with me, and while he said "that was fun" at the end, he didn't want to go again.  

^^^ I made a little chair for me to sit on while the boys played :)

^^^ the boys only club, no girls allowed!  

^^^ we came inside to warm up.  Chris and I enjoyed some hot chocolate (mine in my new I heart Mom mug) while Noah had some chocolate milk (he thinks everything is TOO HOT!).  

After warming up all our snow gear in the dryer, we were right back out in the snow.  This time, I was brave and brought out my good camera (Nikon D5500).  I also had to switch coats since I was having trouble zipping up my black one right as we were walking out the door!  

^^^ playfully throwing snow at me, and trying to avoid hitting the camera!

^^^ Noah said some snow got in his coat, so Chris was checking it out :)

^^^ Noah asked Chris to dig him a hole, and kept saying it needed to be "bigger"

While I'm not sure how we are going to get back to our normal lives with this much snow, it really was fun to be completely snowed in this weekend.  I loved reliving my childhood and actually play in the snow with Noah.  And in case the photos weren't enough, here's a video of us out in the snow as well!  And, here's a video that's going viral of some guys snowboarding through the streets of NYC... it's pretty amazing!

Did you get any snow this weekend?  


  1. Wow! I don't blame you for waiting a day to go out. I agree that snow flying in my face is no fun. When we went out on Friday I was getting tons of ice in the face. Yuck! We had was more fun when we went out Saturday it was much better. We didn't get even close to what you got, but school is closed again here. Ha ha! We went out to dinner and to Target and no one was out. It was awesome. We were quite the rebels, but being from the north we knew what to do. :)

  2. I honestly just can't even phathom that much snow!!! It's absolutely insane to me!!! I also think you should do a pantry post! I love taking a peek at the foods people buy. Ha! Call me a creeper but you can get awesome inspiration that way!

  3. So many great photos! We got 30 inches and it became a new record snowfall for us. What a crazy weekend!

  4. That is so crazy and so much fun. I remember getting that much snow one time.... and I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time. So it was a little nerve wracking. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the snow as a family. You got some great photos too!

  5. I love that picture of Noah in the snow! It's as tall as he is! I also prefer to shovel more frequently because it's easier than just doing it at the end. Looks like you guys had a great time enjoying it1

  6. Oh I'm glad you braved bringing your DSLR outside. The pictures are beautiful.

  7. I'm happy to report that the Mississippi beaches are snow free. The only a note stuff down here is the sand :)


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