The Adventure Starts Here: Visits with Santa | Noah and his Cousins!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Visits with Santa | Noah and his Cousins!

This weekend, we drove up to Rhode Island to visit Noah's cousins (and my brother and sister-in-law).  They will be spending Christmas in Florida with their other grandparents and cousins, so we decided to go up with my parents to do a little early Christmas celebrating.  While I will be recapping some more Christmas fun tomorrow, today I wanted to share all about our visit with Santa!  

We decided to go to the Santa at the Providence Mall, and since we are used to extremely long lines here in NJ, we made a reservation online (love that they have that feature).  But apparently it was totally unnecessary, since we got there at 10 am on Saturday and there was absolutely NO ONE in line!  If we did that at our local mall, there would have been at least an hour line! This Santa was amazing!  He looked super authentic and was so nice to the kids.  He talked to each of the kids and found a little Olaf and Sven for the 3 year olds to hold when he saw they were a little apprehensive about the whole photo with Santa thing.  First, he asked Kaitlyn (8) what she wanted, and she said "Anything"... so Santa told her that was great, he had a can of spinach he's been trying to get rid of for 15 years lol!  Then he asked Matthew (5), what he wanted, and he said "Everything".  So we've got siblings who want anything and everything :)

After we got a good cousins photo, we got a siblings shot of my niece and nephews.  We asked Noah if he wanted to take one with Santa by himself, and while he said yes, he chickened out last minute and wanted me and Chris to join him.  I've learned to always look a little presentable whenever we go see Santa for this exact reason :)  While we got the big package with the digital download for the cousins photo, we just bought the individual 5x7 print of our family photo... hence why the quality is not as good.  

We were all done with Santa by 10:20.  We originally thought this would take much longer and had planned to go to Dave & Busters (also in the mall) for some lunch and games.  But since it didn't open until 11:30, we now had quite some time to kill.  We stopped by the Lego Store for a bit, and then Grandma offered to get each of the kids a Build A Bear.  What an expensive way to spend an hour!  Noah picked out the Chase (Paw Patrol) stuffed dog and even added the sound button so he says a few of Chase's common phrases... like "Chase is on the case!".  We also found out they will be getting Marshall in January or February!  

From there, it was finally time to go to Dave & Busters.  In case you don't have one near you, Dave & Busters is basically a Chuck E Cheese for big kids and adults.  It's a restaurant and bar with an arcade.  We made sure the kids first ate before letting them loose, since we knew they'd never come back to the table willingly once there were games involved.  We all had so much fun playing the video games and some of the old school favorites, like air hockey and skeeball!  

What started as a trip to see Santa turned into a really fun day at the mall!

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  1. They did so great and you got two great pictures with Santa. Build A Bear is an expensive way to spend an hour, but I bet it was a ton of fun. Cam made one last year and loves it. We haven't gotten into Paw Patrol yet, but I've been told it's great.

  2. I love your family Santa shot! And lex is itching to head to build a bear to build a reindeer... Building an animal is way more fun than buying one ;)

  3. They are all so adorable in their matching sweaters! I love it !!

  4. I love how giant that chair is for Santa. It allows all the cousins to get a great group shot! And those matching sweaters are perfection!

  5. I'm so glad you guys go to get a cousin Santa picture too! They look SO adorable in their matching sweaters!! Eeekk! When the kids get too big for pajamas, I'm going to suggest matching sweaters/shirts!

  6. The matching outfits!!! I just can't take it! Too cute!! And yes! Very generous outing to Build a Bear. I have yet to take Lily. I know she would be obsessed after the first visit!!


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