The Adventure Starts Here: Santa Train 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa Train 2015

Another year, another ride on the Santa Train!  This has become one Noah's (and my) favorite holiday traditions!  Noah is pretty obsessed with trains, so it's an obvious Christmas Countdown activity for us to do.  While I know many of our friends choose to drive further to go on the Polar Express train, we stick closer to home for the "simple" Santa Train.  It's a 45 minute round trip ride where the kids get a visit from Santa and are given a little stuffed animal gift to take home.  The first year we did it, we just got the regular tickets which are for the regular train cars.  The old commuter train didn't feel very special, so this year and last year, we bought our tickets super early to make sure we could be in the Club Car.  

Last year, we went on the 4pm train ride because of Noah's nap schedule.  It was cold, rainy, and I was battling a really bad cold.  While Noah enjoyed himself and the club car was cool, it wasn't my favorite experience.  This year we lucked out!  The weather was beautiful (we didn't even need coats!), I was feeling great, and we  were able to go on the 1pm train ride.  By going during the daytime, Noah could actually see out the window during the train ride, and it made it easier for me to take photos... which is key in our family ;)

We can sometimes be pretty sentimental.  There are a few photos that we like to recreate each year and watch how Noah grows!  Recreating this photo every year is a must for Chris (and me)!




Before we left the station, we made sure to get a few posed photos.   A super kind woman at the next table offered to take a family photo for us.  It was super convenient that she had the same camera as me too! 

While Noah enjoyed looking out the window, he much preferred playing a game Chris came up with involving a stocking that was hanging from the train wall.  Leave it to Chris to come up with a simple yet super fun game to keep Noah entertained!  Chris started by hiding the train tickets in the stocking for Noah to find.  Then Noah wanted a turn hiding something for Chris.  Then it turned into hiding every random item from my diaper bag... fruit snacks, water bottles, Chris' sunglasses, and our keys.  It provided an endless amount of entertainment!

While not included in the train price, we make sure to buy Noah a Christmas cookie every year on the train.  This year he even paid himself ;)

And then Chris and Noah had to "fight over" who's cookie it really was!  Don't worry... Noah won ;)

As I mentioned above, each kid is given a little stuffed animal friend to take home.  In 2013 it was a snowman, last year it was a penguin, and this year it was a mouse that had a Santa hat and a Rudolph nose :)

In between eating cookies and playing with his new mouse, we were back to our favorite stocking game... until Santa came in!  I love Noah's face when he saw Santa was finally here!  Everyone took turns going up to Santa, sitting on his lap (if you wanted to), telling him what you wanted for Christmas, and getting a photo.  Noah was nervous at first, but after giving him a high five he was okay with taking a photo with him and even told him what he wanted (a baby Mickey, a Mickey fire truck, and a T-Rex).  

While he still looks hesitant in the photos, it's a huge improvement from past years.  In 2013, he cried if we even suggested a photo with Santa.  Last year, he would do it, but only if we were in the photo as well :)  You can still see that he's much more comfortable and happy around Santa if he's with one of us.  

And if you want a walk down memory lane, here are my posts from Santa Train 2014 and 2013!

Do you go on a Christmas train?  How are your kids around Santa?


  1. What a fun activity! Cash would just love something like this. Too bad we don't have anything in our area. Looks like you guys had a great family day!

  2. Oh how fun!!! I wish they did something like that here. Mason did go to see Santa yesterday while Seth and I were at work and I FULLY expected the crying hysterically photo but to my utter surprise, he's even SMILING! This would be perfect for him. But instead we will go on our local Christmas train ride to visit Santa and sit on his lap there this weekend :)

  3. Ok. The picture you have recreated ever year?! that is my hands down favorite thing. Look how big he is!! This looks like such a fun holiday tradition!

  4. ADORABLE pictures, so much JOY!! :) What a fun experience and memory-making!! I love Noah's leaning/not too sure-ness in the pic with Santa.

  5. So cool to see the same photo each year and how your photography has improved! I'm so torn on what time is best for our North Pole express... I like doing it at night since that is when kids are riding it in the book & movie. But I also like light (for photos!) and so Liam can watch out the window. We go at 5pm so it's light when we leave but dark when we are finished. A little of both!

  6. My niece absolutely loves the santa train and goes every year! Looks like Noah had a wonderful time and I love that he got a little keepsake at the end to remember the trip by. Also, I love your sweat/jacket thing!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is so amazing! I love every picture. Such a fun trip and magical memories. I need to find something like that around here.

  8. Oh my word! You got the best photos!!! I love the picture you guys recreate each year! So incredibly sweet. And the stocking game? So fun! Noah looks like was having the best time.

  9. So so cute! Such a great tradition esp the recreating the pictures each year. That is a sweet memory. I'm glad Santa has improved each year!

  10. So cute! Wells would love this. We don't 'visit' Santa because Cullen is too rational and when he was 4 told me all the Santas around can't be real. :/ So now I just kind of avoid it!

  11. I absolutely love that you guys recreate photos. They're so sweet!

  12. Love the recreating photos!! That train ride looks like so much fun, my 3 year old would love it! Merry Christmas!


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