The Adventure Starts Here: Santa on a Fire Truck!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa on a Fire Truck!

This weekend, we were lucky enough to have Santa come to our house in a fire truck!  Considering that Noah is a fan of Santa (more so from afar) and an even bigger fan of fire trucks, this was a huge deal!  Growing up in the next town over, Santa would come around the neighborhoods and wave to the kids from a fire engine.  In our new town, while they don't do that, they have a fundraiser where you can donate money to the fire department, drop off a wrapped gift to the fire station, and then Santa will personally come to your house on a fire engine and give that wrapped gift to your child.  I found out about this last year after it was too late.  I knew we had to do it this year!  

Thankfully we weren't going to be away the weekend they'd be delivering the gift, but we did have a birthday party for 2 hours.  I was hoping I'd get to request a delivery time, but as Chris expected, our neighborhood already had a time scheduled.  The party we had to go to was from 12-2 and our time slot was 1-5, but we're told to assume closer to 1.  I was freaking out more than I should have.  Chris told them we wouldn't be home until 2, and thankfully they were able to accommodate us no problem and arrived at our house at 2:30 :)  

It was actually pretty funny, because when we got home from the party (earlier than expected) at 1:30, Chris wanted to play outside with Noah until the fire truck came.  Ignoring the fact that they wouldn't come for at least a half an hour and that it was freezing out!  By 2 pm, Noah wanted to go to the playground and started crying when we said we couldn't.  I talked him into coming inside and we were about to sit down when we heard the fire truck sirens.  So we quickly got him back in his coat, hat, and boots and rushed outside to meet Santa!  Here's a video of Santa coming to our house :)  (Also in the video is another fire truck Santa that we saw later in the day when we went to the grocery store.  I can't believe our luck to see two in one day!)

After Santa gave Noah his gift, we left it on the ground so we could get a photo with Santa.  I even thought it was super cool to get a photo with Santa in front of a fire engine!  We gave Santa a high five and said our goodbyes and headed back to open his gift!  

my jacket (no longer on Loft) | jeans (stitch fix)| my boots | my hat (last year Hanna Andersson)
Noah's boots

Whenever we would ask Noah what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas, he would tell us three things.  A baby Mickey (a 12 inch plush doll), a Mickey fire truck, and a T-Rex.  Since this gift was being delivered by Santa on a fire truck, we decided to go with the Mickey fire truck.  Noah was super excited and immediately wanted to go inside and play with it.  We even asked him if he wanted to go to the playground now and he immediately told us no!  

I consider this a huge success and will definitely do it again next year!  

Do you have anything like this in your town?

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  1. ok. no way that santa comes to your house in a firetruck! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!!!

  2. We JUST learned this weekend that our town does this! Except the fire company tows Santa in a boat since we live next to a river but the caravan is led by a fire truck. While a bit weird, we loved it! We are definitely signing up next year! Natalie loved waving to Santa and kept saying "I here, Santa! I here!" How exciting for Noah :) Those pictures are too sweet!

  3. I think they do this around here too but I never know when! I think we were going somewhere last year and saw it on a fluke and then this year my sister in law posted that my niece saw it, but what the heck! They should advertise it better so I could make a big deal and go outside :)


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