The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy Style - Volume 3

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mommy Style - Volume 3

Here are some photos of my outfits from the past two weeks.  We've been fortunate to have some pretty mild weather (in the 50s and 60s) around here... until yesterday.  As a result, I was able to get away with a light coat and sometimes none at all.  But with the warmer weather, a bunch of us got sick.  So many days I stayed at home in some comfy leggings/pajamas.  

One of the rare days I put jeans on for preschool drop off (at least in the last 2 weeks).  

coat | shirt (last year Gap) | jeans | shoes (Loft last spring) | scarf (Tommy outlet - not online)

A trip to the mall for last minute shopping and then a play date.  The guy at the Apple Store even said he liked my shoes :)

shirt | jeans (Stitch Fix) | shoes | scarf

Santa Train!  I was so happy to have some mild weather so I could wear the poncho and not worry about a coat.  This time I belted it to give it a little definition.  

ponchoshirt | jeans (Stitch Fix) | belt (similar)

Not feeling great, so I stayed comfy to drop Noah off at school and then spent the morning resting.

leggings | shirt 

To take Noah to swim school and some errands at Target.  I probably didn't even need the coat and was a little warm when walking around Target.  I never would have thought I'd be wearing this jacket in December!  

jacket (American Eagle last spring) | shirt | jeans | shoes (black version)

Noah and I were both sick, so I kept him home from pre-school and we stayed inside all day and listened to the rain.  At least my festive leggings and Christmas tree lifted my spirits :)

A festive day in NYC!  We had a busy day with a lot of walking involved.  I loved the shirt I had underneath, but since we were outside in the cold and wind, it was barely even seen!

navy wool toggle coat (last year Gap, similar) | jeans | boots
shirt underneath | purse (Tommy Hilfiger from the Summer)


  1. Love all your outfits! Your festive leggings are my favorite though. Ha ha!

  2. I love all your festive leggings!! I'm in NYC right now -- any recommendations on Christmassy things we should see?

  3. The belted poncho is darling! And double points for it being plaid ;)

  4. You are killing the festive leggings game! I really need to get on that! Who needs grown-up clothes when the leggings prints are so much fun?!


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