The Adventure Starts Here: Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans - Week 2

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans - Week 2

This is the first year we have done the Elf on the Shelf tradition.  Last week, I shared what our elf did during his first week in our house.  I'm back again to share what Buddy has been up to this past week... there was even some traveling involved!  And once again, I can take no credit for any of this.  Chris comes up with all the ideas and executes them all on his own.  He just sends me the photos to share on the blog (and sometimes on Instagram)

Sunday - Buddy colored a self portrait!  Noah thought this was pretty amazing!  Noah then proceeded to draw some of his own pictures and colored in his own Buddy picture :)

Monday - Hiding in Noah's Alphabet Puzzle Sensory Bin!  Noah thought it was hilarious and he then ended up doing the puzzle at least 5 times.  Isn't it great when the elf can encourage some alphabet practice!

Tuesday - Buddy brought Noah a new "Elf on the Shelf" ornament and was hiding in the tree!  It took Noah a while to find him... I had to help him with this one, since he definitely blended in with our other felt ornaments.  

Wednesday - Buddy stayed up late watching a Christmas movie (and we learned he is quite the slob with the popcorn!).  Noah spotted Buddy on the couch all the way from upstairs.  He thought this one was pretty funny, but he still wasn't interested in watching this movie yet.  I figure one afternoon I'll just put it on and hope he is interested.  

Thursday - Buddy had a snowman party!  Apparently we have quite the snowman collection :)  Noah was actually a little confused by this one and wasn't sure what all the snowmen were doing on his table.  

We went to visit Noah's cousins in Rhode Island this weekend.  I figured Buddy would just stay home... Chris informed me otherwise ;)

Friday- since Buddy was apparently coming with us, he got some things ready for our trip ;). 

Saturday - Buddy made himself comfortable and made a bed in the bathroom :) 

What has your elf been up to this week?  


  1. We just watched Merry Madagascar, even though we haven't seen the original movie. It was cute!

  2. Such fun ideas! My favourite is the colouring one! I can't wait to see what you guys think of next!

  3. Love his shenanigans! I need to make ours bendable because he's pretty floppy. I wish I had done what you did by letting Noah touch him. Emmy grabbed him yesterday and Cam freaked out. Ugh! So we sang a Christmas song to bring his magic back. Love that he went with you for the weekend. Bartholomew will go with us to Mimi's this weekend.

  4. Just recently came across your blog and love following along so far! Love these ideas, especially the elf coloring!! I started off really good this year with some cute ideas, even had a 23-day schedule, but then I lost interest about about five days in and now our elf just moves from one spot to another. Ha!

  5. These are great.. Love that Chris wanted to bring him with you guys. :) I told my husband I'm going to send him your posts so he can get more ideas too (as I've put him in charge of ours..)!! :)

  6. OMG!!!! I swear Chris is like the best elf on the shelf guy ever!!! I'm so bookmarking this one too for next year. I can't take any credit for any of my shenanigans. You guys have the best ones!!


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