The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas with the Flinns 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas with the Flinns 2015

Yesterday, I did a little Christmas Eve recap.  Today I'm back to share all about how we spent Christmas Day.  Yesterday, I mentioned that we spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Chris' family.  Since we live so close (within 10-15 minutes) to both of our parents, not only do we get to split up the holiday to see both each year, but we also get to do Christmas morning at our own house, just the three of us.  I absolutely love this and enjoy this tradition more and more as Noah gets older.  

Chris' pants (similar) | Noah's pjs (Hanna Andersson no longer available) | Noah's hat
my leggings | my shirt

Christmas in our house begins with the stockings.  I grew up where Santa left the stocking either by our door or our bed (I guess it depended on our age and how sound we slept).  Growing up, my brothers and I would wake up EARLY!  I'm talking 4:30 AM early... and it was usually me leading the pack!  The reason I love this stocking tradition, and plan to continue it with Noah, is that it allows him to open something right away and gives Chris and I some time to get ready in the morning (whether it be a quick shower or just brushing our teeth and putting some makeup on).  So Noah woke up around 7:30 (extremely reasonable in my eyes), to his stocking and some wrapped books under his mini Christmas tree.  We made sure to fill his stocking with things that would keep him entertained, like paper, stickers, and books.  Honestly, Noah was so in love with his stocking that I think he thought that was it.  When I was finished getting ready, I came in to find him and Chris very involved with an astronaut sticker book and had to talk Noah into going downstairs ;)

After opening his stocking, it was time to see what Santa left by the tree.  At this age, we haven't really had to label gifts "from Santa" versus "from Mom & Dad".  Noah can't read and he honestly doesn't care.  The only gifts I know for sure came from Santa were the T-Rex (that Buddy the elf actually brought) and the "baby Mickey" plush doll, since those are the things Noah specifically asked for from Santa.  Other than that, it's anyone's guess.  If you would like, I can do another post with some of Noah's (and my) favorite gifts this year.  Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in.  

While most of the gifts under the tree were for Noah, there were a few for Chris and me.  Noah was so cute helping us open each thing and was genuinely excited for our gifts as well as his own.  While Chris and I gifted each other mostly things that we asked for, he did surprise me with a new Coach wristlet (in a beautiful teal color) and Noah gave me a beautiful hand painted mug!

After the last gift under the tree was unwrapped, we went down to the basement where Noah found that Santa had left him a mini trampoline and a Paw Patrol rug (from Costco).  He absolutely loves them both!  Then it was time to play!  Noah and Chris were equally excited to open this V-Tech Dinosaur to Digger toy.  The funny thing is, Chris bought this toy for Noah last Christmas, but last minute decided he was a little young for it.  This year, after Noah was so interested in his cousin's Transformer toys, Chris thought it would be a good time to give it to him.  And honestly, it's one of Noah's favorite toys... he even picked it as the one toy to bring to Nonna & Granddad's house to play with on Christmas Day!    

After some more playing and a bath, we headed over to Chris' parents' house.  The same group of family and friends from Thanksgiving were there, and we had some equally warm temperatures!  That meant we could take another group photo outside ;)

Upon our arrival, we immediately grabbed some beverages and started opening gifts.  In Chris' family, one person (it's been Chris' brother, Justin, since I've been around) acts as "Santa" and hands out the gifts one at a time.  We all watch as each person unwraps their gifts.  I have to give these two kids credit for patiently waiting and playing with their gifts while the adults opened theirs :)

^^^ Noah helped Nonna and Granddad open their gifts, which also included a handmade plate and a personalized calendar :)

^^^ I love a good Christmas Day mimosa :)

I think my favorite part of the day was watching Noah interact with his Great Great Uncle Bobby (Noah's Nonna's uncle).  They were sitting next to each other while opening gifts and somehow Noah began "tickling" him.  The funny thing about Noah tickling is that he doesn't actually tickle.   He moves his fingers on you and says "tickle tickle", but it definitely doesn't feel like tickling ;)  The two of them continued this game the rest of the day and it truly was the cutest thing to watch.  I'm so glad Chris called me over and said I had to get a picture of this!

^^^ this dry erase activity workbook was a real winner!  Noah spent all afternoon working on it :)

^^^ I love how Ninja Turtles were popular when I was a kid and again now!

^^^ Nonna and Granddad gave Noah the 2015 Hess Truck (which is a fire truck).  Everyone wanted to play with it... and not just the kids!

In addition to exchanging gifts, we had a delicious buffet lunch/dinner with all my favorites... baked ziti, chicken marsala, kale salad.  We finished the evening with a Venetian table full of the most delicious desserts :)

Flinn Family 2015

Noah's shirt | my shirt | my scarf

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas just as we did!  Do you have any traditions that are unique to your family?

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  1. I'm so thankful stockings were a major part of both my abs my husband's Cheustmas morning growing up. It was a no brainer as a tradition to carry on in our home as well. Just doesn't even seem like Christmas until you open your stocking! And what a great idea to fill them with time occupiers for that morning as well!!


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