The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Crafts - A Wreath and a Candy Cane Ornament

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Crafts - A Wreath and a Candy Cane Ornament

We love Christmas and we love crafts, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we love doing Christmas crafts!  While Noah does quite a few crafts at school, as well as painting and playing with play-doh each day, I wanted to come up with a few simple Christmas crafts to do with him at home.  I try to do at least one a week.  Sometimes we craft on a morning we have off, while other times it helps fill the afternoons now that he's not napping.  I perused Pinterest and got a few ideas.  I decided I wanted to make a few things with him... an ornament, a wreath, a Christmas tree, and a Santa and maybe some elves.  This week, I'm sharing the ornament and wreath Noah made.  

The first craft we did was a candy cane ornament.  This is the simplest craft that also helps little kids not only work on their fine motor skills but also their colors and patterns.  All you need are some pipe cleaners and some red and white pony beads.  I got all of my supplies at Michaels, but the links direct you to Amazon.  I folded the end of the pipe cleaner over so the beads wouldn't fall off the end.  Then Noah got to work.  I told him he could do it however he wanted, but that a candy cane normally goes red, white, red, white.  At the beginning, he was all for following the pattern.  I was impressed with how good he was at putting the beads on the pipe cleaner, he had such concentration.  After he got the hang of it, he thought it was funny to purposely put the "wrong" color on.  So towards the end, he has two white, then two red, and so forth.  I think it adds some character ;)  Once he was finished, I just bent the pipe cleaner so it looked like a candy cane.  We then hang them on the tree!

Noah's PJs are Carters, but no longer online

The following week (just yesterday), I had Noah make a Christmas wreath.  I simply took a 12x12 piece of green card stock.  I buy a package of assorted colors so I always have what I need on hand.  I then traced a dinner plate of the outside circle and used a salad plate for the inner circle.  I cut out the wreath and gave Noah some stickers, pom poms, and glue.  

Right away, he told me he needed a bow for his wreath, so I went to find my red ribbon and made him a bow to glue on.  He then told me to close my eyes while he finished his wreath, and when he was done he yelled "surprise" and held up his hands in the most excited way!  I am loving this age and am thrilled that he hasn't lost any interest in doing crafts with me :)

Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts this month!


  1. We just bought the same stuff for the candy canes at Michaels this morning! Must have been searching the same things on Pinterest. I'm interested to see how much Reed likes it.

  2. Love these crafts! Lily made one of the candy cane ornaments to put on the large tree at her school. She was very proud of it! I love this wreath and will need to get to work on one for Lily to have fun making! My question for you though, what are you going to do with all of those left over pony beads? ;)

  3. We've done a hand print wreath and a paper plate wreath but never a beaded candy cane, maybe this will be the year lol.

  4. I love that he yelled surprise when he was all done! So adorable how proud he is of his work -- as he should be!


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