The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Crafts - Christmas Tree and Santa

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Crafts - Christmas Tree and Santa

I'm back today with a few more Christmas crafts that I've done with Noah.  Earlier this month, we made a candy cane ornament and a wreath.  This time, I'm sharing a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus hat/mask.  All of these crafts are super (Noah's new favorite word) simple, so they are perfect if you need something to do with your kids when you are home with them for the holiday.  You still have time... because chances are, you already have most of the supplies needed on hand!

First up, the Christmas tree.  I took a white piece of card stock and used a flat edge (I used a magazine that was just sitting on the counter) to draw a triangle and then free handed the trunk.  Since Noah is practicing his scissor skills, I even let him help me cut the triangle out (with lots of assistance from me to stay on the line).  From there, I gave him a bunch of green tissue paper squares (I have a drawer full of these in many colors on hand) and some glue and he started gluing them all over the tree.  

Once he was done with that, I gave him some pom poms to glue on (as ornaments) and some foam stickers I had picked up at Michaels.  And since Noah doesn't consider it a Christmas tree without a star, t also had a star sticker for him to add to the top of the tree.  He then colored the trunk with a brown crayon and his Christmas tree was complete!

The great part of this craft is that you can use whatever you have on hand.  Don't have green tissue paper, use construction paper and let you child cut or even rip the pieces.  And there are so many options for what you could use as ornaments.  You could even put glitter on the tree if you are feeling adventurous ;)  

Next up, I had Noah make a Santa Claus "mask".  All you need is some red card stock (or construction paper), a paper plate, cotton balls, and some glue.  Once again, I had Noah help me cut out the triangle for the hat.  I cut out the center of the paper plate while Noah started gluing cotton balls to the hat.  He then added some more cotton balls to the bottom of the plate as Santa's beard.  

^^^ saying "ho, ho, ho"

I knew it would be hard to glue the hat to the paper plate since the plate isn't flat, so I instead used scotch tape on the back (and a few on the front) to secure the hat to the paper plate face. 

Have you done any Christmas crafts with your kids?


  1. you always have the BEST holiday crafts. but really. sign lex up for making one of those trees tomorrow. because they're ADORABLE.

  2. The best kid crafts are simple and use whats on hand! He looks so happy!

  3. Ok, seriously, he is like the BEST crafter EVER! No joke. I love it! Look at that concentration on the Christmas tree!
    LOVE this!

  4. I love how much he loves doing crafts! Liam has been way more into it since starting school! And now that I have some rods up to hang his artwork from, I'm a bit more into it too!


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