The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas Baking - Cookies for Santa

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Baking - Cookies for Santa

Merry Christmas Eve!  I know many have signed off for the holiday, but I just had to stop by and share some of our adventures in baking.  

For all of my regular readers, you probably know that Noah and I love to bake together.  We make muffins and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies countless times throughout the year.  So while Noah is no stranger in the kitchen, it's not everyday that we make and decorate sugar cookies.  We usually save them for Easter and Christmas, which is probably a good thing since our icing skills need some work.  

This year, we didn't end up baking as much as I had planned.  I didn't have a cookie exchange to go to and then when we got sick, baking naturally got pushed to the side.  So this week, we made up for it!  We made our muffins after we found Buddy baking one morning.  Then just yesterday, we decided to make some sugar cookies to leave for Santa.  And while we were at it, I decided to try a new cookie  recipe to bring to my parents' house for Christmas Eve.   And of course, we had to dress the part!  Noah wore his Santa apron and hat (from Target last year), and I wore my red apron and borrowed Noah's antlers :)

I grew up using store bought sugar cookie dough, but just last year I started making my own.  I found this recipe on Pinterest that didn't require a ton of chilling time and figured it was worth a try.  I loved how it was simple, tasted delicious, and the cookies kept their shape really well!  Noah really enjoys helping me bake, so it's just another way to get him involved.  We started first thing in the morning by making the dough for both cookies.  After it had chilled, we were ready to roll it out and get to work.  I was convinced our afternoon was ruined, when our dough was really dry and crumbly.  I was stumped since I used the same recipe last year and had no issues.  I was about to throw in the towel when Chris googled the problem and easily fixed our dough by spritzing some water on it.   Chris definitely saved the day!  After that snafu, our cookie making process went really smoothly.  Noah was really into it this year, wanting to do everything on his own.  He would roll a little too fast and would need help making the dough thin and even, but it seems all our play-doh sessions have really paid off!  

^^^ and since Chris is the fun parent, he of course made a snowman with Noah!

The one thing with sugar cookies that is totally different from the normal baking we do, is all the waiting.  You make the dough, you wait, you cut and bake the cookies, and there's more waiting.  And considering he's only 3, Noah did a great job with all the waiting and was surprisingly patient.  There were play breaks, snack breaks, and while we waited for the cookies to cool, he even snuck a few undecorated cookies to eat.  We only ended up decorating about half of the cookies before Noah lost interest, but the good news is that we still have plenty to leave out for Santa tonight.  And I'm actually shocked we didn't make a bigger mess.  I think we made more of a mess with the flour!  We won't win any contests for our icing skills, but our cookies are made with love, lots of sprinkles, and taste delicious :)   And the most important part is that Noah helped with every step and loved every minute of it!

And in case you are still looking for a last minute dessert to make for Christmas (I always like to bring something as a guest), this one is pretty amazing!  If you are a fan of Heath bars, you will LOVE it!  I found these Butterscotch Toffee Cookies on Pinterest and knew I had to make them for Christmas!  We are bringing them to my parents' house today and will probably have enough to bring to Christmas day as well :)

Have a very merry and delicious Christmas!!!

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