The Adventure Starts Here: Christmas 2015 Home Tour

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas 2015 Home Tour

Welcome to our home!  Christmas really is my favorite time of year, and I especially like decorating the house for it.  Who are we kidding, I enjoy decorating all year round, but I especially like doing so at Christmas.  There's something about a big tree and a bunch of lights that just makes those dark evenings feel magical and cozy instead of cold and boring!  

wreath (Martha Stewart at Home Depot, not online)

This is our second Christmas in our house and I'm loving the changes we made from last year to this year.  Last year was the first year we had a large tree and I feel like we tested out a few ideas and decided what we liked and didn't.  Chris was never a fan of the tinsel garland and I have to agree with him that it didn't look the best.  So this year we switched to some silver beaded garland and added some little red bows to the tree.  We also decided to purchase a few larger ticket items that we plan to use year after year.  Instead of buying everything all at once, we plan to spread it out and add one or two new pieces to our Christmas decor each year.  This year, we bought the lit garland for our mantel and a lit wreath to hang above our garage.  I am in love with them both, though I learned we have a ridiculously narrow mantel and now we want to beef it up before next Christmas (the list never ends).  Last year, I was able to use stocking hangers (as you can see here), but once the garland was placed on the mantel, there was no room at all, so I hung the stockings using some small nails instead.  

Besides decorating the tree and mantel, I added our collection of ceramic houses and snow globes to some of our shelves.  Last year I had them in the dining room all lit up, but this year I decided to mix it up a bit.  I'm not sure where I like them best.  

I then just added some warm and festive blankets and pillows to the couch and a bowl of ornaments on the sofa table.   Even with keeping things simple, Noah is still throwing the pillows and blankets on the floor on a daily basis and sometimes plays with the ornaments despite me telling him not to.  Thank goodness they are the shatterproof kind :)

red pillows (from Target) | silver pillow

red blanket (similar)

Moving on to our dining room.   Just like last year, we ended up moving Noah's bookcase filled with books in here, since the tree took its usual corner in the living room.  I added Noah's advent calendar to the wall above the bookcase, which is perfect since he then isn't able to reach the pockets on his own and sneak gifts ahead of time!  Noah seems to be loving the new spot for his books, because he is asking to read so much more now!  I added his Little People nativity and a few of his favorite singing friends to the top of the bookcase.  I consider this Noah's little Christmas spot :)

singing snowman | Nutcracker (similar) | singing reindeer (Home Depot)

We won't be hosting for actual Christmas or Christmas Eve, but I still like to have a festive table set.  I chose these metallic snowflake placemats  figuring they could stay out through January and maybe even February.  I originally planned to get some real poinsettias for the table, but ended up loving these artificial ones I found at Target.  I also love how the metallic tree fits in so well with the placemats   We will however be hosting a little Christmas party with some of Noah's friends, so chances are I will change things up and make it a little more kid friendly.  

Not only do I love setting our table, I also enjoy decorating our buffet.  As I mentioned before, last year I displayed our collection of houses here.  This year I decided to showcase our nativity set.  I found these mini artificial trees on Amazon and covered their wooden bases with burlap and red ribbon... so simple!  

Our kitchen is open to the dining room, so I kept the decorating to a minimum in the actual kitchen part.  Instead, I just picked up these cute toy soldier dish towels   Noah is obsessed with toy soldiers so I thought it would add some fun to our decor :)

Usually, we only decorate on our main level, but this year I decided to add a few touches to Noah's bedroom as well.  I strung some pre-lit artificial garland up the staircase.  Such an easy way to add texture and warmth to our hallway.  You also get a little sneak peak of our new family photo (and Christmas card).

This year, I decided to pass on our artificial 3 foot tree to Noah.  This is the tree Chris and I had in our apartment and last year we had it in our dining room and hung our more sentimental and breakable ornaments on it.  Noah was in a "touch everything" phase and it helped to have this tree out of his reach.  But this year, he's really into Christmas and had so much fun hanging ornaments on his own tree.  He's also much better at listening ;)  This is also where we keep the 25 Days of Christmas Books for him to open each day.  Originally we planned for him to open one each night, but he gets so excited and wants to open it first thing.  So we open one in the morning and then read it throughout the day :)

tree (similar) | red bucket (similar)

soldier ornaments (Home Goods) | Dunkin Donuts ornament (Dunkin Donuts)

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our Christmas decor.  I'll leave you with a photo of our exterior, fully lit at night :)


  1. I love all your decorations! Where to begin? I collect Willow Tree and just discovered their Nativity set, precious! I decorated Kinsey's little bookshelf in her room too, is that a sign of a true book lover? :) And speaking of Nativity scenes, is having a great deal on the Little People set, I should probably get on that.

  2. I love everything, but I think Noah's room is my favorite. That sweet little tree next to his bookshelves is just too cute. I want to do that is the kid's rooms next year in our new house. Beautiful home!

  3. Your house is gorgeous! I love the shot of the banister over looking the Christmas tree!

  4. Your house looks beautiful and festive! Love your advent calendar!

  5. Wow! I'm obsessed with your house and decorations! Love the tree! Love the towels and the snow globes! We have the same advent calendar!

  6. Everything looks so great, pretty nativity set!! I love the lit garland on your mantle, especially, I have something similar on ours too. Can't beat the glow of white Christmas lights, so cozy!! :)

  7. That blanket in your living room is so pretty! And I love that Noah has his own little tree in his room! You did a great job decorating :)

  8. So many things I love! First of all, amazing photos. Your wreath is beautiful, I'm totally jealous of your nativity (on my wish list) and I love your gallery wall by your staircase! Such a gorgeous home and your decorations are perfect!!

  9. I just love your house and how you've made it a home. I also love your decorating style and am slightly jealous of all the natural light you get! Your decor pictures are always on point! Do you have secrets?! ;)

  10. I'm catching up all so many of your posts (sorry I have been so bad at commenting- no naps + one tired preggo at night time has really limited my computer 'free time'!). The house looks SO good. I love the 25 days of Christmas book idea too, I bet Noah is loving that

  11. The advent calendar and the dish towels are my favorites!!

  12. Love the door wreath and the over the garage one! I really like the red bows on the tree too, I love bead garland but am terrible and draping it prettily on the tree lol. Those towels are top notch! Pretty much it is just all awesome.

  13. Such pretty Christmas decor and photos!!

  14. OMG!!! That Dunkin' Donuts ornament is SO cute!!! I might need to look into one of those!


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