The Adventure Starts Here: Buddy the Elf | North Pole Breakfast

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buddy the Elf | North Pole Breakfast

The Elf on the Shelf has officially come to our house!  This is the first year we are doing the Elf tradition and we are pretty excited about it!  Chris already has fun hiding Noah's stuffed animals around the house for him to find in the morning, so I'm sure we will have just as much fun with the Elf!   While our elf won't be causing any mischief, I'm sure he will end up in some random spaces and doing some pretty cute things :)

In preparation for our elf's arrival, I did some Pinterest browsing to get some ideas on how to introduce him to Noah.  In the end, we decided to have the elf and the book out on Noah's table for him to find him Sunday morning.  Noah was in love at first sight!  We then read the book and helped Noah pick him a name.  When we asked Noah what we should name him, he first pointed to his reindeer, suggesting we call him reindeer.  Then he said we should call him Santa.  So instead, we came up with a few ideas for names and Noah picked "Buddy".  Not very original, but we like it :)

hat | tunic (similar)

Once Noah knew all about the elf and his magic, we had a "North Pole" breakfast!  I made pancakes (that we then made into snowmen), Santa hats (out of strawberries and bananas), some "snow-dusted" donuts, and some chocolate milk.  Buddy the elf joined in on the fun and we may have even snuck him a marshmallow ;)  

We used chocolate chips to give our snowmen faces and buttons and used marshmallows as snow on the ground.  Noah thought this was hilarious and was definitely his favorite part of breakfast!  While he liked making his snowman pancake, he had no desire to eat it.  Which is funny, since he eats mini Eggo pancakes almost every morning for breakfast!  He did however have a donut and drink all of his chocolate milk :)

He decided he had enough breakfast and went to go play with Buddy.  I know that the book says that the elf will lose his magic if you touch him, but we are ignoring that part.  I have no issue with Noah playing with Buddy after he finds him each morning.  So far Buddy got a ride in Noah's dump truck, they've read books together, and played trains... he really is Noah's "buddy"!

In addition to introducing Noah to Buddy the Elf, we also did some Christmas decorating!  On Friday, we had some amazing 60 degree weather (even warmer than on Thanksgiving!).  We knew we couldn't waste this beautiful day, and figured it was the perfect day to put up our outside decor.  I put the lights on our bushes while Chris (and my dad) figured out how to hang our new Christmas wreath above our garage.  Noah made sure he was a very helpful reindeer ;)

We put our artificial tree up on Friday and then decorated it on Sunday.  Noah loved looking at all of our sentimental ornaments, especially the ones about him.  This year we didn't have to be so concerned about putting breakable ornaments down low, Noah really is pretty good at listening and being careful.  I plan to photograph all our decor this week so I can share a little Christmas House Tour soon :)


  1. Such a great spin on the Elf on the Shelf. I just haven't pulled the plug on this whole thing, but after reading how you will be approaching him, maybe we will next year. Your breakfast is adorable! We do something like that for one of Cash's Advent activities. :)

  2. LOVE it! What a fun breakfast! I like that you let Noah play with him. The only reason I'm going along with no touching is because I'm worried Cam would hide him and forget where he is. Things like that have happened before in our house. Ha ha!

  3. You did a great job introducing Noah to Elf on the Shelf! Buddy is the perfect name for him! And I can't wait to see the rest of your christmas decor

  4. How cute is Noah played my with his elf! Liam is such a rule follower and very aware of all our neighbors' elves, so he is all about the no touching policy!


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