The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Monday!  While we had a super fun weekend, I'm actually happy for the new week to begin.  We have a relatively uneventful week ahead of us (at least for Noah and me... Chris will most likely have to work late a few days) and I'm looking forward to taking it easy.  As usual, we stayed pretty busy this weekend but were lucky to have a quiet Sunday afternoon at home at least :)

On Saturday, Noah woke up early and immediately wanted to go "downstairs with Daddy"!  Chris is such a great dad, because even though he's exhausted from his long week at work, he is always ready to play with Noah come the weekend!  Playing at home didn't last long, because we went to the Home Depot Kids Workshop again this month for 9am.  This month they were making airplanes and Noah was really excited.  Because of a minor assembly mistake (that many people made), we had to start over and technically got two airplanes out of it :)  After building and painting, we headed into Home Depot to do a return and left spending more than what we returned ;)  I found a Martha Steward Christmas wreath and Noah found a singing reindeer, that he has since played 837 times (at least!).  

We then headed home since I was hosting a Mary Kay "party" with some friends.  My consultant is the sister-in-law of a good friend.  I met her this summer and was excited to host my own.  I was a bad blogger and didn't take any photos of us trying on makeup, but at least I remembered to photograph the food :)

While we played with makeup, Chris entertained Noah.  Noah has decided naps aren't for 3 year olds, so we have had to find fun things to do in the afternoons as well now!  Chris and Noah raked leaves, went on walks to find diggers (their favorite), and played in the basement.  I was impressed that Noah couldn't care less that I was busy and was happy as a clam playing with daddy :)

After my guests left, Chris wanted to go check out the "new" grocery store.  There are two A&Ps near our house... one was bought by Ace and the other is just closing (very upset it isn't be replaced right now).  We decided to check out the new Acme.  Other than the new signage, the cool new shopping cart, and a ton of "opening sales", the store is EXACTLY THE SAME!  

After dinner, Noah got to work on making Grandma's birthday gift (at least the part from him).  Her birthday isn't until next weekend, but since we will all be away for my niece's baptism, we celebrated early.  I wanted to make an "I LOVE GRANDMA" like we did for Papa, but I couldn't fit GRANDMA on the page (even horizontally) with the stickers I have :(  So instead, we just used a bunch of hearts.  Noah once again picked out a bunch of colors he knows Grandma likes (and yellow since it's Noah's favorite).  

On Sunday, we met my parents for lunch at a "new to us" restaurant.  I had actually been before for a MOMS Club banquet, but had never eaten off their menu.  Technically they were serving brunch, but we all ordered lunch items :)  The food was really delicious and Noah was in such a good mood.  He ate well and hopped around to everyone's lap to visit, eat, and color.  He was even pretty cooperative with pictures and looked AND smiled at the camera!

While going out to lunch was great, I was really happy to spend the rest of the day at home relaxing!  Noah and I changed into our comfy (and coordinating) pants.  I played around on the computer while Noah played and watched some truck YouTube videos.  I absolutely adore lazy Sundays like this!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the matching pjs!

  2. Your party food looks yummy!!! And comfy pants are the best! :)) Happy Monday!

  3. I love the matching pjs! Where are they from?!

  4. Lazy Sunday's are the best! Sometimes our weekends are too busy and I'm exhausted heading into Monday!

  5. The Home Depot workshops look like so much fun! Have you done any others with Noah? And your matching jammies are everything!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your matching pjs. I might need to find some for me and Mason. I didn't know they had matching mama and boy mini pjs!


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