The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!  It was super nice to be home this weekend.  Chris was working late all week, so we were extra excited to have him home for a few days!  It was a nice combination of staying busy with activities while also having some time just hanging out at home :)

We "started" our weekend a little early by bringing up some of our Christmas decorations on Friday afternoon.  Noah was so excited that he was getting his own tree this year!  Last year, we had this tree in our dining room, but this year I asked Noah if he wanted it in his room instead.  He's in love with it and couldn't wait to put it up and put ornaments on it!  I offered the felt ornaments we bought last year (for the bottom of the tree so Noah couldn't break them), but he said he wanted "real ornaments".  We compromised on some plastic Thomas the Train and Jake ornaments and some wooden toy soldier ornaments I had just picked up at Home Goods.  While Noah really wants a star for his tree, the Santa is holding it's place for the time being.  

And I totally think I confused Noah by letting him decorate so early.  Right after we finished his tree, he said he wanted to go to sleep (it was only 4 pm).  I asked why, and he said so that Santa would come and bring him his presents!  The rest of the afternoon he kept asking me if Santa was coming over, telling me he loved him.  The first thing he said when he woke up Saturday was "Did Santa come?".  Thankfully he stopped after that, but I think I win the award for confusing a 3 year old!

Back to Friday night... not only did Chris not have to work late (he was getting home after 9 every day this week and hadn't seen Noah), he actually got home early!  He got home at 6:15 (30 minutes earlier than normal) and Noah was so excited to play with him!  I guess all the recent birthdays (Noah, his cousins, both of my parents, and 4 of his friends at school) has rubbed off on him, because this week he was really into "playing birthday".  He has me wrap one of his toys as the present and then he puts a bunch of cupcakes and cookies out in the chair where the birthday person also sits for us to sing happy birthday.  We had already celebrated my birthday (which isn't until March), my mom's birthday (which just passed), and it was now Chris' turn.  I couldn't get over how cute it was... Noah kept saying it was "Dada's birthday" and he was going to yell "Surprise!" when he got home.  So far, 3 is a pretty fun age!

Noah's pajamas

Originally, we had planned to take Noah to the Peanuts movie on Saturday at 11 am.  But Friday night, we saw that the only seats left were the first two rows.  We decided instead to take him Sunday afternoon instead and just take Saturday morning easy.  Noah stayed in his PJs much longer than he usually does and even wore them out!  Here's a little backstory... Chris has wanted a remote starter for his car ever since last Christmas when he started driving to the train station.  He leaves super early and doesn't give himself much time to get ready in the morning.  He hates wasting a few extra minutes waiting for his car to warm up and the windshield to defrost.  He decided this was going to be his Christmas gift (and possibly birthday gift as well) and just needed to find the time to bring it in to the shop.  Since we now had a free morning, he called the shop to see when he could get an appointment, and they told him to bring it right in!  So off we went, with Noah still in his pajamas :)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  Lots of hanging out at the house just playing while Chris worked on the leaves outside.  In the evening, my mom came over to watch Noah so Chris and I could go out on a date.  We hadn't been out just the two of us since our anniversary about 3 months ago.  We had a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants in our old town, so we went there and it was delicious!

shirt | jeans | boots | scarf (old)

On Sunday, we had a 1st birthday party in the morning.  It was Winnie the Pooh themed and everything was just so cute and perfect!  There were only a few other kids there, but it didn't bother Noah.  He had fun playing in the playroom and eating a few too many of the desserts :)

the birthday boy's grandpa made him that sensory wall... it was so cool!

Noah's shirt | my shirt

Noah fell asleep on the way home from the party.  I moved him to the couch when we got home hoping he wouldn't sleep too long.  After he was asleep for about an hour, we needed to leave for the Peanuts movie.  So I turned him over to get him changed and he naturally woke up.  He wasn't upset, but definitely clingy.  I was able to get him changed and into the car, where he fell asleep again!  I was getting a little nervous that this would mean disaster in the theater, but he woke up as soon as we parked and was so excited when we told him we were at the theater!  He was so excited to go see his first movie... everything from handing his ticket in, getting popcorn, and finding our seats.  There were too many previews, but he was incredibly patient.  Halfway through the movie he started moving a little in his seat and playing with the recline buttons, but in the grand scheme of things he did amazingly well!


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect!! We were busy all day Saturday and were supposed to have plans Sunday but the family who we were supposed to meet up with was sick so we had a lazy day at home and it was perfect! I took out some Christmas stuff and surprised Mason with his tree in his room and he was OVER THE MOON. It was so cute! Sounds like Noah was just as happy!

  2. What a fun weekend!! I totally want to make that sensory wall - I love it! Dinner looked amazing, and your outfit is super cute! Don't love a reason to really get dressed? Ha! We totally have Cam confused about Christmas...I try to tell him that it's over a month away, and he just keeps asking if Thanksgiving is over yet, so it can be Christmas. Ahhh....I am not even telling him that we're going on Polar Express on Saturday because that will be a constant question until it happens!! Happy Thanksgiving week!!

  3. I think Conornis going to take Liam to that movie soon; how fun! And all the details for the birthday party are so cute! I love Pooh!

  4. playing birthday and wrapping toys is GENIUS. i seriously adore that idea!! lex loves playing birthday too-- but i havent thought of wrapping stuff. i LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Fun filled weekend! :) I am sure once we get Christmas decorations up Avery is going to be asking for Santa non stop, too. That sensory wall is so cute and genius.

  6. That Winnie the Pooh theme is adorable!!! I love that sensory wall too. I think it is so normal for this age range to get antsy during the last half of the movie. Honestly, if the previews weren't like 30 minutes long he would have last the entire movie. ;) So glad ya'll had such a good experience!!!

  7. Haha Noah has quite a while to wait before Santa arrives! But I love that he is so excited for the holidays! Those pajamas are everything!

  8. Great weekend!! Yea for date night (I've been eyeing that sweater, but the tall sizes aren't on sale..). Glad it was a great movie experience, I would mess with the recline buttons too - those are quite the chairs!! :)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Mason is so confused about Christmas, too. Well, it's more of a 'rushing' it kind of thing than being confused. ha. I love those jammies!! And the Winnie the Pooh birthday looks adorable. How was the Peanuts movie? We want to see it!!


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