The Adventure Starts Here: Monthly Goals - November 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Monthly Goals - November 2015

This year, instead of making resolutions for the year, I decided to make monthly goals instead.  I will be sharing five goals each month that I'd like to work on.   Each month I will also reflect on how I did with the previous month's goals.

November 2015 Goals

Go through Noah's clothes and toys
Now that Noah's birthday has passed (or just about to), I want to go through all his toys and figure out which ones he actively plays with and which ones he's outgrown.  I'm pretty good with moving the clothes Noah's outgrown into the basement.  So this month I want to go through those boxes and decide what I want to sell, donate, and keep as a memento.  I see huge donations happening this month, which is fitting for Thanksgiving :)

Make a birthday slideshow for my niece
My niece is turning 8 this month and will be baptized into the LDS church.  It's a huge deal in their religion.  We will be attending the baptism and the party afterwards.  My sister-in-law asked if I would put together a little slideshow to play while she is getting changed (after the actual baptism).  My niece was born 7 weeks early and many of their current friends don't know her full story or how little she actually was.  I was getting super emotional going through the photos on my hard drive, picking which ones to include.   I can't believe it's the same little girl who's turning 8!

Photograph my daily outfits
I mentioned a week ago that I'm considering photographing and sharing my daily outfits.  I'm always curious as to what other moms are wearing, but I also think it will help me.  I think it will encourage me to dress better on a daily basis as well as wear more of my closet instead of just sticking with the same pieces.  

Go on a date with Chris
We haven't gone on a date just the two of us since our anniversary (at the end of August).  It's about time we went out again, and we have a few gift cards to nice restaurants just burning a hole in our pocket!  

Start planning for Christmas
Yes, it's only November, but if I don't start now Christmas will arrive and I won't be prepared.  I consider Christmas to be the entire month of December and I have so many ideas of what I want to do to make it super fun!  I want to come up with a decorating game plan, plan our advent calendar and activities, and start brainstorming gift ideas for friends and families.  

Get outside at least once a day
 We've really lucked out with weather this month and I think we accomplished this goal.  Like I said, Noah goes outside at school and then we try to get out as much as we can on the weekends.  In addition, we went to the zoo twice, went on a nature walk, watered flowers, and simply played outside.  It felt great and I'd like to keep it up!

Get Ready for Noah's Birthday
Done!  We will be showing our family the video I made tonight at Noah's birthday dinner.  We threw a super fun party for him at Gymboree.  And we picked up a few gifts for Noah that we are sure he will love (while trying not to go overboard).  I'll be sharing all about how we celebrated his actual birthday later this week :)

Organize Noah's basement toys
Looking back, I don't know why I had this as a goal for October.  Instead, I added it again as a November goal.  I decided it would make more sense to see what he got for his 3rd birthday before figuring out what we will keep versus donating and how to store it all.  

Try 3 new recipes
I'm so glad I made this goal.  It kicked me into high gear and I made more than 3 new recipes this month.  I plan to do a post soon with all the new recipes we tried and what we thought of them :)

Decorate for Halloween
Completed :)  Not only did I add a few Halloween touches to the house, I also decorated our trunk for our preschool's Trunk or Treat :)

What are your goals this month?


  1. That's so sweet of you to make a slideshow for your niece! It can always be super emotional going through family baby photos. Time flies by so fast!

  2. Oh I am already planning for Christmas too! I'm going to try and do my shopping while Liam is in school, so I need to start now, ha!

  3. the toy struggle! i need to go through the ladies toys on a monthly basis i think. but i swear just as I'm about to purge something lex decides its her most favorite toy in the history of ever :)

  4. Toy purging is so liberating!! Little J has a birthday coming up and we try to do that at least a couple of times a year, once right before his bday. It's best to purge when they are not around. Otherwise they'll cling to everything and think it's new and awesome until you give in on the purging. Haha. I need to set a goal to try new recipes. That's a great idea! We are so guilty of eating the same ole things all the time. Go get 'em this month!! :))


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