The Adventure Starts Here: Mommy Style - Volume 1

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mommy Style - Volume 1

This past month, one of my goals was to start taking outfit selfies.  In addition to simply being vain ;), I thought it would help encourage me to actually get dressed each morning, wear more than just yoga pants (which you will see I still do occasionally), and wear more variety from my closet.  I started taking pictures right away, but then I forgot to post last weekend, so I have quite a few outfits to share with you today!  Since these are what I actually wore the last two weeks, there's quite a mix.  Some days we spent at home, so I'm dressed super casually, while other days we were out at play dates, running errands, or just out having fun :)

A morning spent at the farm 

plaid shirt | black vest (similar) | jeans
bag (Tommy Hilfiger) | boots (old)

Dropping Noah off at preschool

tunic | shoes | jacket (old AE)

A day spent at home cleaning 

shirt (old from Express) | yoga pants | slippers

How I do Halloween 

t-shirt (made by a friend)

Dressed to rake leaves

tunic | leggings | jacket | shoes (old Loft)

Birthday party for a 3 year old

bag (Tommy Hilfiger)

Family dinner for Noah's birthday 

shirt (old Loft) | jeans

70 degree weather means short sleeves and floral!

jeans | kimono (in black) | boots
t-shirt (from TJ Maxx)

cardigan (Stitch Fix) | Jeans (Stitch Fix) | Bag (Tommy Hilfiger)


  1. I'm mad that the LOFT shirt is old. I want it!

  2. I know getting yourself ready, wearing 'real' clothes + makeup can change your outlook. When I was home with the kids on maternity leave, I was sure to try and get ready each day so as to feel good about myself and make the most of the day (even if just changing diapers and nursing ALL DAY..). :) I love the post!! I always think people will think I'm too vain if I post clothes/outfit stuff, but I personally LOVE seeing what other people wear and maybe get ideas.

  3. You look super cute! I'm in jeans 99% of the time but my problem is always pairing the same tops and bottoms. Maybe documenting like this will inspire some change ups because I'll have visuals on exactly what I'm putting together and how often.

  4. I totally get how hard it is to put put yoga pants on everyday. They are so comfy! I love that floral top

  5. I agree with Laureen! I love seeing other people's outfits and always think you look so cute! How did you take these pictures? I am the world's WORST selfie taker for outfit photos. I swear my arm is not long enough or something. They're awful.

  6. Loving those last three shirts/cardigans! Also jealous of all the Fall foliage!


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