The Adventure Starts Here: I Officially Have a 3 Year Old!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I Officially Have a 3 Year Old!

Noah officially turned 3 yesterday!  Since his birthday fell on a Monday this year (first birthday not on a weekend so far!), we decided to celebrate with family on Sunday instead.  We made a huge deal the entire day... candles in his breakfast, opening gifts from us, and a birthday dinner with the grandparents!  But that didn't mean his actual birthday was ignored!  Chris had to go to work, so it was up to me to make him feel special all day long!  He got some gift cards and a few toys he already owned, so we decided to take a trip to the toy store and pick out a few things (like he doesn't already have enough!).   A special birthday lunch complete with dessert and more singing, and we had a happy birthday boy!  The fun continues today when I go into his school to read a book to his class and bring in a special birthday treat!

But back to the birthday boy!  Just like I always say, I can't believe he's now (enter current age) 3!  I was rereading the post I wrote when he turned 2 1/2 to see what's the same and what's changed in the last 6 months.  In general, he's bigger, but that didn't surprise me... this kid is constantly growing!  He's learned a few new skills and I have a feeling I'm forgetting a bunch as well!  The biggest difference, is in how much Noah is now speaking and how his vocabulary has grown.  It probably has something to do with going to school, but I really just think it finally clicked with him!  I've also gone from rocking him to sleep to now laying with him in his big boy bed.  He has a few favorite books, tv shows, and toys, while many have remained the same.  And for anyone who wants to know all about Noah at age 3, here are all the details!

Height: 39 inches
Weight: 37 lbs
Size: 3T pants, 4T tops, 5T in most pajamas, 10 in shoes

Writes and paints with his left hand, but uses his right hand with scissors.  He eats with his left hand, but so far seems to be hitting a bat right handed.  I think it would be cool to be ambidextrous but I think at this age he's still figuring things out, so only time will tell.
He can now ride a tricycle, but didn't like riding a traditional bike with training wheels.
Just like 6 months ago, he can run and jump, takes off his coat and shoes on his own, uses a fork, spoon, and even knife like a pro, and drinks well out of a regular cup and water bottle (though we still use sippy cups when out).  He is still working on getting dressed on his own.
Will use a booster or his high chair (when watching TV) to eat, but when we are out in restaurants he sits in a regular chair (but a booth is preferred) like the adults.
Can navigate the iPad like a pro!
Is practicing writing his letters using an app on his iPad.  Is getting better at identifying letters.
Can count to 12 perfectly and then 13-19 all sound the same ;)

Noah's vocabulary has grown so much and he's really starting to talk in full sentences.  He's now become a parrot and will repeat most things we say... we have finally entered the stage where we really have to watch our language.  He's repeated a few phrases I'd rather he not.  He likes to narrate what we are doing and is really good at communicating what he wants.  He's even pretty good at telling me what he did at school, that is when he's not saying "nothing" or "I don't know"... I can't believe that's begun already!  

Books - Look & Find, Digger Dozer Dumper, Steam Train Dream Train, Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin, Baby Loves Fall (from when he was a baby)
TV Shows - Paw Patrol, Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Curious George, YouTube Videos
Toys - trucks (Bruder are his favorite), trains, legos, play-doh, puzzles
Foods - cheese and crackers, mini pancakes and waffles, Dannon yogurt smoothies (monkeys), apple zucchini muffins, peppers, strawberries, rice, hard boiled eggs, "dinosaur" chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, popcorn, apple juice, fruit snacks

Preschool, bandaids, riding his bike, birthday cakes, candles, and celebrations, his iPad, and still likes playing with my hair.  Rocket ships, astronauts, and saying blast off!  Painting, glue sticks, scissors, and stickers.  

Baths... he also says no to showers but 99% of the time enjoys himself, having the iPad taken away, listening to daddy (not my favorite phase), my hair up in a pony tail (since he likes to play with my hair instead).

He seems to be against baths now and only wants showers.  Though he often tries to get out of those too, claiming it will hurt his bandaids.  He usually gives in but requests that I don't wash his hair.  Thankfully he's not mad at me that I lie every time telling him "okay, I won't wash your hair" and then do it anyway!
Before getting into the car, he likes to run around our front yard "galloping" and saying "neigh" like a horse (he got it from Daniel Tiger).  
On our way to school, he loves to count school buses!  One day we saw 10 buses on our 12 minute drive!  Usually we see 5-7, but he always says he wants to see 10!
In the morning and at bedtime, we sing a song from Daniel Tiger that lists everything we need to do before going to school and going to bed.  In the morning it often includes "take shower, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast, check diaper, put on shoes, then off to school"!  At night it includes "brush teeth, put pjs on, watch iPad, and off to bed"!
He was starting to give Chris a hard time when putting on his pajamas.  He would get his diaper on and then try to squirm away, and would repeat it after every piece of clothing.  I finally told him it was a race to see if he could get them on before I finished brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed.  It's amazing how the game worked so well and he loves running in and telling me "he won!". 

While I love documenting all the little details about Noah to look back on, Noah is so much more than this.  He really is my best bud and the best little boy I could have ever been blessed with.  I am so thankful that I was given this little miracle and absolutely cherish my days with him.  I am so happy to be spend each and every day with him and truly miss him those six hours a week he spends at preschool now.  We have our moments where he acts like a normal 3 year old, but for the most part he is a really spectacular kid who rarely causes any trouble.  I hope that our close relationship continues to grow over the years and I dread the day when he won't want to give me hugs and kisses! Sometimes when I ask him how old he is, he will joke and say "10".  He thinks it's hilarious but I always tell him, "don't rush me"!  While I love the person he's becoming, I want to enjoy my little boy a little (or a lot) bit longer!  

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

All photos were taken by the wonderful Kristen Boylan Photography!


  1. He is precious!!!! Happy birthday Noah!

  2. Are these a sneak peek of your family photos?? Because I LOVE them!

  3. Happy Birthday Noah! My son and I count school buses on our way home too.. :)

  4. Happy birthday Noah!! These pictures are so amazing.

  5. Happy Birthday to Noah! These pictures are priceless!

  6. Happy birthday Noah!! It's amazing how quickly they grow! Love all of he pictures.

  7. Noah really seems like a sweet little boy. Here's to a fabulous year!

  8. Happy birthday Noah! I used to cont school buses with my brother too. So fun!

  9. He is so handsome! Liam uses his right & left hand too, so it's hard to tell which is dominate. I'm guessing left. And how fun that you got to go to this school for a book & treats!

  10. I am working on this exact same post for Connor.
    Also, Noah is so much bigger than C! Connor is 38 inches and just 30 pounds!! I try and try but he can't/won't gain weight.


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