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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah | A Family Affair

Noah turned 3 on Monday, but we celebrated on Sunday since Chris would be at work for his actual birthday.  We started the day with our traditional birthday birthday breakfast.  The past two years we did a "donut cake", but this year I decided to make pancakes.  Noah loved the singing and blowing out candles part, but wasn't as interested in eating the actual pancakes.  Looks like I'll be switching back to donuts next year :)

Then it was time for presents!  This is us not going overboard.  It looks like more than it is, but really I just picked up a few things... Legos, Chutes & Ladders, a book, and some Paw Patrol stuffed animals.  Then Chris found the Paw Patrol bus on sale and had to get it for him.  Noah was super excited when he saw all the gifts and loved opening and playing with everything!

That evening, we had the grandparents over dinner.  Since we had a super busy Halloween weekend combined with the time change, I decided to keep things super simple.  We put out wine and cheese & crackers appetizers.  Noah then opened lots of gifts and watched the 25 minute video I made of Noah's 3rd year :)  

We kept dinner super simple, Chris and his dad picked up Chinese food :)  I am a huge proponent of keeping entertaining easy and focusing on the real reason for getting together.  After our delicious take out, we had more candles and singing complete with a Thomas the Train cake.  

It was a wonderful night filled with celebrating and family.  Noah had such a good time and it was great to see him so excited for his cake, presents, and spending time with his grandparents.  

^^^ Noah with me and my parents

^^^ Noah with Chris and his parents

^^^ Noah with his Great Gram (Chris' grandmother)


  1. Sounds like the perfect celebration!!! Like I said on IG, I love that pancake top too! Bummer he didn't like the pancake breakfast but it sure looked cute!
    Also, I LOVE that brown paper bag looking wrapping paper! Where did you get it??

  2. What a sweet boy!! By the look on Noah's face in all the pictures, it was a GREAT celebration!!
    (Your top is cute!!) :)

  3. Happy 3rd Birthrday, Noah! I really like the 3 balloon! :))

  4. What a fun little celebration with family! Growing up I always had a kid party and a family party and I loved it!

  5. I love his pancake shirt! We had a Thomas themed birthday party last year for Cash when he turned 3. :)

  6. This is the kind of party we plan to have next year. With Connor's birthday, Halloween and my birthday back to back to back, it's exhausting! So next year, we are just going to have folks over for a simple dinner, presents and cake.


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