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Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday!  This week was interesting.  Just the normal stuff for me and Noah, but Chris is so busy and stressed at work that we barely saw him this week.  I feel so bad for him!  I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend so we can spend some quality time as a family.  We plan to take Noah to see his first movie in the theater... The Peanuts Movie!  We also have a 1 year old birthday party to go to :).  Hope you have a fantastic weekend and enjoy my random Friday Five!


This week, I was in charge of brining the "healthy snack" for Noah's preschool class.  Since Thanksgiving is next week, I decided to make it turkey themed.  I found the printable on Pinterest, but just used the turkey and skipped the "grass".  I cut up a red, yellow, orange, and green pepper and the teacher filled the cups at snack time.  There are 9 kids in Noah's class and all 4 peppers were eaten!  The teacher told me they were a hit and later Noah told me that all the kids kept asking for "more more more" and that his teacher even had an orange pepper :)


This week was also Noah's teacher's birthday.  I sent an email out to the other moms and we decided we'd have each of our kids make a card for her.  Noah had fun making the card, giving it to her, and wishing her a Happy Birthday!  There have been so many birthdays lately that Noah now likes to "play birthday".  He sets up his play cupcakes by the seat where we normally sing happy birthday at our table, and even has me wrap one of his toys up as a present!  It is the cutest thing ever!


Speaking of Noah and movies, we've been watching more movies than normal now that he doesn't take regular naps.  So far we have Toy Story 1 & 3, Madagascar 1-3, The Incredibles, The Lego Movie, Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, and Monsters Inc.  To be honest, he wasn't a fan of the third Madagascar, I liked the Lego Movie more than he did, and he was scared of the beginning of Monsters Inc and asked to turn it off.  So based on that information, what movies should we get next?    Not sure whether we should just get Netflix or keep buying DVDs.  


I guess I slacked off a bit on photographing my outfits this week, because these are the only two that look decent.  


I know I will need to do more organizing after Christmas, but I quickly went through Noah's toys in the basement this week.  I donated a bunch of his "baby" toys to his preschool (they have a babysitting room) and organized the remaining toys into bins and shelves.  It's so nice to be able to see the floor again!  It won't last for long!

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  1. I am hoping to get some crafts done today with Connor but lately? He could careless. I tried hand-print turkeys with him yesterday and well.. don't be expecting anything amazing.

  2. Loving the peppers snack!!! Bell peppers are a favorite around here for sure!!
    Let's talk about Noah writing his name on that card!!! Did he do that 100% by himself? I'm super impressed. While I feel like Lily's fine motor skills exceed most of her peers, she definitely has a difficult time forming letters. Even if I draw dots on the paper for her to connect.

  3. Congrats on the snack success! It's so cute-- I can see why all the kid loveds it!

  4. I did a summer toy purge. Felt nice. I have a few more to get out of the house before Christmas. It's nice that all the toys fit ever so nicely inside their cabinets. Since Aria's birthday and Christmas are both in Dec it's like a toy bomb times two. But for now! They fit int he cabinet ha.

  5. That snack is adorable!!! Liam's school is having a Thanksgivng feast on Tuesday! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. That snack is so cute and festive!! I love it and love that the kids ate it up and asked for more!!
    So excited for you guys to take Noah to his first movie in the theater! You'll have to tell me how the movie is and how it goes. I hope you guys have fun!

  7. Love that turkey pepper snack cup!! Organizing and cleaning out the playroom/toys is on my to do list. Where did you get those striped bins/baskets?

  8. The turkey snack is so adorable. And I am loving your scarf in the picture on the right.


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