The Adventure Starts Here: Five on Friday the 13th

Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!  I'm not really superstitious, are you???  This week has been pretty busy!  Lots of activities combined with adjusting to the no nap thing makes me pretty exhausted!  Instead of charging out batteries this weekend, we will be on the road for a super quick trip to my brother's (and his family) house.  My niece is being baptized and we are going up for it and the party.  It will be a lot of driving, but I'm so excited we are able to go and celebrate this special day with her!   So while I pack, enjoy my random "Five on Friday"...


3 years ago, Chris went back to work for the first time after Noah was born.  Noah was born during Hurricane Sandy and Chris' office was closed because of flooding.  As a result, he was home with us for a bit longer than we had planned and Chris got used to being at home with us.  Each year, Chris likes to recreate this photo of he and Noah before work.  We now take it in the evening (since Noah isn't awake when Chris leaves) and it just getting funnier and funnier as Noah gets bigger!  I love that Noah followed Chris' direction to put his fingers in his mouth!  


Noah has been taking parent and me swim lessons since he was 6 months old.  Now that he turned 3, he no longer goes in with me and instead is enrolled in "swim school".  It runs from September-June (just like regular school) and he has class with 2 other boys and their teacher Miss Mary.  I'm so glad his teacher is the same that we had for all his parent and me classes... it's made the adjustment so much easier!  It's amazing to think he's old enough to go in the water without me!  He listens so well, waits his turn on the "pirate ship" platform and even wears goggles now when they practice putting their face in the water!  


My mom just picked up matching outfits for Noah and his cousins to wear this Christmas.  My 8 year old niece will wear the sweater dress and the boys will all wear this middle sweater.  We even got the chambray shirts to wear underneath!  While we won't be seeing them on actual Christmas this year (they will be visiting their other grandparents this year), we will be getting together a few weekends below and hope to do lots of Christmas activities and maybe even visit Santa!  I think they will look beyond cute!  And I love that this sweater doesn't SCREAM CHRISTMAS, so they can even wear it in January and February :)


Speaking of Christmas, we are jumping on the bandwagon, and just ordered our first elf on the shelf.  While I don't want to use it as a scare tactic to make Noah behave or have the elf do crazy mischievous things around our house, I do think we (really Chris) will have fun moving and hiding the elf each night and Noah will get a kick out of finding him.  Chris did this a lot with his monkey earlier this year and just recently he's started moving his Curious George stuffed animal around again.    


And while we celebrated with a birthday brunch last weekend, I wanted to wish my mom a very happy birthday.  Her actual birthday is this Sunday :)  She's not only the best mom and grandma I (and Noah) could have ever been blessed with, she's also my best friend!

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  1. The comparison picture is adorable!! Love! Yay for swimming lessons. I've thought about them numerous times with Cam. I'm pumped to get started with our elf this yet. Cam is at the perfect age! I have some fun but simple things planned. :)

  2. The comparison shot is priceless! Happy Elf on the Shelf-ing as well.

  3. That sweater will be so adorable on Noah! And I feel the same way about the Elf on the Shelf. We don't use is as a scare tactic, but I love having fun with him!

  4. Oh my goodness, that top recreated photo is hilarious! I love that you guys do that! And I am obsessed with those sweaters! I need to get my kiddos some matching Christmas outfits. And I am so proud of Noah for being such a good swimmer! Mac is taking swim lessons too and has really excelled this year! Go boys!

  5. If ever there was a family that would have fun with the Elf it's yall. I'm avoiding it over here, but looking forward to seeing what yours does. That recreation photo is going to be hilarious in about 12 years!

  6. I can't wait to see your Elf antics! Chris seems so creative and I'm sure he will have something great up his sleeve!
    LOVE that first photo! Love that you re-create different photos throughout the year and that Chris is so into it!
    Hope you guys had a good weekend with your family!


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