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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don't Get Caught Without | #HostingHacks

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While we don't have any overnight guests planned this Christmas season, we do have many holiday get togethers planned.  And I have a feeling that there will be some last minute guests and parties as we get closer to Christmas.  This time is busy enough as it is, so I'd hate to have to run to the store last minute when I could stock up on a few essentials ahead of time instead.  That's where Costco saves the day!

When we moved into our house, one of the first things we did was head over to Costco and get a membership!  Both of our parents already had memberships and we knew that we loved many of their products.  And since we finally had some space to stock up on certain items, we knew we'd be doing a lot of shopping there!  It just makes sense to get your cleaning supplies and paper products there.  You don't have to shop as often for them (since they sell them in larger quantities) and you really can't beat the price.  We also love their Kirkland food items.  Some of our favorites are the chocolate covered almonds, guacamole, spinach artichoke dip, and organic corn chips.  And it's always fun to peruse their books, toys, and gifts they have... it truly is a one stop shopping experience!

Other than making sure I have a stocked cleaning closet and pantry, here are the ten steps I take to get ready for last minute guests.  To be fair, this is what I do if I get at least an hour's notice.  You're on your own if someone shows up at your doorstep unannounced ;)

1. Scramble to pick up all of Noah's toys so I can see the carpet and vacuum up all the crumbs.

2. Swiffer the floors while Noah either follows me around or starts playing with the toys I just cleaned up.  Or sometimes I even put him to work ;)

3. Quickly use the Swiffer duster on any flat surfaces. This is not the time to dust the frames and knick knacks... save that for a day when I actually have time, or just continue to put it off ;) 

4. Wipe down all the surfaces in the bathroom and hide Noah's toilet seat. The seat he sometimes sits on but rarely does anything while on!

5. Spray some Febreze Air Effects in the bathroom, and anywhere else that doesn't smell yummy.  My personal favorite is the Cranberry Cheer!  Might as well leave the spray bottle out for guests, just in case ;)

6. Clean off the kitchen counters. Anything that doesn't have a home, gets thrown in the laundry room.  Close the door and walk away... you can deal with it tomorrow, or next week!

7. Take out the cheese and crackers, that Noah asks to eat at least five times a week, and put on a pretty holiday platter. 

8. Get the wine and Kirkland chocolate covered almonds (also from Costco) ready and try not to eat/drink it all before my guests arrive!

9. Put on a Christmas music play list while cleaning up the toys one last time!   Take out a few baby toys, some crayons and coloring books if other kids will be joining us.  It's easier to chat with our friends if the kids are entertained/distracted!

10. Hopefully I showered in the last 24 hours! If not, put extra deodorant and dry shampoo on and a spritz of perfume.  Put on some makeup, brush my teeth, and get dressed as I hear the door bell ring! 

And finally, enjoy the company of my guests!!!

How do you make sure you are always prepared for last minute guests?  What items do you make sure you "Don't Get Caught Without"? 


  1. You are so on point with this whole thing! We are never caught without a spare coloring book, wine and febreze! I love that their festive scents can almost double as bathroom decor :) Our new to us Costco sells wine which is a total bonus! Plus Kirklands Malbec is one of my faves and at $6.99 a bottle you can't beat it!

  2. Aww Noah is so cute. Don't they just love helping out. My 5 year old adores the Swiffer. :) These are great tips! I do the same thing except my excess stuff goes into the pantry. #client

  3. I love shopping at Costco! Their chocolate covered almonds and raisins are my weakness! And their prices seriously can't be beat.


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