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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Day in the Life

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  I love reading other posts just like this, maybe it's because I'm naturally curious, or nosey!  Hopefully you enjoy reading these kinds of posts as well :)  Here are my posts from August 2015May 2015February 2015November 2014August 2014May 2014January 2014, and April 2013.  

Today is Tuesday, November 10th.  Chris is 37, I am 31, and Noah is 3 years old.  

7:30... Noah wakes up and asks if daddy is home.  I check to see what time it is and I'm pleased that Noah slept til 7:30 (yesterday he was up at 6:30).  I would have loved it even more if he did this on a non-school day, but this just means we have less time to get ready.  I had originally wanted Noah to take a shower before school, but I know Noah likes to wake up slowly and watch some iPad before getting up.  So instead, I leave him to do that while I shower alone.

8:10... I get Noah dressed and we head downstairs for breakfast.  He likes to play while he eats his pancakes,  but this morning I feel like quite the nag since we didn't have as much time before leaving for school.  I had to remind him to take breaks from playing and eat while I had my own breakfast (and vitamins).

jacket (old Tommy Hilfiger) | shoes (old Loft)

8:35... We are out the door and off to school!  Noah plays with a little toy truck and we count the school buses... only 5 this morning!  As we were driving, it started to rain.  Nothing crazy but I wish I wore a coat with a hood!  

8:50... I drop Noah off at school and he walks right in.  I was a little worried he might not be gung ho about school since we hadn't been for a whole week (last Thursday they didn't have school because of teacher convention).  But thankfully he was super excited to go and went in without a problem.  I stop by the director's office to give her the paperwork confirming Noah got his flu shot, and then I'm out the door!  This morning I have a dentist appointment and drive straight there.  

9:30-10:15... I get my teeth cleaned and get to watch some Live with Kelly & Michael while getting my back massaged in the chair :)  My mother-in-law works at the dentist so I get to chat with her a little bit too.  

10:30...  I'm back at home and decide to be super productive today.  Often I will do things on the computer, but today I decide to go through Noah's clothes that are either out of season or no longer fit.  I fill three bins... stuff he wore last fall (that I plan to give to a good friend),  stuff from spring that is one size too small, and then his summer clothes that technically still fit but are obviously out of season.

11:30... I realize I have 10 minutes before I need to go pick up Noah, so I quickly write a few thank you cards for some birthday gifts Noah received and put them in the mailbox.  Our mailman usually comes around lunchtime, so I made it just in time!

11:55... I get to Noah's school, drop a few donations off for his school fundraiser as well as some of our Halloween candy to donate to the troops.  I pick up Noah and find out that since they couldn't go outside to play (because of the rain), that they played in the cultural hall and did the parachute!  

12:15... We arrive at home and Noah immediately goes to play while I get lunch ready.  I put a plate together for Noah (leftover rotisserie chicken, muenster cheese, yellow peppers, and some cucumber) while I make myself a chicken quesadilla and some chips with guacamole.  Noah is such a grazer that it takes until almost 2 pm for him to finish everything!  I then let him watch a few TV shows while I get changed into sweatpants  (since we will be staying in the rest of the day) and call to make a hair appointment.

2:10... I let Noah watch some iPad, while I do some work on my laptop.  Judge me all you want, but after a busy morning (either at school or out with me), I have no problem letting him unwind with some screen time.  Noah has recently given up regular naps, but I'm hoping that he might fall asleep!  

3:15... Noah watches a few YouTube shows and then comes to snuggle next to me.  Next thing I know he's asleep!  My mom stops by to drop off his Christmas sweater (that will match his cousins) and he doesn't even wake up from the doorbell.  I put a blanket on him and leave him to sleep on the couch while I catch up on some Tivo'd shows :)

5:15... Noah wakes up and wants to snuggle.  I absolutely love that he still loves to hug and hang out with me... physical contact is totally his love language!  He then plays while I start to make dinner.  I realize right away that I'm out of the parchment paper I need to blind bake my pie crust (for a quiche).  A quick text to my mom and she's coming back over with some parchment paper she had at her house... she's the best!  Since she's coming back over, I have Noah try on the two sizes of sweaters she had dropped off to see which one fit.  We would have preferred something that was "in between", but decided to keep the smaller one since the bigger one looked massive on him!  Noah loved the sweater so much that he wouldn't take it off!  

5:45... Noah says he's hungry so I ask him what he'd like for dinner.  The dinner I'm making won't be ready for a while and I know he won't eat the quiche anyway.  He asks for cereal and then has a few gogurts.  

7:10... Chris' train was delayed by about 15 minutes tonight, so he walked through the door around 7.  We talk about Noah's day at school and how he actually napped today and we sit down for our quiche dinner.  

7:25... We eat dinner fast because Chris wants to get straight to playing with Noah.  They immediately go down to the basement and I'm left to do whatever I want!  First I clean up the toys in the living room and then I decide to peruse the Crate & Barrel and Land of Nod catalogs that came today while finishing my glass of wine.  I rarely drink, especially during the week, but we had an open bottle in the fridge that I'd hate to go to waste!  

7:45... I head upstairs to wash my face, brush teeth, and change into my pajamas.  I work on some blog posts (including this one) while the boys continue playing.  I hear them occasionally come up to the living room to get a new toy.  Since Noah had a nap and they seem to be having fun, I let them be.  

8:30... Noah decides he wants to come up.  We go through his bedtime routine of brushing teeth and getting into PJs.  Then it's time for a few books... we read 5 tonight as a family and get a little silly :)

9:10... then it's time for bed!  I watch a show before going to sleep myself :)

What does a typical day look like for you?


  1. I'm working on a day in the life post, too. I love seeing what other's do during the day & how their routine plays out!

  2. I've had one of these posts drafted for a week now! (We had unexpected house guests- hope to post soon!)
    1. I need that quiche recipe! Looks delicious and we usually have briner at least once a week!
    2. Lily is a grazer and takes hours to eat as well. So annoying.
    3. Those few school hours sure do fly by quickly don't they?
    4. Oh I need to go through Lily's clothes too. We usually have a clothes swap with our MOMS Club...
    5. Love ya'll's days! too bad we don't live close enough for play dates or coffee and park days! ;)

  3. Your dentist has massaging chairs?! Awesone! And the no nap thing is tough. A napping day is a unicorn right now.

  4. Wow girl! You packed so much into your day! I'm impressed. I've been meaning to do one of these for forever but I just keep forgetting. Hopefully soon! Though I'm sure you'd much rather hear about my weekend then my boring day at work :)
    Also, I LOVE how into playing with Noah Chris is. He can barely finish his dinner he is so excited!


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