The Adventure Starts Here: Thomas Land

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thomas Land

Earlier this week, I mentioned that we went to Massachusetts to visit some good friends.  As soon as we picked a weekend that worked for both of us, we immediately decided we had to go to Thomas Land!  We had been anxiously awaiting the August opening and since both of our little boys are super into trains, we knew it was a must go to! 

Originally, I thought this new Thomas Land was a separate park all on it's own.  But when we got there, we learned it was just a new section of the long standing Edaville.  To be honest, I had never heard of Edaville, but apparently it's pretty popular in Massachusetts.  They have held Thomas Day Outs there as well as the Polar Express at Christmas time.  The front part of the park leaves a little to be desired with 20-30 year old carnival type rides.  They do however have the Thomas train up front where you can take a 20 minute ride around the entire park.  The boys loved it and we could see the Christmas light displays (unlit) set up and ready for the holiday season... I'm sure it would be very cool to go for a ride at night :)

After our train ride, we walked to the back of the park where the new Thomas Land section is.  This part of the park was super nice (and new) and filled with Thomas inspired rides.  While it's not huge, it was the perfect size for our kids!  We went on all but two of the rides (the boys weren't tall enough to ride the roller coaster and free fall).  The dads took the boys on most of the rides, but Nicole & I did make sure to go on a few.  Noah said his favorite ride was Harold the Helicopter and Chris' favorite was the Fire Fighting Flynn.  It was different from any other ride we had ever seen... the kids (and adults) got to use hoses to "spray" out the fire.  

In addition to all the rides, they had a show that run throughout the day.  Gordon, James, Emily, and Percy got ready for the Cranberry Pie Festival and Sir Topham Hatt even made an appearance!  We realized Thomas couldn't be part of the show since he was running the passenger train, and that would be confusing if he could be in two places at once, right?!?  After the show, the boys got to "meet" the trains, play in Emily, and we made sure to get a bunch of photos :)

After a fun morning doing all things Thomas, we also went on some of the "old" carnival rides.  But since this post is already photo heavy, I'll spare you those photos.  Instead, here's a video of our day for your enjoyment :)


  1. Wow! What an amazing and fun place. I think all little boys would love this. Great pictures.

  2. This looks like so much fun!! My Littles love Thomas!

  3. How fun! It still suprises me when my 4.5 year old is drawn to Thomas books/toys, she hasnt wanted to watch the show in ages. We have a Thomas train event here too that Ive been wanting to go to!

  4. Oh man, little boy's heaven FOR SURE!! Looks like so much fun. You do such a great job documenting!! :)

  5. Can we move in with you? Seriously, yall have the best adventures. That looks way better than Day Out with Thomas.

  6. That place looks SO FUN! We have a Day Out with Thomas here that I'm debating going to or not (it's kind of far away) but this place looks so much more fun! I think the Day Out with Thomas is literally just seeing him and this place has rides and all that stuff.

  7. Seriously. Ya'll have so many fun activities on the East Coast. Totally unfair. ;) Let's talk Thomas for a second...Lily use to watch that show all the time. It annoyed the crap out of me. ha! I was looking at little boy toys the other day and realized my days without Thomas are probably ending soon.


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