The Adventure Starts Here: Pumpkin Painting Party | Halloween Pajama Party Link-up

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Painting Party | Halloween Pajama Party Link-up

This weekend we hosted a super mini Pumpkin Painting Party (say that three times fast)!  I guess since we had Noah's birthday party outside the house, I had the urge to host something at our house!  No worries though, because by no means was this even close to throwing a birthday party with 15 kids!

The weather here in NJ is pretty hit or miss in October, so I planned to do all the painting inside.  Good thing I did, because while it was absolutely beautiful and mild in the afternoon, it was rainy in the morning!  I double protected our table with a plastic orange table cloth and then put roll of kraft paper on top of that.  I taped it to the table cloth using some orange washi tape, but I was pretty disappointed in how often it came unstuck!  Any ideas for the next time???

Usually I use Crayola washable paint with Noah so I don't have to worry about messes.  But since we were painting pumpkins that I'd like to go outside, I decided to be brave and get real acrylic paint.  Thankfully, he's a pretty neat kid, and we have this smock for him!  I put out paint palettes for everyone to put their paint in as well as a jar full of different sized paint brushes.  I also had some paint pens and washi tape out on the table so everyone could get creative in how they wanted to decorate their pumpkin.  We picked 5 medium sized pumpkins at the farm a few weeks ago for everyone to decorate.  I also put out the mini pumpkins I used at Canadian Thanksgiving for table decoration and we ended up painting some of those as well!  

We also picked up one tall and large pumpkin to carve.  A few years ago (before Noah was born), Chris and I carved an "F" into our pumpkin.  We were silly and did it way too early in October, but we still loved the result and decided to do it again this year!  I simply printed out a very large F from my computer (using Word), cut it out, and taped it to the pumpkin.  Chris did the rest... cleaning out the pumpkin and carving it... he's the best!

Since we were having this Pumpkin Painting Party in the morning, we served a simple breakfast.  We picked up some fresh bagels, had some strawberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe, and I made some of my apple zucchini muffins.  We opted to eat before decorating, and I'm glad we did since the painting got a little messy!

For our painting party, we invited both sets of Noah's grandparents.  My parents weren't able to come since they were in Rhode Island for my nephew's birthday, but Chris' parents were able to come participate in the pumpkin fun!  While we are definitely not artistic people, we all had a lot of fun painting our pumpkins.  Chris decided to get fancy and made a Mets pumpkin... it's not every day they make it to the World Series!  Noah decided his pumpkin wasn't enough and would add his own touch to both mine and Nonna's pumpkins ;)  

^^^ I used a lot of washi tape... for my M, Noah's N, and to make lines on the mini pumpkins :)

Once we finished painting the pumpkins, then it was time to do some carving!  While Noah helped scoop some of the guts out, Chris really did the bulk of the work!  

While Chris carved, we moved onto dessert!  Chris' parents brought over some Halloween cupcakes from one of our favorite bakeries (Natale's).  I'm so glad we got our pictures before dessert since Noah got pretty messy... maybe even worse than with the paint ;)

Did you buy pumpkins this year?  Have you or will you be painting or carving them this year? 

And since I just love a good pajama party, I had to share these monster PJs as well as his bat PJs (again!).  I absolutely love dressing Noah in holiday pajamas (and t-shirts)!  Make sure to visit the lovely hosts and check out their cute pajama wearing kids!  

no longer online at Gap

I am also linking up with Elizabeth and Amanda for their Countdown to Halloween :)


  1. Oh my gosh, seriously you are so cute with your parties! I wish I lived closer and could partake :)
    As for the tape, I don't really have any suggestions but maybe blue painters tape? Though it's sticky, I don't know how much more so than washi tape so I don't know if that would be more helpful but it's worth a shot. And I think it comes in various sizes so you could choose what width you need!

  2. those pumpkins are SO CUTE. seriously. you guys are pro's. and noah in his JAMMIES!!!! i LOVE IT!!!! we used blue painters tape a few years ago and it worked pretty well! i think pumpkins are just generally sticky ;)

  3. So fun! Maybe just use some packing type tape next time, or some heavy duty double sided tape. Painters tape perhaps.

  4. The pumpkins turned out so well! Cam painted his the other day and I noticed after a day of rain so far the paint has come off. Guess he can paint again. :) love Noah's pajamas! So cute!

  5. What a fun party! I'm thinking we might paint our pumpkins as well this year instead of carving.

  6. Maybe some duct tape next time? Also, love that this painting party was a huge excuse for a family gathering!!!! Love it!!!! We actually haven't ever carved a pumpkin over here. Mainly because my husband refuses to do it with a grocery store pumpkin. Lol also loving those monster jams!!!

  7. Cute cute cute!!! I love the idea of a pumpkin painting party!! Adorable! And love his jammies! I still haven't managed to get the kids Halloween jammies this year. Totally slacking!

  8. So fun and festive..!! I love the pumpkin painting and Noah in the bat jammies is my favorite!! :)

  9. How fun! Noah looks like he just had a great time!!


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