The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

Monday, October 26, 2015

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

A party at Gymboree with his friends, pizza, cake, and all things construction... what more could a 3 year old boy want!?!  

On Saturday, we had Noah's 3rd birthday party at our local Gymboree.  We had his party a week early because I didn't want to get involved with Halloween weekend this year.  We did that last year, and while his party was a success, I just found there was too much activity (and sugar) for one weekend!  We also decided to have the party at a place rather than our house.  While there are many advantages to a home party, there's a lot of planning and stress that is involved.  I absolutely loved having it at Gymboree and how little I actually had to do!  

Things we did after booking (many months in advance... October is a popular month!) Gymboree:

1.  Send out invitations.  I know many of the parties we've been invited to have been using Evite.  While I have absolutely nothing against it (and use it often), I still love making a paper invitation to send out via snail mail.  

2.  Have our friend, Ken, make a birthday shirt for Noah.  We sent him a few ideas and he came up with this amazing digger shirt complete with Noah's name and age!  

3.  Order a cake.  I first went to a local specialty bakery and was shocked when they quoted me over $100 for a simple half sheet cake with a cookie crumble "3" on top!  We instead went to Shop Rite and had it made for around $30... and it was delicious!

4.  Order and drop off all the party decor.  While we did purchase quite a bit of "construction" themed decor from Party City (way cheaper than Amazon), I didn't have to do any of the actually decorating. A week before the party, I dropped it all off and the amazing Toni Ann (Noah's teacher and party coordinator) took care of the rest :)

5.  Arrive 15 minutes early with the cake and favors and take some photos.  Then all we had to do was enjoy ourselves while Toni Ann handled the rest!  I highly doubt we will do another home party!

Speaking of the decorating... while the majority of the party was in the actual Gymboree play room, we had the "party room" for the last half hour of the party.  Just enough time to eat some pizza, sing happy birthday, and eat some cake.  I was very pleased with how Toni Ann decorated the space!  

Noah was able to play on the equipment while we waited for our guests to arrive.  Chris hung out with him while I waited in the front for the kids to come.  As they entered, I gave them a plastic hard hat and a construction vest.  Some of the kids didn't want to wear them, but that was fine... they still got to take them home :)

The kids then spent an hour playing and having fun!  Toni Ann had some "construction" pretend play planned as well as letting the kids explore and go down all the slides.  I think their favorite part was when she brought out the parachute!  Not only did she do bubbles (every kid's favorite!), but she also pretended to put them in a washing machine (move the parachute back and forth to make the kids topple over), and then the dryer (where they shook the parachute while the kids sat on top of it).  She also had them "push a (pretend) button" so the parachute would take them all the way up to the sky... or rather the adults would just bring the side of the parachute all the way up so they were "inside".  While it sounded simple enough to me, the kids LOVED it and asked to do again at least 10 times!

Then it was time for pizza and cake.  I don't know about you, but there's something about a bunch of toddlers (can I still call him that?) sitting around a table eating food like big people!  

Finally, it was time for the cake.  Shop Rite made the cake, but we added the trucks and the cone candles.  I absolutely loved how it turned out!  We sang Noah "Happy Birthday" and then dug in! 

 We even bought extra construction vehicle toys to give to the kids as part of their goody bags.  We also found "Where Do Diggers Sleep" on major deal and gave that to them as well.  I've decided I'd rather give a few practical things I know the kids will actually use instead of a whole bag of little things that the parents just want to throw right in the trash.  

Another year and another fantastic party!  I can't believe my little boy is going to be 3 in a few days!  Looking at this picture I realize how grown up he's really become... he has lost all of his baby and is a full blown boy!  I honestly could not have been given a better gift, as he is the sweetest and most loving little boy and I'm blessed to call him mine!  

If you'd like product information for anything we had at the party, please feel free to ask!


  1. I love everything about this! Especially the cake, but you already knew that :) I love that you found construction cone candles as well! I didn't even know they made those but that's perfect.
    It seems like the perfect party set up and destination! Your Gymboree looks a lot cooler than ours (though we haven't been in a while so maybe it changed?) and it sounds like everyone had the best time! Easy set up and easy clean up is the way to go!

  2. Wow!!!!! Okay so we are totally doing this next year instead of a home party!!! Thank you so much for adding so much detail to this post! We have only had family parties because frankly I don't want to have to micromanage a bunch of kids and not be able to focus on my kid's bday and time with them. This is such a great alternative! Looks like Noah had such a blast too!

  3. Yay! The party turned out so great! Love the theme and decorations. I agree that parties somewhere else are much better than at home. We had Cam's 3rd birthday at a playground this year and it was awesome. :) glad the party was such a success!!

  4. Great picture of the three of you! And I agree – so much stress having the party at your house. And then there’s all of the clean-up. Yuck. I am all for parties away from the house. Sounds like you picked a great place for a birthday party and Noah looks so happy. Awesome pictures! The cake is perfect and looks delicious!

  5. Aww, looks like he had a great birthday! He is getting so big! Love that cake! Adorable idea!!!

  6. What a great party!!! I love the theme and he looks like he had such a fun time! And that cake looks awesome! Happy Birthday!

  7. that sounds so great! esp the doing little part, and it looks awesome! such a blast.

  8. You get to drop of the decorations and they set them up?? That is amazing!! Reed is having a very similar cake from Walmart. He's having a bowling party, but chose a construction cake. And fire truck decorations, but that's neither here nor there, haha! Looks like yall had a total blast. What a fun party!

  9. I prefer snail mail invitations too. I get a rush when I send them out! And I love his cake. So fun!

  10. It turned out perfectly! That cake is amazing, and I love his shirt too!

  11. What an awesome party!! Girl, you're genius and did it so right. After having a party at our house this weekend, I get WHY you go somewhere else to have kids run wild. Ugh. Next party, I'm having YOU plan for us. :) Also, I TOTALLY agree on the whole goody-bag thing, go practical or nothing at all.
    Noah is one lucky boy!!


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